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โœ“ Entry Fee Is On The House
โœ“ A Robust Selection Of Escort Ads
โœ“ Top-Notch Site Design
โœ“ Navigation Is No Hassle
โœ˜ Price Information Is Not Stated
โœ˜ Just One Language option

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#1. AsiaLadies Alternative

ย  ย  I hear Asian ladies can be so lovely when you have them over to keep you company, from their ever-smiling faces to their petite bodies, which makes it easy for certain activities on cloud nine. I donโ€™t want to begin imagining scenarios in my head so my cock doesnโ€™t awaken, as that will be dangerous, considering thereโ€™s no moist slippery cunt to make it feel at home.

ย  ย  Anyway, you can be sure to get premium satisfaction, as these ladies offer nothing but the best.

The Grand Entry

ย  ย  Unlike other escort sites, you donโ€™t need to assert that you are a major or minor before accessing the homepage of, maybe because they know that just your balls would be brave enough to want to check out this site. Welcome Champs! Now, for your rewards, you get to know the details of what the homepage carries, so sit tight.

ย  ย  So the homepage isnโ€™t so fine, but thatโ€™s not the focus, so ignore it. There are links to third-party sites at the top of the page. Also, ignore. If you choose to dig in without foreplay, then you click the show button, which sits next to the change of topic button. The show button takes you to a page filled with escorts, while the latter reveals other sites you might want to check out.

ย  ย  The ad search box on the right helps you get closer to an escort, and on the search button is a number of escorts available here on The sexy photo that sits close to the ad box is so enticing, Fuck! Those lips, they would be perfect for my cock. Enough with the fantasy; when you scroll further, youโ€™ll find a list of the latest ads, and thatโ€™s not all.

ย  ย  At the bottom of the list is the option to load more, and just right beside it is an article that talks about these Asian ladies as Delicate flowers that need to be picked. Other things you see are escorts categorized in twos, with tags like young girl, Ns games, and bathing pleasure. At the bottom of the page are things like keywords, but they serve more as escort categories.

Meet โ€œem Flowers

ย  ย  Since this site calls these Asian ladies flowers, you might just adopt this approach and refer to them as beautiful flowers when you eventually decide to hook up with one. Speaking of beautiful, going through the escortโ€™s thumbnails, they are indeed a sight to behold. Their fair skin, delicate-looking body, and long hairโ€”perfect for pulling when bangingโ€”are all perfect!

ย  ย  Escort thumbnails hold just the escortโ€™s name, photo, and location; thereโ€™s more behind their closest thumbnail. Your one-way ticket to viewing the profile pages of these escorts is to click on any thumbnail of your choice. As you click, prepare your mind for how youโ€™ll be spending your time with the escorts because, from their profiles, they are a hot catch.

ย  ย  Every escort profile has more photos for your eyes to feast on, all in different positions to give you a better overall view of how they look. There is a brief introduction about these escorts, more like a little bio, of what they are like and what you get when you spend time with them. Their contact information isnโ€™t left out; if not, how would you reach them?

ย  ย  Their personal details like age, gender, language, hair type, and all in that category are mentioned. Mhen! The services these babes offer are so cool; I mean, there are a good number of them. The massages they offer, as well as their fetishes, are also included. These flowers are definitely worth watering and taking care of.

Keep The Flowers Watered

ย  ย  Flowers wither away when proper care and maintenance are not administered, and that isnโ€™t nice. The same thing might happen to these ladies, like flowers, if you do not give them the care and nurturing they deserve. By this, I mean you make sure they have all they want without them even having to ask.

ย  ย  Unfortunately, these flowers did not state the kind of water they wish to be watered with. There are escort rates anywhere for reasons unknown, but that doesnโ€™t mean they donโ€™t have a demand. Anyway, letโ€™s find out the rates of escort sites in the region. That might help.

ย  ย  So, on average, escort rates in the region are between $120 and $160, on the high side, $160 and $855, and on the low side, $85. However, you must note that these rates differ and are also subject to change. Also, some escorts offer extra services, which might, in turn, attract additional charges.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  The site has got adorable babes, all looking very delicate and sweet. There is a good number of escort girls, and they all reek of good quality. Navigation, too, seems pretty cool; the site, too, though not perfect, looks manageable. However, escorts here do not have a price rate or language option.

ย  ย  Since itโ€™s a site full of Asian ladies, I guess an Asian language option should have been included. Notwithstanding, the default language is English, so I think everyone resonates with it. Meanwhile, the site is fantastic, and I recommend it if youโ€™re trying to get your balls sucked!

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