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โœ“ Erotic ads
โœ“ Hot, sexy escorts
โœ“ Filtered searching
โœ“ Varying service categories
โœ˜ Design sucks
โœ˜ Limited regions

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#1. Annonce Alternative

ย  ย  Got to give it to whoever came up with the genius idea of escort websites. Imagine needing such companionship for different occasions and you have to begin sourcing for information on where you could find someone to spend your day with by moving from street to street. Worse case, you are in a foreign country. I canโ€™t even begin to think what the language barrier will do to you, let alone learn how to approach people in general.

ย  ย  I quite wonder how people used to cope back in the day when there was no internet or even before the idea of escort websites surfaced. Itโ€™s pretty great how these sites have made connecting with erotic service providers easy and seamless. You can find hundreds of thousands of advertisements on call girls and escorts on different platforms in different countries in the world today.
Well, if you are somewhere in the Czech Republic and you are looking to connect with a hot, sexy service provider in your region, then is one site you should check out. This advertising website helps connect you with whores that offer exactly what you want and even more. They have dozens of erotic ads you can choose from and even filter options that will help you further narrow your search for that perfect girl of interest. Well, this shouldn't have to sound like an announcement, but here's my Annonce review.

Annonce Cunts Announcing Rates

The babes on this site must be some of the most endowed feminine figures the country has to offer, I believe. And thatโ€™s just because this site has them bold, bare, and bootyful. So yeah, Iโ€™ll expect that their rates should be just as heavy.

Well, thereโ€™s Anna, who looks like the sexiest living thing to have roamed the planet since after Adam and Eve. Annaโ€™s rate is set at 1500 CZK/ 68 USD for 1 hour.

Thereโ€™s also Lilian. A stunning blonde with her ass hang ging like the hanging gardens of Babylon. Lilian charges 2300 CZK/ 103 USD for an hour.

Many Things Fucking Amateur

As expected, the default language of the website is not English. So, to make sense of any writing once you arrive on the site, you will have to enable auto-translate on your device browser app. After which, you will be able to read the pop-up message with a heads-up that you are about to view explicit content and also imploring you to confirm that you are above 18 before you can proceed to the contents of the site properly.

I think the design department of this website is really lagging because what I saw was just a bunch of icons overlapping each other at the top of the homepage, along with a different ad that is not related to what is posted on the rest of the page. It quite looks like an amateur web designer was put into business. From what I saw, I think that guy should improve on the site design or be put out of business for real.

But letโ€™s assume itโ€™s the thought that matters and focus on the great ideas they did come up. For instance, the โ€œWatchdogโ€ function, which updates you by email on the latest ad postings and additions to the website. There are also the filter options on the left side of the homepage, where you can further narrow down your search to your desired preference. You can filter by age, hair color, breast size, available services, and location, among others.

There is an info line at the bottom of the page with a number attached. You can lodge your complaints or make inquiries concerning anything on the site via that hotline. Also, specified under that info line is the time frame they will be available for calls.

Escort Ads, Contacting & Third Party Sites

Indeed, there are dozens of erotic ads on What I do not understand is why some of the ads are censored, even when it is pretty obvious the girls are naked on the ad photos displayed on the site. I mean, I quite understand blurring their faces, which is obviously personal to the advertisers themselves. But censoring an obviously open pussy is just hypocritical for a site that is clearly for guests that are over 18. I would have to guess the girls agreed to that anyway.

There is some info on the ads, like the name of the girlsโ€”or in someโ€”catchy captions, their age, and also location. Clicking on any of these ads will open a page with the full profile details of the girl you are interested in. Basic information like age, hair color, height, weight, etc. are there. You will also find a list of services they offer, languages they speak, their exact location, and availability. There are a few photos attached under the main photo, before a brief bio of them, and below a contact number, followed by their working hours and a link to a map, should you need to locate them easily.

I did find that has a partner website. Not sure exactly what purpose this โ€œpartner siteโ€ serves, but as I found, it mostly contains the same details of the girlโ€™s profile and contact on the host website. The only big difference is that the design on this alternate site is much cooler than that of the host site. The partner site goes by Maybe they should have just made this one their host site, it seems more appealing to me.

What I Think About Annonce

Seems pretty conflicting how they have a partner website, which obviously looks cooler, but carries the same information and details of the girls being advertised as you would find on the host website itself. Not sure what they are playing at, but I suppose as long as one can still instantly connect with the escort of their choice, all is good. Would I recommend it? Of course.

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