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โœ“ Affordable escorts
โœ“ Multiple categories of escorts
โœ“ Has Trans, Male and Female escorts
โœ“ Has only the necessary information
โœ˜ Lacks verified profiles
โœ˜ Low number of escort ads
โœ˜ Has repeated listings of the same profiles
โœ˜ Lacks past client reviews and ratings
โœ˜ Contains very little info about escorts

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#1. Afspraakjes Alternative

ย  ย  Donโ€™t even expect me to try to make some sense of this name. I know no words of Dutch and this doesnโ€™t seem Dutch to me either. It looks like a random string of letters to me. Sort of like efjvnerpvjnjn. It seems to me that they lost their patience while brainstorming ideas for the site name and just stuck with the first result of randomly pressing keys. Anyway, I'm sure you arenโ€™t here to see my review of their site name but rather what I think of this escort site and whether I think itโ€™s worth checking out or not.

ย  ย  So, if the idea of having a Dutch escort join you for a glorious and passionate night then keep on reading. Cause I'm about to tell you about this Dutch Escort Site where you will certainly find escorts who are willing to do just as you ask. Hereโ€™s my review.

Task Failed Successfully!

ย  ย  Even though this siteโ€™s name is so lazily thought out, the site performs far better than expected. However, the name isnโ€™t the only thing wrong with this site. It has just as many flaws and qualities. You can still get the job done though and as far as Iโ€™m concerned thatโ€™s enough.

ย  ย  One of its flaws happens to be the fact that the escorts here are not required to mention their rates. Ugh, I'm sure I donโ€™t have to tell you how annoying that can be. What better way to be a buzzkill than to drop an inconvenient and unnecessary task just when things started to get hot and interesting.

ย  ย  If asked Iโ€™d say you could get a decent escort here for about USD 100 per hour of companionship. Of course, in the Netherlands, you will have to pay in euros instead of USD. This is a great deal since a decent escort in the US would run you anywhere from about USD250 to 350 per hour.

Job Well Done!

ย  ย  You can find all kinds of different escort categories here. These include Female Escorts, Male Escorts, Couple Escorts, Trans Escorts, Massage, Gangbang, and BDSM. Just click on whichever option sounds most like you. Then browse through all the different profiles and book whichever escort turns you on the most!

ย  ย  Along the left-hand side of the site, thereโ€™s a sort of index for all the different quick access links. It has options like Home, Sex dating, Escort/ Private Reception, Sex Cinemas, etc. All the categories of escorts are listed under Escort/ Private reception option. Thereโ€™s also a search bar in the middle of the page where you can type in any keyword and it will show you profiles that contain that keyword in their profiles.

ย  ย  The focus here is on the female escorts. So, you should be prepared to dedicate a few hours to this site and bring lube and napkins, youโ€™re probably gonna get so excited looking at their seductive pictures that youโ€™d end up jerking off a few times.

ย  ย  Now the profiles here are not verified which is a problem. Whenever possible, always go for an escort with a verified profile since thatโ€™s proof that the escortโ€™s actual appearance matches what sheโ€™s shared in her ad. However, you donโ€™t need to worry, because I know how to get you out of this jam. If there's any escort you have a hard-on for but she has an unverified profile, just contact here using the number she shared in her profile and ask her for a video call so you can verify whether sheโ€™s legit or not. If they refuse then, drop them.

ย  ย  The escort profiles contain multiple images and a video that show off the escort's assets. The profiles also contain a short description/ message left behind by the escort. Unfortunately, that's it. The escort profiles contain absolutely no more information. Now I donโ€™t know about you, but I like to do my research before booking an escort. I am very choosy with the people I sleep with and escorts are no different.

ย  ย  Also, the site is originally in Dutch and it lacks the feature to switch the site language to English. No need to worry however since google translate does work on this site. It might not work reliably 100% of the time but it can at least make it possible for you to use this site.

Rushed Job

ย  ย  Afspraakjes cannot make any defense against my claims that this was rushed to make it as soon as possible. I mean the site is lacking in so many different regards itโ€™s almost a joke. Firstly, the site has no filters to search by location, age, or anything other than keywords. The search bar is also only half useful since there is no designated space for escorts to include info in, they just post everything in their profile descriptions. The problem is these descriptions are meant to be short and as such cannot contain every single thing the escort wants to share. That means the search results are also limited.

ย  ย  I also noticed the fact that is too many repeated ads on this website. Coupled with the fact that there are no verified profiles here, you have no way of figuring out which profile is the real one and that too if there is a real one.

ย  ย  There are also a lot of ad banners going around the site which is really distracting and annoying.

What I Think of Afspraakjes

ย  ย  Well, what I'm about to say may confuse you but I still think this site could be of use to some kinds of people. This site is particularly suitable for flexible and compromising clients who are looking for a cheap fuck. The escort prices offered here are the cheapest I've seen in the Netherlands. Itโ€™d be a shame not to use this opportunity. And besides, itโ€™s not like their escorts arenโ€™t worth it either. They are totally worth the rates they charge. However, Afspraakjes escorts are not everyoneโ€™s cup of tea. For e.g., I'm inflexible and stubborn, I'd rather pay a higher price to fuck an insanely attractive escort rather than get laid right here right now.

ย  ย  So, in the end, it's all up to you, whether you think this site can help you or not. Iโ€™d just say that itโ€™s still worth a look, so even if youโ€™re on the fence about this site you could try it out for 5 minds and then make up your mind. If it suits you, then great! Just make sure to verify the escort before you book her. If it doesnโ€™t? Well, then you can go and check out my reviews on other Dutch Escort sites at Escort Directory. Iโ€™m sure youโ€™ll find something worth your time here.

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