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โœ“ Lots of escort ad's
โœ“ Easy to use
โœ“ Free
โœ˜ Unexciting site design
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Horrible looking escort ads

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#1. BedPage Alternative

Getting horny is an indispensable part of life. Thereโ€™s nothing that can be done to change that, short of cutting off your prick and frying your balls for breakfast of course!

Now, when you get horny that is just your cock loudly proclaiming its need to dive into somewhere tight, wet, and warm. Your lubricated fist might do, but escort pussy is so much better! Escorts can be found all over the planet and have been helping out horny fellows since the beginning of time. These chicks do an excellent job of taking care of boners and can milk you dry of all fluids if you let them!

Of course, you can book escorts by walking to the street corner or calling an escort agency. But there are websites like Bedpage com that list escorts from all over the planet for eventual perusal and booking by horny fellas with a hungry boner. Bedpage have been doing their thing since Adam became knowledgeable on what to do to give Eve an orgasm and for an escort site is comprehensive and apparently serious about its purpose of being. Today I will be reviewing, so hang in their partner and keep a leash on that horny cock of yours!

Escort Fees And Stuff

Know something worse than an ugly escort with more crabs than you would find in the hold of a trawler out at sea? The answer is escorts that wonโ€™t list their prices!

In general, escorts are reluctant to list prices they charge for bringing cumming goodness to the life of fellas with itchy boners. But the escorts on Bedpage com seem to have elevated this reluctance to something approaching an art. Yeah,v on the site, you could scroll through lists of escort ads for hours and come across only a handful of escort profiles with listed prices. I donโ€™t know if it is just me, but I find this sort of thing as annoying as a bunch of cactus jammed up my backside on very promising Saturday evenings!

Among the few escorts that list their charges is Rosmarvy, a Colombiana who is as sweet as she is gorgeous. This dear girl is thick, busty and the owner of the kind of ass that has been known to lead to the downfall of empires! Rosmarvy is 22-years old and charges $100 for 3 hours of fun that includes anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Thatโ€™s one hell of a bargain right there! And oh, she lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Another Latina in the state whoโ€™s even more equipped for maximum satisfaction charges $100 an hour. Sheโ€™s 26-years old, apparently has no name, and says sheโ€™s the best kisser and blowjob giver this planet has ever seen. I am inclined to believe her!

Anyway, it does appear that escorts on Bedpage are running a promo or something. That could explain why they are on the cheap side. The average cost of an hour full of fucking is from $100-$150, which is well within the national average. Are these escorts worth the money? Let your pecker decide!

Bedpage Escorts

Bedpage lists escort ads not only from America but all over the world. But for this review, I have decided to focus on American escorts. Getting to these escorts is an easy matter since the Bedpage homepage lists all American states and cities. You just need to click on the city you want and choose from male, female, and trans escorts.

I clicked on the female escort option for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was asked to click a box that says I am 21+ years old and aware that there might be naked women on the site that could spoil my eyes if I come across them! Let my eyes spoil, please!

Clicking the box that says you acknowledge being 21+ years old opens a new tab filled with escort ads in the Baton Rouge area. The top of this page has a listing of cities in Louisiana, so you can change the city you are exploring without having to make a trip back to the homepage.

Now, letโ€™s take a look at the escort ads here. These ads are arranged vertically and are unpleasant to look at. They lack images of any sort and are arranged by date. Most appear to make little sense and use too many question and/or punctuation marks. Each ad contains a number that appears to indicate the age of the escort that posted it.

Sample ads include Hottie With A Banging Body! -27, ???Call Me And You Will Have The Best Sex Of Your Life ????????- 28, and Hot Petite Barbie With A Great Set Of T I T S- 22. Clicking on any of these escort ads opens yet another tab where you can read up on what the ad contains and view the images featured within. Most of these images are clearly fake though. Included within each ad is a phone number, and occasionally email and social media links.

Options on each ad allow you to reply or report an ad, as well as view similar ones. To reply to an ad you need to enter your email before you can send over a message, which is fair enough. Some escort ads are from independent escorts, while others are from escort agencies.

Now, I would assess escort quality here as average. There are some repeat ads too and I would suggest video calling any escort you book from Bedpage, as thereโ€™s far too much chance that the images they used in their ads are as fake as a 7 dollar bill.

Home Is Where The Bedpage Is!

Got a blank wall at your home? I gotta say it sure must be more colorful and exciting than the Bedpage com homepage!

This site uses a white background color and while stuff are clearly labeled and everything looks well-designed, there is really nothing to get you whooping with glee. Not even a site logo can be seen, which in my opinion is sacrilege!

There is a My Account tab at the far top right corner of the homepage and this can be used to login or sign up. Beneath it is s Post Ad tab and underneath this is a search bar that looks wide enough to swallow a whale with ease!

Next is a list of countries, with the US and Canada, plus their states and cities coming first. European, Asia-Pacific, Middle Eastern, Australia, Oceania, Latin American, Caribbean, and African countries make up the rest of the list. However, just because a country made it to the homepage doesnโ€™t mean that there are actually any escorts there that Bedpage intends to show you.

Clicking on any of these countries and their states/cities will trigger the opening of a new tab. Here, you can choose from all manner of escort and non-escort oriented services. There are sections that take you to ads where you can find stuff to rent, job vacancies, and folks to date, plus buy and sell practically anything. The Adult section lets you access escorts of all sexes, plus strip clubs, live sex cams, body rubs, and erotic massage parlors.

While the Bedpage site design is clean and minimalistic, lacking ads of any sort, pop-up ads are frequently triggered when you click on escort ad links. The site is overall easy to use but looks rather featureless when compared to the majority of escort ads out there.

What I Think of Bedpage

Well, from what I have seen so far, Bedpage is just there. Nothing about it impresses at any level and it is easily forgettable. The escort ads in place here are some of the least appealing I have seen and I have doubts as to the authenticity of most of these ads.

Ignore Bedpage if you can. Or gladly make your bed and lie on it when shit hits the fan!

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