Agama Review

Good number of escort ads
Easy to navigate
Distracting ads on the side
Dated site design
Poorly detailed escort profiles
Escorts don’t state their prices
No language option

Score 50/100






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Spam Free




#1. Agama Alternative

    I think there’s an agama in my pants. A fact about agamas is that they are never modest with expressing their desire to spew out cum. They’ll chase those peanut-sized female lizzy pussies like lightning bolts across a yard just to pin them down and ram the shit out of them in a flash!. Damn those lower animals! But what do I do with the agama caged in my pants?

    Well, my agama’s really a silly guy sometimes, so I take him, choke him and give him strokes with my right hand full of jerk lotion. This seems to make that monster a little homelier sometimes, but nowhere near tame. Certainly not tame! Nothing tames agamas like the strokes from the wet walls of a dripping pussy! So this time, I’m sticking this agama in it's cage and taking it to the agama-taming experts on Agama₋, which is the escort site I’ll be reviewing today. Got any agamas that need taming? Then cage them and get down to reading this Agama₋seznamka review already!

Taming Agamas For Korunas

    So taming agamas is really an art that requires tugging its head in the skilled slippery corners of wet cunt and throbbing it back and forth till it gets saturated with the sense it needs to remain tame. Well, that’s some hard work I must say, and these Czech cunts on Agama₋ that are so expert at taming agamas only do so for Korunas. And with an agama as stubborn as mine, I’m just as curious as you to know how many korunas the hotties on this escort site charge.

    Well, after scoring through a large chunk of the barely over a thousand escort profiles on this site and finding no price information, I’m forced to estimate what it’ll cost to get the services of the escorts on Agama₋seznamka.

    In my opinion, anywhere from $1,000 to $1,200 CZK, which converts to about 41 to 55 USD per hour, should be enough depending on the quality of the escort. Generally, Czech escorts typically go for less than what escorts in the United States take. Wow, that’s quite a moderate price to take for dealing with rude rods!

About The Thots That Tame

    About escort profiles on this site? I’ll jump right into it like a woody jerking in the middle of a cum spraying frenzy. So, escort profile thumbnails are actually very obvious from when you arrive at the homepage of this den of wet dainties. Escort thumbnails are arranged vertically apart from those of the top performers, which are arranged horizontally at the top of the homepage. The escort profiles on this site give an overview of the escort’s information, including the escort’s name, location, mobile number, and a brief note stating the services an escort offers.

    Well, what exactly do escort profile pages look like? Hitting open an escort’s profile thumbnail brings up the escort’s profile page. To the top left of this page is a brief summary of the escort’s details. You’ll find the escort’s name, age, height, weight, date, and time. Right next to the escort’s photo is a note stating the escort’s services in full, their city of residence, and phone numbers. This is pretty much all the information these escorts seem willing to let out. Well, my agama’s a bit on the wild side, and these snatches had better be lenient with their taming tools when mine comes around, or else he might be taming those clits instead!

    While the escort quality on this site is slightly below average, and there are more than a thousand of these escorts to choose from, their profiles are not detailed at all. 

Some Home Training For Your Agama

    The homepage of this escort site and the overall site design are really poor. The Agama₋seznamka homepage has a  yellow background overlaid with some blocks of white, like cum splashed on yellow-colored panties in a CFNM. The texts are written in white, yellow, and black fonts. Well, this homepage looks like some sort of porn site the Greek god Hermis must have wanked with some countless million decades ago! So damn outdated. It’s amazing Hermis’ dick still sits between his thighs after wanking for almost an eternity to a site this ancient!

    The Agama₋seznamka homepage begins with an ad space to the top right corner. Following this is a horizontal strip of menu buttons including dating, women, men, registration, login, and after this is a dropdown menu. There are other buttons in the top corner of the homepage like massage, swingers, BDSM, women, men, registration, advertisement, etc. There is also a list of the top-performing escorts at the top center of this homepage. Scrolling down further displays escort profiles stacked vertically on each other in ribbons that run from the left end of the screen to the right. The extreme left and right corners of the screen are packed with ads. And at the bottom of the homepage is a list of other pages and a login button.

    The homepage design of this escort site is really outdated, although navigating is easy. There are also a lot of distracting ads.

What I Think Of Agama₋Seznamka.Cz

    This site is really crappy and outdated in design. It seems to me that nothing serious is ongoing here, and there’s no guarantee that these escort profiles are functional. Take your agama somewhere else. 

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