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โœ“ Free to use
โœ“ Lots of escort ads
โœ“ Well detailed escort profiles
โœ“ Quality escorts
โœ“ Language options are available
โœ˜ Lots of pesky ads
โœ˜ Most escorts donโ€™t state their prices
โœ˜ Site design and fonts need serious improvement

Score 70/100





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#1. And6 Alternative

ย  ย  Well if you were asked to choose between the number six and the word sex, what would your choice be? With balls that are as heavy as two planets hiding in your reproductive organ, I guess youโ€™d most likely go for the word sex. Well, kudos to you. But six is my own choice, yeah six it is, and six Iโ€™ll choose time and again.

ย  ย  Okay, Iโ€™ll cut to the chase and save you the thrill of having to point your pecker in this screen in suspense. So I have keyed into my browser and have a pen in my right hand to write you an And6 review. So grab your penis in your right hand just so your pecker finds the patience to stay focused while you read through my review. Well, poke that pecker in this place already and get to reading this review already!

Just How Many Currency Digits Should You Have In Mind?

ย  ย  Itโ€™s that section where Iโ€™d either have to chew on my balls hoping that these escorts donโ€™t charge rates that could send you humping your pillow or strangling your wank tube to get some lotion in your right palm or smirk at my testicles if the prices are cool. Well, what do these babes charge?

ย  ย  Now, most of the escorts here donโ€™t state their prices, but thankfully thereโ€™s Mia who does. Mia is 24 years old and fully shaved in her cunt regions with supple big tits and pretty slim waist. Miaโ€™s services include classical massages, erotic massages, handjobs, kamsutra, extra ball, etc. Mia charges 150 CHF/ 154 USD for 30 minutes and 300 CHF/ 307 USD for 1 hour.

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s also Kendra, a 25 year old blonde with tits that hang like the gardens of Babylon. Kendraโ€™s services include cum in mouths, titjobs, erotic massages, deep throats, facesittings, gangbangs, and more. Her rates are set as 100 CHF/ 103 USD for 30 minutes and 200 CHF/ 205 USD for 1 hour.

ย  ย  Again, thereโ€™s Bianca the 27 year old blue eyed blonde with perfectly shaped apple sized tits and butt cheeks that could make your rod recite the Kamasutra. Biancaโ€™s rates are 130 CHF/ 133 USD for 30 minutes and 220 CHF/ 226 USD for 1 hour.
Now the rates charged by the escorts here are pretty similar to what escorts in the States take and well I can push chewing on my balls to some other time.

Thereโ€™s Way More Than 6 Slits And Tits Here

ย  ย  The And6 homepage has escort profile thumbnails located towards the bottom of the page. But then the profile thumbnails here are pretty small, with texts that are barely legible enough to even be visible and lost in the cluster of many other mini fonts that look like clits hidden in pussy lips. Well, things get better when you do a search or navigate to other pages by clicking on the male, female, trans, or escort buttons at the top of the homepage. Now, escort profile thumbnails are better presented on these other pages and look larger. Profile thumbnails donโ€™t show much and display just escorts names, their locations, and whether or not they are verified.

ย  ย  Escort profile pages are well detailed and contain a good amount of detail presented very neatly so that glancing through escort profiles can be done at the snap of a finger or the clap of a fat onion booty. Escortโ€™s videos and photos are arranged to the left side of profile pages with details like bio, services, rates, contact details, and reviews on the right side of escort profile pages. You can contact escorts via calls, Whatsapp, email, or the live chat feature available on the site.

ย  ย  The babes here are just of every imaginable quality, from the superb pornstars that could detach your spine from your pelvic floor with just riding you to the sit at home wifey asses youโ€™ll have to use liters of lubricating oil to bang. You just might not get home in time for dinner if you sacrifice your schlong to the pounding these cunts, just be sure you donโ€™t get so carried away that you forget your fuck rod in any of these cunts.

And 6 Is Just Late Enough For You To Be Home

ย  ย  Well 6 is late enough for you to be home already and yes come home to this escort siteโ€™s homepage. So what exactly does home look like on And6? Ever had a massive BBW ass sit on your cock so much that your boner gets confused about whether giving you an orgasm or taking your life was that assโ€™ mission? Well, thatโ€™s just how it feels when you arrive at the And6 homepage. The homepage here has a white background and begins with a lot of pesky ads at the top and so getting your grip on what orgy is ongoing on this homepage will most likely not be the first thing you do. Well, scrolling down the page presents a collection of mini sized escort profile thumbnails with texts written in mini sized fonts.

ย  ย  Now, I get the fact that our planet has a billion plus liters of living sperm swimming in all the testicles represented on planet earth and probably the cosmos will send us more penises in due course, but thatโ€™s not a good enough reason for this escort site to be pinching spaces and writing in ant sized fonts as though weโ€™d be asked to return our testicles to base if the content of this homepage was made more legible. Youโ€™ll most likely need magnifying glasses to read off the text from the And6 homepage. This site sure needs more legible fonts and some overhaul tweaking of the style here.

ย  ย  Well, navigating the homepage is not easy but once youโ€™ve distinguished between the ads and the relevant content youโ€™ll do just fine pointing your schlong in your desired direction. Thereโ€™s a row of buttons at the top left corner of the screen including the new girls, girls, boys, trans, escort, search, happy hours, latest action, latest comments, videos, job, and rent buttons. Opposite this row of buttons at the top right corner are the cam, prices, contact buttons and the language options dropdown menu which contains a list of seven available language options.

ย  ย  The homepage is actually divided into different sections, there is a list of regions and cities on the left side of the page, an obvious ad space in the middle with escort ads below this section, and the happy hours live, available for one on one chat, and latest status messages sections on the left side.

ย  ย  Overall, the homepage here could do better with a lot of work starting with taking off the many ads that litter this page like facial cumshots in a bukakke.

What I Think About And6

ย  ย  I definitely recommend this escort site with my full chest. But for the pesky ads that spam the pages of this site, everything else is pretty okay. So pat your pecker on its head and let it know that standing erect in Switzerland is okay, thanks to

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