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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ There are male, female, and trans escort ads
โœ“ Lots of escort ads
โœ“ Good looking escorts
โœ˜ Escorts donโ€™t state their prices
โœ˜ There are no language options
โœ˜ Site could use some style tweaks

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#1. AdultGuia Alternative

ย  ย  Now just what do you do when your hard cock comes knocking on your zipper? Iโ€™m aware you may just have to muster the guts to prove to some sluts that youโ€™re not some wimp who shoves boners to the side of his trousers and rids the universe of those pulsating pussy pounding moments. But then, whatโ€™s the best thing to do with those boners?

ย  ย  For now, stick that hard rod of yours out for some fresh air, sip on some coffee, and gather your sperm cells to focus on my Adultguia review. Again, just so your curiosity is satisfied, is a Spanish escort site. And well, the thick Spanish asses and tits youโ€™ll be needing when your hormones begin singing their favorite hymns might just be waiting here for you. Hop in on this review already horny dudes!

Youโ€™ll Be Needing Some Pocket Guts

ย  ย  The guts to tuck your hand in your pocket or grab a wallet is definitely something you'll be needing. And well, if you have been in this cunt hunt long enough, then you can sure as hell tell that escort cunts are like bounty hunters and only fall for a price tag.

ย  ย  Now, the escorts on Adultguia are pretty dedicated to being serious about having profiles that are as detailed as the number of hairs on your balls. And well, one of the many things the very skillfully exempt from their profile is their going rates. A serious turn off for me.

ย  ย  I have got your back though and so my estimate is that a budget of anywhere from 100 Euros/ 100 USD to 150 Euros/ 150 USD for 1 hour should have you in the safe zone and well suited for whatever the snatches on this escort site may charge as their going rates. Spanish escort services are generally not expensive and with the quality of asses here, my estimate may just make you want to give me a fist bump in my testicles, but thanks though, Iโ€™ll let that offer slide.

Adults Here Only

ย  ย  Escort profiles are just everything in the end, and really, it will make no sense to any stimulated cock whether or not an escort site starts out with an exquisitely designed homepage if all the glamor ends in shabby, unappealing, and sex drive killing profile pages. So what do escort profiles on Adultguia?

ย  ย  Well, the homepage is deserted of asses and so donโ€™t expect to have your cock smirking at you with excitement when you land here. But then, navigating to some escorts' asses and tits is pretty easy, as easy as sliding your pecker into a squirting cunt. Now, escort profile thumbnails are rectangular and reach from one end of the screen to the other. They contain a photo of escorts, their location and a note about them. However, the amount of text in escortsโ€™ thumbnails is way too much and this makes the whole list of escort profiles look like testicles being choked and searching for some breathing space. Again, the contents in most escortsโ€™ thumbnails are irrelevant to any serious cock since most escorts just fill this space with no specific info like their services, going rates, etc., but instead write a generic toast to your cock promising to make the ride as peppery as possible when you have your schlong locked within their snatches. Hopefully they wonโ€™t grind on you so hard that your testicles become reduced to powder.

ย  ย  Well, what about escort profile pages? Ever heard that apples donโ€™t fall far from the apple tree and so this is why Newton discovered gravity? Well, you wonโ€™t need to have your testicles getting so ripe that they fall off your woody before discovering that escort profile pages on Adultguia donโ€™t fall far from the shabby and disorganized thumbnails that lead to profile pages. The typical escort profile on Adultguia contains escortsโ€™ phone number, a Whatsapp contact button, a few photos, and an incomprehensive note put together by the escort.

ย  ย  With no prices, no list of services offered, and no physical description whatsoever, the look of profile pages here is really shabby and poor in detail. And well there is a wide variety of good looking and amateur escort cunts to be on the lookout for and youโ€™ll find just whatever is best tasting and appealing to your horny hormones here. But, there are lots of really good looking asses here thatโ€™ll readily turn your banana into a sugarcane.

Muster Up Some Adult Boners And Head Home

ย  ย  Iโ€™m on the front porch of what should be a home of Spanish hot cunts and asses and I must say the look here is really dull. The combination of colors to begin with donโ€™t look like they were put together by adult testicles. Well, youโ€™ll get around the Adultguia homepage in no time, thanks to its pretty easy to navigate design.

ย  ย  The homepage here has a white background and texts written in blue, red and black fonts. Again, the colors are really an eyesore and have had my sperm cells isolating themselves ever since I hit the Adultguia URL into my browser. However, the page design is pretty simple and begins with the login and post your profile buttons at the top of the screen. Also located at the top region of the homepage is a search bar and boxes for filtering searches to target categories or locations within Spain.

ย  ย  Now, if your hyperactive balls are calmly chilling in your scrotum, youโ€™ll easily notice that the homepage is split into different sections just like the invisible line that splits all the juicy tits on every female of the world in two. So you can easily navigate to either the women, gay, massages, men, transvestites, or sex shop categories. This feature right here is a pretty great one and makes navigating this whole site really easy. Trust me, with two rioting balls and millions of sperm cells carrying placards tagged โ€œget us the fuck out of hereโ€, navigation is not something you want to have a hitch with.

ย  ย  Well, donโ€™t rush off already boner owners, thereโ€™s a little issue the Adultguia site has with quickly attending to your needs and thatโ€™s the fact that there are no language options available and literally everything here is written in Spanish. And while using a translator is definitely your best bet if you canโ€™t comprehend Spanish, thatโ€™s just some more time youโ€™ll be spending here than you normally should. Well, Iโ€™ll let your balls decide what your response to this should be.

What I Think About Adultguia

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s no time to be too patient with deciding where, when, and how your cock should be treated to cunt juice baptisms. I mean, the number of cocks in the universe is way less than that of the cunts, and so if youโ€™re serious about preserving your endangered cock species and not risking having your balls fall out of its sack for horniness, then you want to take a second look at the asses on this escort site. Well, itโ€™s not entirely user friendly and definitely not the best option when youโ€™re in need of a quick service. But then, the escort asses here will have you saying OMG and WTF! However, youโ€™ll better enjoy using this site if you understand Spanish and have some patience. If you donโ€™t have time on your hands, then going elsewhere will be a better alternative.

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