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ย  ย  I woke up this morning feeling the fresh air and warm sky that has been bestowed on us by the creator. As I was sipping my coffee, I remembered there are people out there that need to enjoy the body of the amazing escorts in Portugal but are stuck because they canโ€™t differentiate between a good escort site and a bad one. So, I got hold of Apartado X and decided to make it todayโ€™s highlight and review for you. But enough of the side stories, we will be going through the pros and cons and qualities of the escorts. So stay with me while I go through the basics of the ApartadoX review.ย 

ApartadoX to the Cumunity

ย  ย  My first impression of ApartadoX site? Amazing! For real, I thought I was somewhere else and I loved it. The website was clean and not too crowded, although overloading a homepage with tits and asses is good but having it clean with the luxurious feel and vibe isnโ€™t bad as well. Actually, I love this high-end design compared to others, with one ass sitting pretty on the screen, you got me hooked! The navigation and ease of use deserve some recognition as well, there are different states listed on the right-hand side and it is easy to sort through the cities as well, with a click of an option.

The Good, the Bad, and the Horny

ย  ย  I think this is my new favorite phrase to define pros and consโ€”the good the bad and the horny. The good is the pros, the bad are the cons, and the horny, is well, of course, you. Starting with the good, the quality of the escorts on the site is 9/10 for me. Although the numbers on ApartadoX arenโ€™t as much as a public siteโ€”which made me want to qualify this site as an agency rather than a public escort site in Portugalโ€”the chicks are well-made dude, their asses are firm, their tits are round and portable, their skins are flawless, they look, feel, and give off the vibe of a high-quality escort.

ย  ย  Leaving the escorts aside, the way they structure their profile and description is something I haven't seen in a long time. They start off with phone numbers for easy communication, then they write out a short โ€œabout meโ€ bio, then they ahead to talk about additional details like tits side, heights, and so on, ending the additional info with services and location details. This is the part it gets crazy; they go an extra mile to add a personal video to their profile. Not porn or show it all type of video but a teasing video that shows details into their body and stuff like that, all for you to get immersed in their charmโ€ฆ truly luxurious.

ย  ย  Sapphire Sanchez for example, is a luxury escort on ApartadoX, sheโ€™s a 23-year-old escort from Angola currently in Valencia and she is one hell of a hottie. Sheโ€™s got the type of ass and tits you might like, she offers different types of services like escorts, massages, BDSM, and so on.

ย  ย  Want info on another escort? If you live in Lisbon then Ingrid might be of interest to you. Her pictures are of her pussy and tits and flawless skin, if you want me to explain it out for you, her pussy looks fresh bro, super fresh. Sheโ€™s a 31-year-old Brazilian in Portugal and is even open to visiting nearby countries, but you just need to have it at the back of your head that her charges are gonna be super high.

ย  ย  Speaking of prices, they are not listed, and I think it is pretty bad of them to leave out one of the most important aspects of the escort business, but considering the fact that this is a luxury site, the prices might have been excluded so as not to scare potential customers away. The same issue with reviews, canโ€™t find anything on reviews, and no way to be able to research the escorts and know her past records before hiring them.

ApartadoX a Reliable Escort Site in Portugal?

ย  ย  Being a high-end escort site with chicks that are fresh and good-looking, ApartadoX looks to be a reliable escort site in Portugal to me, and trying them out might be the best gift you give to yourself and your cock, so think about it.

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