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โœ“ Sexy escorts
โœ“ Filters, tags and different locations
โœ“ Has trans, gay, couple, male and female escorts
โœ“ Site is in English
โœ“ Detailed escort Profiles with services
โœ“ There are verified escorts
โœ“ Escort mention the services they provide
โœ˜ Escorts donโ€™t mention rates
โœ˜ No escort Ratings or Reviews

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#1. BedEscorts Alternative

A pretty straightforward name I'd say. I get a no-bullshit straight-to-business vibe from this site. Well lucky for you, my vibe is correct! This is where you find the most exquisite Kenyan and international escorts, and without any fuss get them straight into bed. We all know what happens next, youโ€™d have a sexy ass bitch sucking on your dick and spitting on it to make it easier for her to take it inside her little twat!

ย  ย  So, if youโ€™re currently in Kenya, and havenโ€™t figured out where to find a girl to accompany you in bed then keep reading. Cause I'm about to tell you about a Kenyan escort site where you might be lucky to meet your best night in bed! Hereโ€™s my review.

BedEscorts. Beautiful Bedhead Or Badly Sucked!

BedEscorts has some truly skilled escorts that give sensational head in bed, but at the same time, it has some bitches thatโ€™ll leave teeth scars on your dick if you let them anywhere near you!

One bad feature of this site is that it fancies itself to be a high-end escort site and therefore the escorts are not required to list their rates for their services. You donโ€™t realize what a boner kill that is. Youโ€™ll be all excited to stick it to a Kenyan escort and end up having to waste time talking prices just to learn how much she values her cunt!

ย  ย  Iโ€™d say that the escorts here charge USD150-250 per hour for being your partner in bed. Well, it could really be anywhere, they donโ€™t discriminate!

These Escorts Break Beds Not Hearts!

These escorts on this Kenyan escort site are extremely classy. You can find Female Escorts, Male Escorts, Gay Escorts, Couple Escorts, and Trans Escorts on BedEscorts. Just pick whichever one you want to bed the most!

At the top bar of the escort page, youโ€™ll find some options and a pull-down menu under the escorts option. there's also a quick search menu new on the right side which allows you to select multiple criteria to search for using multiple pull-down menus. Thereโ€™s also a search bar at the top right corner in case you are searching for something specific.

On the left-hand side of the home page, youโ€™ll see an option to choose which location to view escort profiles in. At first, it shows you three countries; Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Clicking on any of these gives you locations inside that county.

The focus on this website is on their female escorts, so it doesn't surprise anyone when you see that they have the most seductive profile images utilizing the perfect angles and lighting to accentuate their ASSets. Just a tip though, donโ€™t start scrolling to the bottom, those are the ones youโ€™re least likely to bed and instead want to marry them because theyโ€™re virgins. Theyโ€™ll probably be so happy that someone married them that theyโ€™ll give you a pass on fucking other chicks!

There are some verified profiles here. That can reassure one worry of yours. There arenโ€™t that many escorts that are verified here though so I worry some of you might not like any of them. Donโ€™t worry thereโ€™s an easy solution! Just ask whichever escort you like (unverified) for a video call confirmation. If they refuse you can ask them to shove a pineapple up their twat!

Thankfully the escort profiles here are ridiculously detailed. They can tell you a lot about the escort, definitely more than what you would find out about her on the first date, and more important stuff too! Does she do facials, does she swallow, does she take it in her ass, is she open to a threesome those are the kinds of things you find out about the escorts here. These will be mentioned under the services heading on the profile. Thereโ€™s also the contact info of the escort where you can text her and find out about her rates or any extra services, she can do for you.

There are also some category tags on the profile thumbnail like Verified, Vip, New, Premium, etc. This lets you make a quicker decision on whether or not to open her profile.

Lastly, one of the best features about this site is that the default language of this site is English! Thatโ€™s one of the best features any international escort site can have other than actually attractive escorts. You wonโ€™t end up wasting your time translating and figuring out what theyโ€™re saying, itโ€™s straight into the master bedroom.

The escort quality on BedEscorts is definitely above average, but remember to verify the escort yourself in case her profile isnโ€™t verified.

Nah Iโ€™d Just Jerk In My Bed Instead!

BedEscorts despite its beddable escorts is certainly not without its flaws. The site design is good enough but some escort profiles will really turn you off. Enough that you might just give up on this wonderful idea altogether.

As the escorts do not mention their rates along with their services, you will have to waste time negotiating prices. Thereโ€™s no way around it. There arenโ€™t any ratings or reviews where you can get some clarity and assurance about the escort and her services or get a rough idea of how much she charges.

I would say the site has above-average features and no ads or spam.

What I Think of BedEscorts

Thereโ€™s not much to say about BedEscorts except go for it! The pros of using this site definitely outweigh the cons and make it worth a look for everyone. You can find any kind of escort to bed here. There are some incredible pussies, assholes, and mouths thirsty for your inevitable load! Just make sure you verify those escorts, instead of making your fantasy come alive you would end up doing that to one of your Nightmares!

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