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โœ“ Above Average Escorts
โœ“ Very efficient search filters
โœ“ Has trans, gay, gigolos, and female escorts
โœ“ Has verified, and affordable escorts
โœ˜ The site is not very user friendly
โœ˜ Not much information about escorts

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#1. AdultGuia Alternative

ย  ย  Since I was a kid, I always wished I could become an adult as soon as possible. Other kids wanted to too but they had different reasons. Some wanted to become independent, some wanted to buy nice things, I just wanted to fuck. I just wanted to be able to fuck whenever I wanted and no one could tell me otherwise. Well then reality hit, normal girls are far shyer with their adulthood. They cover up and form sisterhoods and group Chat with their โ€œbest friendsโ€ where all dreams go to die. Maybe thatโ€™s your situation too, maybe you just want to fuck whenever the fuck you want and however you want it. Thatโ€™s where escorts come in.

ย  ย  So, if you are near Mexico and decide to step into the wonderful world of Mexican escorts then todayโ€™s your lucky day. Cause I'll be telling you about a Mexican escort site where you might just find all that youโ€™re looking for. Sound interesting? Hereโ€™s my Mx.AdultGuia.Com review.

Adult-Entertainment and Adulteration Alike!

ย  ย  AdultGuia is a bit odd since it has some amazing escorts and features and at the same time has a few issues that make me want to shove my laptop off the fucking table.
One such issue of this site is that the escorts here do not list their rates. Try imagining how frustrating that will be when you are all excited and aroused, and instead of sticking it in a wet mouth or pussy is still throbbing in your pants as you try to negotiate the worth of fucking her. Itโ€™s also a waste of time since whatever price she says you can probably afford since escorts here are so affordable. Why not just list the price in their short text message like most other โ€œprofessionalโ€ escorts. These escorts are much harder to find because of the adulteration that these amateurs have caused.

ย  ย  Iโ€™d say the escorts charge about USD50 to 70 per hour of the bed creaking. Thatโ€™s far less than what you pay for in the states. Youโ€™d be lucky if you got a blowjob from a decent escort anywhere near a 100.

Top-Notch Top Shelf Models

ย  ย  ย Now on to the site itself, its original language is in Spanish but google translate works reliably, and whenever it messes up just reload thatโ€™ll fix it. The home page of the site has multiple tags for location under each category heading. So, you can look for Escorts and Whores in x,y,z city and Transvestites and massages in a,b,c city.

ย  ย  After choosing to click on any of these headings you will be redirected to a page with all the ads of this type. You can also reselect your filters using the much simpler to use pull-down menus on this page. You also have a search bar where you can search for any weird kinks you have or fetish or just hair preference too. Much easier to catch the perfect fish with these filters when there is plenty of fish in the sea.

ย  ย  Surprisingly I came across a Mexican Porn star named Annie who you could book for a day. She says sheโ€™s here for two days and so donโ€™t waste time. I mean she is pretty hot and I certainly wouldnโ€™t sit still. But how do I check If sheโ€™s for real or not? Well, lucky for you AdultGuia has Verified profiles and ads too, so you can find out whether a chick is for real or not.

ย  ย  Now I know I said there are verified profiles here but they are still few and you may have to take the risk of an unverified escort. Thereโ€™s certainly a big risk to get scammed here. Just browsing for 10 mins led me to find two different escort ads that have the same picture. Yes โ€˜YOUNG COLLEGE GIRL 20 YEARS OLDโ€™ and Jessica, Iโ€™m talking to you. Luckily Jessica has a verified profile so we know whoโ€™s the scammer. Although to avoid this predicament, just ask the escort for a video call confirmation, if they refuse ask them to go fuck themselves with a rusted fork or something.

ย  ย  I also saw that some escorts do mention their rates in the profile description so happy to know they still exist. The escorts here are also crazily affordable. Till now I have only found one escort who charges more than 1400 Pesos per hour and that's still not more than USD70. This site has some of the most beautiful Mexican beauties and booties here, I donโ€™t know why but I canโ€™t believe nobody told me sooner about AdultGuia.
I would say that the escorts here are above average and they are plenty affordable as well although I worry about the escorts being a real person for most profiles here.

Bare Minimum

ย  ย  Although this site has some amazing escorts and features, thereโ€™s really not much in the way of information on any escort profile. No services provided, no nationality, hair color, height weight nothing. It really seems like they just thought, oh these people just need a hot chick and her phone number so all they show you is her pictures and her number. I thought I'd say bare asses and not the bare minimum.

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s also the matter of the site design, Iโ€™m not sure why they donโ€™t display more information on the profile thumbnail where all the escort profiles are listed. Many other sites mention age, VIP, verified, etc. on the profile itself. This way you donโ€™t have to open and scan every single profile to find โ€˜The One. Thereโ€™s also a duplication of features that clutter the home page of this site where the pull-down menus and the tags do exactly the same thing.
Iโ€™d say the site is decent enough and has no spam.

What I Think of AdultGuia

ย  ย  Perfect for horny dudes who enjoy a crazy fuck for the least bucks. Iโ€™d say go for it, with many exceptional escorts and affordable rates there isnโ€™t much to lose. So go on and try it out, just make sure you verify them, nothing will kill the mood faster than a surprise of this kind.

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