AustraliaCracker Review

Impressive site design
 Lots of escort ads
 Quality escorts
 Detailed escort profiles
 Site is slightly confusing to navigate around
 Too many ads for escorts looking to tour
 Login not accessible to everyone

Score 70/100





Quality Of Escorts


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#1. AustraliaCracker Alternative

    Have you ever had a crack in your hips from a nerve-racking and cum splashing orgasm? Well if you’re like me, after such an experience, you’ll want to write a poem to every wet pussy that inspires such tasty cracks. I have had my pen on this sheet of paper for the last half hour already, spilling poetic lines in ink like cum streaming through a hard cock! 

    I’ll put the pen and paper away for a while and allow us delve into knowing about this Australian escort site called Just like Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, you don’t get to tell a rock-hard boner when to come and you sure can’t negotiate with it. When boners come they’ll not be smiling at you, and they just tend to come as a jolt of lightning making your mind scream thunderously for you to get some help! Those hot puffy tits, wet cunts, and big but soft curvy asses are all the help you’ll be needing at this point.

    Well, thanks to every known sex goddess in Australia, AustraliaCracker has tons of tight cunted escorts that taste better than your Australian Arnott shape crackers. Here’s my AustraliaCracker review horny dude!

Pay And Don’t Just Jerk Off All Day!

    Whether you are in for a steamy Nuru or erotic massage, you know the on-the-surface kind of stuff, or something pretty intense like an anal, most of the hotties on AustraliaCracker have promised to satisfy your lust. Oh my! It just seems that most of the bitches on this site are willing to pleasurably suffocate your dick to bleeding cum in no time. Well, by no time, I actually mean there's more to know.

    If you’re in Brisbane, Demi, a naturally endowed busty Aussie goddess is willing to take $140 for 30 minutes and $220 for 1 hour.

    There’s also the 23 year old Jasmine who has an incredibly shaped body. And she’ll very gladly take $130 for 30 minutes and $200 for 60 minutes. Again, there’s Yin that lives in Darwin, well she’ll take $100 for 30 minutes and $180 for 1 hour.

    On average, the escort rate here ranges from $200 to $400 for an hour of good company. And while not all the escorts on AustraliaCracker take the diligence to elaborately specify what you can hope to get in their profiles, they all seem to really have made telling their prices a priority, which is a good one.    

Give Me A Boner For Just Looking

    I’d admit this escort site really had my cock standing rock hard while just scrolling through their home page. I can bet you’ll love the overall feel of this site except that it is a bit too condensed with ads for escorts looking to tour. Besides this, it has a really neat feel, and you will typically find escorts with a fair amount of their info displayed when you hover over their profile pics.

    These bitches are unfailingly willing to meet you, and you can’t just avoid having their mobile numbers stare you in the face. Alongside their phone numbers, you’ll find a brief about me, and what I can do for your dick info. You can click to get a full profile info view. And while some of these wet cunts seem to want to make you read more than you did when taking college maths, most of them seem to be pretty detailed about what you can get and how they love to be treated. Let’s hope the long read is worth it when she’s in bed, she’d better be ready for a long bang!

    For me, it’s the impressive cum inviting pictures and curvy bodies that drew my attention to open profiles. And yeah you can forgive me for this, I mean we’re visual anyways. Aren’t we?

At Home With The Aussie Pussies

    The AustraliaCracker homepage welcomes you with an ad space at the top and three clearly bolded subdivisions namely escorts, erotic massage, and gallery. The escorts and erotic sections are split to feature six different locations. Lower down is the gallery section, which is literally just a gallery of things naked and beautiful. This section includes everything from escorts to adverts for escorts looking to tour.  And while their homepage has a really welcoming feel, at least their logo just seems to depict how well perky tits feel during a welcome hug. Just beneath their ad space at the top are three search bars for you to select a location, your pleasure activity, and what seems to be an extra bar for filtering your searches.

    There are five buttons at your top right for quick navigation through the home tab, post ad, login, register, cracker cams, and a contact us tab button, just in case you need to get help. However, this site boast of posting a 100% free ads. Besides registering with them is free. Sorry dude, you won’t be getting any free Aussie pussies though.

    Overall, you’ll feel at home with these Aussie Pussies, as this site is really user-friendly.

What I Think Of AustraliaCracker

    This site has a classy feel, and I can only hope these escorts treat your dick to some classy cumming sessions. They have the look of it though. A little confusing to navigate around which is especially inappropriate for those horny hours when you just don’t have the time to bug yourself with thinking of anything else but what creamy wet pussy sounds like when your dick is ramming it!

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