BirchPlace Review

โœ“ Good site design
โœ“ Site incorporates a social media/ room chat feature
โœ“ Good looking escorts
โœ“ No spam
โœ˜ Not entirely free to use
โœ˜ Escorts donโ€™t state their prices
โœ˜ Navigating to escorts is not easy

Score 64/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. BirchPlace Alternative

ย  ย  Where is the birthplace of bitches? Just where are the steamy hot cunts that rid the world of more and more cum on a daily basis made? Ever wondered about this? Well, maybe you havenโ€™t, but then imagine being locked away with some of the baddest bitches on the planet and having each of them shred your sense away with their tits, clits, and tight slits.

ย  ย  Want to find out if is that place where some of the baddest bitches on the planet are birthed and dispatched to hypnotize your cock to cum spewing spasms? Then, shove your wank cream away before you get hypnotized and brush with it instead and hop in on this Birchplace review to find out.

No Rates To Bid In Birchplace

ย  ย  Dragging my backpack of testicles and a hard schlong around this site in search of going rates was definitely not the funniest experience. But then, I had to make my balls get the point that Birchplace is actually a full-blown โ€œplay your cunt getting cards from start to finish'' site. And while there are definitely cunt for harvest on this site, escort rates have to be verified by escorts themselves.
Well, Iโ€™ll save you the suspense just so your sperm cells donโ€™t grow beards while waiting to get shot out and give you my estimate of what these snatches going rates are most likely to be. Now, there are different nationalities represented here, and cunts of different qualities, and these factors determine what escorts charge as their going rates.

ย  ย  Birchplace is a UK escort site, and one thing about UK escorts is that their going rates are usually spread across a wide range. And so itโ€™s typical to find escorts that charge pretty high rates like mammaries hanging up high on some bitchesโ€™ chest and those whose rates are down to the earth like your balls pointed to the ground under the influence of gravity. But on average, escort rates here will lie anywhere from 100 GBP/ 112 USD to 150 GBP/ 168 USD for 1 hour. Now, this is pretty okay, yet thereโ€™s a high chance that youโ€™ll find escorts that charge way lower going rates.

The Bitches Of Birchplace

ย  ย  Now, I had to spend some time before figuring out just where the snatches on this site were hiding and for the records having to steer around without a clue isnโ€™t something Iโ€™d be patient enough to do when I have a boner on. And well, after having navigated successfully to some escort asses I just had to forgive these guys. Birchplace is actually not entirely dedicated to escort services and incorporates titbits of dating and cumshots of social media design. But then, just how do you get your dick to some butts already?
Scrub on your schlong in a very relaxed manner and scroll to the directory button on the homepage. What comes up is a page thatโ€™s as plain as a freshly shaved cunt. Clicking on the pro dates or pro dorm dropdown buttons presents male, trans, and female escort buttons. And well, you can do a drum roll on your testicles since clicking on any of these buttons brings a plethora of escort cunts and asses rolling out in thumbnails.

ย  ย  Now, escort thumbnails show just escortsโ€™ names and locations. Escort profile pages, on the other hand, contain a brief note by escorts where they describe the suppleness of their cunts and their โ€œrip your penis from your pelvisโ€ services. There are also photos of escorts on profile pages, a friends tab, voyeurs tab, and a followers tab. However, access to the friends, voyeurs, and followers tab is restricted to only members. And well, this means you, your schlong, and your boners should be registered on this site to gain access to those features.

ย  ย  Well, the escorts here are actually of good quality and well spread across the gender spectrum, so youโ€™ll find trans, male, and female escorts here. Youโ€™ll find pornstars willing to volley your balls with every imaginable XXX style your mind could muster up. But then, escort profiles are just not as detailed as those on regular escort sites and donโ€™t contain going rates or alternative contact details besides the Birchplace siteโ€™s chat feature.

Bitchy Birchplace With Some Space At Home

ย  ย  Firstly, keying in the URL into my browser brought up a site with the URL Well, don't let your testicles ring the alarm immediately on seeing this, this is actually Birchplace or should I say bitch place! Now, I had hoped to see twats spread under the sun and the massive boobs of a thousand and more bitches chilling on the Birchplace homepage. But then, Birchplace is definitely not your traditional escort site and offers more than just the regular โ€œstuff your dick in some holesโ€ service. Well, stripping your cock of every sperm cell is still the priority here, but then thereโ€™s so much icing on this Birchplace cake, and so there are no naked butts and widespread twats sending explicit greetings to your balls on the homepage here.

ย  ย  One thing youโ€™ll definitely want to quickly understand is what exactly is going on here on the homepage of this site. And well, youโ€™ll find the answer right here too. Itโ€™s just what this next-to-naked homepage is all about. Quickly scrolling down the page and reading through its contents shows that Birchplace is really just a meeting place for cunts and schlongs that want to chat, flirt, and meet themselves, which is a rather coded way of referring to fellas like you and me that want to meet and fuck the shit out of our human anatomies.

ย  ย  Now, to how this page is organized. To begin with, the page here is really large and has its contents very well spaced, which is pretty impressive in my opinion. However, this page is really large, and scrolling down begins to feel as tiresome as having to lift and fuck a BBW.

ย  ย  The design here is pretty simple and this makes pacing around with your dick quite easy. At the top right of the page are the home, chat, directory, feed, lockers, blogs, and login or join free buttons. Youโ€™ll also find the directory, feed, and join buttons at the center of the screen. Scrolling down presents bits and pieces of the activities you can carry out on Birchplace. Now, this is pretty all youโ€™ll find here. And well, Birchplace is basically a hybrid site that combines the social media platform vibes with dating and escort services so you can spread your dick out on your profile, chat with some cunts and rope them in for a cunt shattering fuck.

What I Think About Birchplace

ย  ย  If being a sugar daddy is what you are really about, then you can take the time to build your potential cumshot investments here. But if shoving your pecker up a wet cunt in as little as no time is what youโ€™d rather have, then Birchplace could be a death place for your boners. Go somewhere else. However, as per site design and navigation, this site is pretty okay but would sure feel better if escortsโ€™ asses were easier to access.

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