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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Good number of escort ads
โœ“ No spam or ads
โœ“ Site is easy to navigate
โœ˜ No language option for non-Portuguese speakers
โœ˜ Lots of unverified escort profiles

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#1. Bellacia Alternative

ย  ย  Remember how your balls dangled from your rock-hard meaty shaft during the last steamy hot doggy ramming session you completed on an arched cunt? I bet they danced just like the bells in the Catholic convents! Iโ€™d pause with a smirk on my face right now just to tell you we wonโ€™t be needing those bells today. Not your balls, horny brothers! I mean the catholic bells. Weโ€™d sure need those balls, so be sure to keep your balls ready and in place as I introduce the belles on the escort site called By the way, belle is the French expression for a beautiful woman.

ย  ย  Pat your boners on the head and fasten your belts dudes as I present to you my Bellacia review. Hop in already before your dick overheats with steaming!ย 

Ring The Bells And Loud The Cost

ย  ย  My French teacher said belle is the French manโ€™s way of saying a woman is beautiful. Well, just imagine what itโ€™ll cost to sit in the company of some of the most beautiful females in the known world. Well, belles love the clinking sounds of gold in the pocket. And besides, beauty has always had an affinity for buttered fingers. So, just how much butter do hotties on demand to be smeared with? Letโ€™s hit up some profiles and find out what these beauties specify as their charge already.

ย  ย  Meet this large-ass brown-skinned hottie who goes by the name Vasconcelos Tieta. Tietaโ€™s rate is R$150 per hour. Convert this to United States dollars, and thatโ€™s about $29 per hour. Well, if Tietaโ€™s not belle enough in your opinion, thereโ€™sย  Thaylla, a 26-year-old beauty who resides in the Macae area. She charges R$160, which amounts to about $32 USD.

ย  ย  Yet again, if you are in Ouro Preto, the city of black gold, Tatti is a golden princess with tits like those of a goddess. She charges R$250 per hour.ย 

ย  ย  In general, the rates charged by the escorts on are within the expected range since escort services in Brazil are typically much less than in the states. I think I should get a one-way ticket to Brazil already!

Hello Bella! Letโ€™s Get To Know You

ย  ย  To begin with, there are quite a good number of average-quality escorts on this site to feed your eyes to, a pretty inexhaustible list of them that could keep you wanking for days. Well, donโ€™t wank that long without a lotion. While the escort profiles on this site are not sitting on the homepage, however, you will find a ready and waiting list of states and cities to lead you to a swarming nest of these escort booties with just a few clicks littered all over the homepage. What does the typical escort profile look like? Letโ€™s find that out.

ย  ย  So, escort pictures thumbnails on this site offer a sneak peek of the full info about an escort. This info includes the escortโ€™s name, price, location status, a short note, and when last the escort was logged in. Now, thatโ€™s subsurface, and on the skin, let's delve into some slit dudes and hit open a profile!

ย  ย  Clicking on a profile thumbnail opens up an escortโ€™s full profile information page. Youโ€™ll find laid out in a very simple fashion the escortโ€™s telephone number, Whatsapp chat link, verification status, hourly rate, and a short description of the escort. By the way, it turns out that finding verified escort profiles on this site is as hard as searching for wank lotion in a grocery store! Just for some reason, a larger chunk of the escorts on this site have unverified profiles. Although they still have really good-looking booties thatโ€™ll appeal to a serious boner.

ย  ย  Overall, escort profiles here are detailed and properly arranged. Again the escorts on this site can keep your boner raging for hours!ย 

Bellaโ€™s Diaryโ‚‹Beautiful Pages about Home

ย  ย  The Bellacia homepage has a white-colored background with splatters of wine red and pink adding to the overall theme. The search, following, and menu buttons are in the top right corner of the homepage. There is also a search bar that occupies the bottom center position of the homepage just before you scroll down. Below this central search bar is the blog section, and shortly after this follows a list of all the Brazilian states to help you with quickly completing a search.

ย  ย  Now, navigating this site is quite easy and the overall feel is simple and just plain. There are no pop-ups so getting to the beauties on this site is really hassle-free. Iโ€™d say this site is of average quality.

What I Think About Bellacia

ย  ย  This escort site is quite easy to navigate and filled with a good number of average-quality supple snatches. However, it turns out that most of the belles on Bellacia have their profiles unverified, and all speak Portuguese. It seems these guys donโ€™t want to spare any beautiful thots for tourist. Well, if you are somewhere in Brazil and up for a good time you can try reaching out to a belle on Bellacia.

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