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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Good number of escort ads
โœ“ Good looking escorts
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Language options are available
โœ˜ Lots of pesky ads
โœ˜ Site could use some design tweaks

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ย  ย  How good are your navigation skills when it comes to sailing your ship on the sea of pussy juices? I suppose you must be pretty good at taking your speed boat of a dick offshores for a cruise within slits on some pussy juices. But then your sailing and cruising skills will be of no use if there are no pussy juices to explore. You sure need to make it to the shores first before going offshores Mr navigator.

ย  ย  So just where do you take your pecker for some exploration when sending it to suck dry the juices in some bitchy pussy is the next best thing in the universe besides strangling it till it spews cum. Well, spare your pecker the gory experience of a wank cream coated right hand pressing against its neck and join me as I navigate around the escort site called 6navi.ch. Ready to sail? Then ride that dick on this 6navi review already!

You Should Be Navi Savvy Enough To Carry Some Gold With You

ย  ย  Prices, prices, prices. Yeah, your penis heard that right. Well, why begin with prices? Iโ€™ll give you my answer. You can be sure that escorts donโ€™t give a fuck about how hard your boner is or how well you can navigate holes. But then smear some gold on that schlong of yours and you could have an ocean of pussy juices to navigate through. So shove your navigation skills to the side for now and letโ€™s peruse some 6navi escort snatches for price info.

ย  ย  Alisha is a tall milf with floppy ass and sweet looking pointed tits. Alishaโ€™s services include blowjobs, erotic massages, foot fetishes, intimate massages, shower service, 69, and more. She charges CHF140/ 144 USD for 30 minutes and CHF230/ 236 USD for 1 hour.

ย  ย  Lexy is not just sexy, sheโ€™s devilishly endowed with so much beauty and for a moment I felt the gods must have debated on whether or not she should be sent to earth. Well, Lexyโ€™s services include stripteases, erotic massages, deep throats, facesittings, GFEs, handjobs, and more. Her rates are CHF150/ 154 USD for 30 minutes and CHF250/ 256 USD for 1 hour.

ย  ย  Now, you want to bear in mind that escort services in Switzerland are legal and boom like there is no tomorrow and so these prices are just really an average representation of what these babes will have you shove down their lingeries. This means you can clap your testicles in anticipation because youโ€™re sure to find escorts here that charge below this and well thereโ€™ll be those that charge more.

Navigating Escort Pussy Profiles

ย  ย  To begin with, tight pussies flood the homepage of this escort site. Tight pussies with standing boobs that look like they are pro goddesses at stripping living testicles of every single sperm cell. There are well over a thousand amateur average quality escort cunts here steaming red with slippery cunt juices. This could only mean that disarming you of that boner as soon as possible is the major aim of this escort site and they are just so serious about this that they have escort profile thumbnails right on the homepage. Now, the escort profile thumbnails here are rectangular, arranged in rows of fives, and show escortsโ€™ names, ages, phone numbers, verification status, and location

ย  ย  Now thatโ€™s way more detail than the escort thumbnails on many other escort sites display. But then thatโ€™s not enough to keep your curious boner from desiring to snoop around escort profile pages for cunt confirmation.

ย  ย  So what do the escort profile pages here look like? Profile pages are very neatly structured so that there is a collection of escortsโ€™ photos at the left hand side of the screen and personal details, contact info, bio, services, and prices. Most escort profiles are well detailed and the degree of detail varies from escort to escort. Well, thatโ€™s just normal , I mean why should I question the fact that some cunts are shaved and others are tropical forests. So donโ€™t chew on your testicles when you see escort profiles that contain very shabby about me sections.

ย  ย  In general, the escorts here are of good quality, escort profile pages are easy to navigate to and are well detailed.

Sex At Home By 6 On My Navi Blue Fuck Sheets

ย  ย  The 6navi homepage has a black colored background and well, itโ€™s always been best to grope asses and grab some unsuspecting tits in black and dark spaces. The top of the homepage here contains a search bar, a services dropdown menu button, a language options dropdown menu button, a login/ register button, and the my favorites button. Now you sure want to select your language of choice if your boner isnโ€™t German enough to be Deutsch. The other available options are English, French, and Italian. Following right under this is a row of buttons for filtering your searches and easy site navigation. The remainder of the page just contains escort ads arranged in rows of fives and lots of other distracting ads. Well, scroll down to the bottom of the page and thereโ€™s just a confusing amount of texts and ads.

ย  ย  Ever felt confused about whether that bitchy cunt was squirting or just peeing on your sorry dick? Well, thatโ€™s the feeling I had when perusing this page. Go use the toilet snatch! Again, chances are you wonโ€™t notice the filter button thatโ€™s pinned to the left side of the screen I just canโ€™t tell why that button is there but then letโ€™s hope these guys just know what theyโ€™re doing or else as nature why Eveโ€™s clit has been hiding under her pussy lips since creation and wonโ€™t even come out for some fresh air.

ย  ย  Now navigating the homepage here is easy since it is not difficult to distinguish between escort ads and external ads. However, there are just too many pesky ads and I should hand these guys a shaving stick already. I wonโ€™t even smack my dick on the vulva of a pussy if it looked half as confusing as the ads on this homepage. The page design is simple and you should find your way around it in no time, but it could sure use some improvement still.

What I think about 6navi

ย  ย  6navi could sure use some design alterations and will definitely look better with less ads but then I definitely recommend this site. Thereโ€™s a good collection of great looking escorts to choose from here, language options that make navigation easier, and well detailed profiles so that contacting escorts is hassle free. Pretty good site.

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