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โœ“ Very sweet site design
โœ“ Has high-end escorts aplenty
โœ“ Rocks an entertaining blog
โœ“ Free as air
โœ“ No ads or spam
โœ˜ No language options
โœ˜ No flexibility in rates

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#1. ArgentinaXP Alternative

ย  ย  Argentina is a marvelous country for sure! I wouldnโ€™t mind living there for a few years and filling the bellies of the local girls with my seed. Who knows, I could start up a dynasty of sorts in the area!

ย  ย  So, the country can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a lot of money and love to kick back and have fun. Sure, you can eat many a sweet dish while there, but I wager the sweetest meal to be found in Argentina rests between the legs of the top-class escorts in the country. And there well might be no better place to search out and fuck sense into these high-end escorts than

ย  ย  But before you decide to make this escort site Argentina your favorite hookup place, better read up this review and learn a few things your parents would disapprove of!

Good Money For Good Pussy!

ย  ย  You got lots of money you donโ€™t know what to do with, right? Well then, prepare to spend it all and more on escorts on this escort Argentina site, who all look like supermodels out to have their itchy slits scratched by cocks great, mighty, and stupendous! And even better, these ladies charge for leg-spreading services rendered in American dollars, rather than the Argentinian Peso. This means you can pay them in US dollars and considerably simplifies matters. Fees charged are fixed and differ according to the category the escort belongs to.

ย  ย  Take Carmela for example. Sheโ€™s a 22-year old stunning beauty who lives in Puerto Madero. You could easily mistake her for a famous film star and she has one of those slim and tight bodies that can fuck all day and night without tiring! Carmela who is available for dinner dates, meetings, and fuckathons describes herself as sweet, nice, fiery, and discreet, and charges $100 per hour. Seeing that this chick is a VIP escort and would be charging like $500 per hour in the states, I would say she's an excellent bargain.

ย  ย  If angels are what you need, then I am pretty sure that Angelica will serve! 23-year old, tall, busty, curvy, and blessed with an ass that is mind-bending in its perkiness, she can be described as a feast fit for the gods and they better fuck her silly when they get their hands on her or risk not being worshiped ever more on this planet! This diamond category sweetie charges $200 per hour and yes, that is a bargain.

ย  ย  Further down the ladder are Gold category escorts. These charge the least- around $50 on average, but have the kind of body you and I can eagerly fight World War III over! Last on the totem pole are masseurs who charge $40 on average.

ย  ย  In case you still donโ€™t understand, diamond category escorts like Angelica charge the most, while masseurs charge the least. The prices are rather cheap overall and well worth it. Rate flexibility is lacking though, which means you wonโ€™t see something like $59 or $101.

The Profiles

ย  ย  Argentina XP is to be commended for the quality of its escorts. The girls are all extra-beautiful, sweet-faced, and classy, and while there are average vagina-owners here and there, nearly all fall firmly within the supermodel category and will get your cock pointing at a star by merely blowing you a kiss! Diamond escort categories rule here, followed by the platinum and gold category. Then there are masseurs and very beautiful these are.

ย  ย  Content sorting options are present at the top of the escort profile page. These can be accessed by clicking the orange-colored Filter button that is beneath the search bar and the Post tab and will let you sort escorts according to fees charged, age, location, profession, and height. More options are housed in a pull-down menu at the top left of the page.

ย  ย  Escort image thumbnails are classy and professional-looking. They display the age, location, and name of the escort, plus the category she falls into and info about whether she has a video in her profile or not. Once opened, each profile is usually filled with varied hi-res images that are viewable in slideshow, plus videos if applicable. There is also a brief About Me and near the bottom is an option that enables viewer comments. Additionally, the bottom section of each profile hosts a selection of blogs that look engrossing, while the very bottom has a variety of options that lets fellas precisely sort escorts by location.

ย  ย  Lest I forgot, while you are on any escort profile, you can browse to the next and previous profile, using the back and forth buttons that are near the middle of all escort profile pages. Thatโ€™s hella convenient.

Clean, Sweet, And Majestic

ย  ย  Clean, sweet, and majestic is what I would say the Argentina XP website should be described as. It has a deep blue background color, lots of flashy escort image thumbnails, and a minimalistic look that kind of calms the spirit. The site lacks ads and spam, does not look crammed though it has at least a hundred escort image thumbnails pasted on it, and is one of the most intuitive my fingers have ever danced across.

ย  ย  There are no login and registration options in place, but thereโ€™s a search bar and varied content sorting options. The pull-down menu at the top left that I spoke about earlier has a Blog option that when clicked takes you to over 60 blogs. These are in Spanish though, as is nearly everything on the site and no language option is available to change this to English or whatever else. I would assess site features as a little bit on the average side, though that is a misstep easily forgotten.

What I Think of ArgentinaXP

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s no reason not to push Argentina XP ahead of the pack with all my might. It has a sweet page, even sweeter escorts, and is both free and easy to access.
ย  ย  This escort site Argentina gets a hardcore recommendation and is easy to get smitten with!

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