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ย  ย  I canโ€™t even trace this site's name to anything because it sounds so weird, but if you still insist on understanding this site's name, then go back to your French notes from high school. Kissing an escort intimately can pass as the meaning of this site, because iโ€™m pretty sure baiser means to kiss, but it doesnโ€™t mean 1baiser is the best optio for a site name.

ย  ย  Of course, the homepage of this site has to be a kissing booth, and I canโ€™t wait to see these escorts who might be perfect at French kisses because my cock is getting impatient, as he hasnโ€™t had that before, and I would also love to see the color red since it is womenโ€™s best color to place on the lips.

ย  ย  I guess the site owner is trying to tell you that not just your lips but your cocks will get the best kissing experience its ever had. Stay glued to this review, and letโ€™s find out if these French escort girls can give premium French kisses.

The Kissing Booth

ย  ย  Make sure to confirm youโ€™re above 18, and select from the escort categories which you would want to see, girls, men, trans, or all. You had better click on all, so you can smile while you stroke your cock. I donโ€™t think you are prepared for what hits you next after entering this homepage. Just make sure to have your warm dish of lotion close by.

ย  ย  The landing page of this site looks like everything you would want in an escort site, it looks busy, but in a very sexy way because it is very orderly. Trust me when I say this site is as modern as a new VIP escort with a pink cunt. The colors used here as superb too, and escort profile thumbnails that are in view look like heaven.

ย  ย  The top row of this page has a menu bar which, when clicked on, displays a list of options such as home, new, visit history, escort categories such as girls, trans, males, couples, etc., most liked, most commented, and most followed escort, and many more. You can simply see this as a filter button because you get to filter your choice of escort and their services.

ย  ย  There is a long list of locations or cities where you can get these escorts and even an option to load more. What you see next are the belles of this site in their glory. Escort profile thumbnails here are of great quality, but my greedy and selfish cock thinks that there arenโ€™t enough escort ads.

The Kisser Girl

ย  ย  I believe the profile thumbnails of these escort girls are not doing enough justice to their profiles. What you see on these profile thumbnails is the escort's name, age, and location. There is also a verified tag for escorts who are verified and also an indication for those who are online. There is also a star rating for these escorts and a brief detail about them when you hover around.

ย  ย  Something attractive about these escorts here is that they are categorized under diamond, gold, and silver. I guess escorts under the gold category are the best. I bet youโ€™re eager to find out more about these escorts, so letโ€™s check what theyโ€™ve got hidden in their different closets. I hope to find something like โ€œI give the best strip teases.โ€

ย  ย  Escort profiles here are very detailed and look so professional. Almost everything you need to know about these escorts is written in their profiles. The first thing you see when you land on this page is the beautiful photos of these escorts that can take even your depression away, followed by their nationality, last seen, total views, and registration date.

ย  ย  Escort personal details are not left out, including their services, work schedule, contact information, and also a box to leave a review and a star rating. Guess what? Some of these escorts have erotic videos on their profile pages too.

Are These Escorts Good At Kissing?

ย  ย  These French belles seem too beautiful to be fake. Besides, some of these escorts are verified. Of course, verified escorts canโ€™t be fake because it takes a whole lot to pass the verification stage.

ย  ย  There are also escorts here categorized as Diamond escorts, which might be another sign that escorts here are not fake. Notwithstanding, make sure you tread carefully with these escorts, to avoid stories that touches the cock. Oh, sorry, I meant heart.

Kissing Rates

ย  ย  These escorts sure deserve a tip after keeping you company with their tongues, but unfortunately, these belles donโ€™t have a trace of escort rates on their profiles, but that can be sorted out.

ย  ย  The average rate of escorts sites in this region is about $270 per hour. On the high side, you can find escort rates from $600 and above. On the low end, you are bound to find rates around $100. These escorts might also charge extra for special services.

What I Think Of 1baiser.com

ย  ย  French ladies sure do have a perfect body. From well-rounded and large boobs to petite yet beautiful asses that would give a resonating sound when spanked during doggy.

ย  ย  These escort's profile thumbnails are hot and enough to keep you wanking for days before you can realize that you need these escorts in flesh and blood to give you a cloud-nine orgasm.

ย  ย  Navigation here is very easy, escorts are of good quality; what else can you ask for? I highly recommend this site.

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