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โœ“ Free to use
โœ“ Sitemap for easy navigation on homepage
โœ“ Lots of escort ads
โœ˜ Messy profile pages
โœ˜ Escort profiles are undetailed
โœ˜ Lots of repeating escort ads
โœ˜ Navigating to escort ads is quite a process

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I wish I could get banished to an island full of pussies and titties for 5 working days. Iโ€™d not hesitate to work the tits, clits and slits of every one of those slutty thots like a lumberjack! You sure donโ€™t want to tease a wickedly hard boner with a pussy orgy!

Well, it seems thatโ€™s what the escort site named 5escorts.com is trying to do. Trying to serve us a piecemeal of 5 wet, slippery and dripping shaved cunts. But frankly I donโ€™t mind taking them all right away!

Iโ€™ll cut to the chase and welcome you aboard as I get us banished from any hesitation to bang the living daylight out of every wet Canadian escort pussy with my 5escorts review. Ready? Letโ€™s ride fellas!

Orgy Levies

Now, itโ€™s really sad that the escorts here donโ€™t state their going rates and profile pages by the way look like a mass of junk. Well, Iโ€™ll give my guess estimate for the cunts here.

Canadian escorts generally have their rates set on the high side and on average escortsโ€™ rates range from 200 CAD/ 148 USD to 300 CAD/ 221 USD for 1 hour. Well the babes here low quite low end and donโ€™t be stunned if you get to find out rates that are as low as 245 CAD/ 180 USD or even as low as 82 CAD/ 60 USD for a quarter hour.

Pussies Hidden Under So Much Messy

I love sites that make reaching escortโ€™s cunts pretty easy. For all I care even nature had our dicks designed to point forward when seriously in need of a cunt hut to take a nap in, just to show that thereโ€™s no time to be beating around any cunt bushes of unnecessary text before arriving at pussyholes of content. Well, 5escorts doesnโ€™t understand this and so navigating to escortโ€™s asses is not as easy as a click. Now, just how do you navigate to escortsโ€™ cunts?

To get to escort ads, youโ€™ll need to select a city from the list on the homepage. Doing this redirects your horny rod to a page that lists different escort categories including escorts, male escorts, transsexual escorts, erotic massages, strippers and strip clubs, and phone and websites. Well, I clicked on escorts. And while thereโ€™s just every sexual orientation youโ€™ll desire here in case youโ€™re a little spicy in your sack, Iโ€™ll narrow my focus to the pussyholes of the female escorts here.

So, clicking on escorts opens up a page full of escort ads. Well, the strangest escort ads Iโ€™ve come across in a long while. Sincerely, my boner almost suffered a cardiac arrest at this point. The escort ads here are quite sorry looking. Now, traditionally, escort sites have ads that include pictures but the escort ads here are just a bunch of text that look really messy. Well, you can get the traditional look by clicking on the mini fonted gallery button at the top left corner of the screen right above escort ads.

Well, clicking on any line of the texts here opens up the escortsโ€™ profile pages. But if you are as lusty as I am and hit the gallery button, then you can click on escort photos in their ads to be taken to their profile pages.

Profile pages here are the most shabby Iโ€™ve come across in a long while, I wonโ€™t even wank my rod to them. They however manage to contain escortsโ€™ mobile numbers, locations and a self description note written by escorts.

Generally speaking the babes here are really the amateur type snatches who look like theyโ€™ve not had their holes stuffed for a long while and so are in desperate need of a quickie. There are also lots of repeating escort ads. Again, escort profiles are not detailed and are shabbier than overgrown cunt hairs.

Whatโ€™s Home? An Orgy Of Letters Or An Orgy Of Pussies?

Now youโ€™re not going to be feeding your eyes to naked butts and silicon titts on this homepage. The 5escorts homepage is more of a sitemap than a proper welcome home page. Well, Iโ€™d say that a few butts splashed on this homepage would have improved the look here. Iโ€™d want to feel like Iโ€™m home with some hoochies and not as though I came here for some Geography class. But then, this sitemap view gives a full list of the states in Canada which makes it easy for you to navigate to a list of the escorts in any of these regions.

The design here is pretty straightforward and is simply just a listing of the cities in Canada. There is a post ad button at the top right corner of the screen. At the bottom of the screen are the home, my account, free classifieds, free ads, contact, privacy, terms buttons.

Ever had a large assed hottie strip right before your savage cock? Remember just how bare and smooth skinned that ass was? Well, the homepage here is even more plain and looks just as a white as an army of cum cells.

What I Think About 5escorts

This site is really a messed up, text littered orgy scene. Take your precious boner elsewhere.

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