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#1. Boonga Alternative

ย  ย  Do you know how you look forward to getting so much and even extra from an escort site? Well, is here to put you at ease with some of the finest escort girls from Poland. I just hope when you finally get to be in the company of one, your strokes will be like the bong of a bell. I can only imagine the moans that come after that.

ย  ย  This review is going to be doing justice to, so stay glued as no information will be left out.

Bong! Bong!Bong!

ย  ย  Oh yes, that’s the sound of the lock, and it means it is time to pay a visit to the home of these escorts. Punch the URL in your web browser, and let the fun begin. Landing the homepage, you’re met with an interface that looks shabby. The white background and the colors used in designing the site don’t look appealing.

ย  ย  Right from the homepage, you get to know the number of local erotic ads that are present here, and with the number here, it looks like has got me hooked. You’re eligible to search for an escort using their gender, location, and services. At least you won’t stress your cock too much going through so many escort thumbnails.

ย  ย  There is a display of escort categories here, ranging from trade, BDSM, fantasies, fetishes, etc. Pick what you find exciting and have fun. Below this display is a row of the latest escort ads with the option to see more. These thumbnails do not look so inviting, perhaps because of their quality, but I guess those fat asses make up for that.

ย  ย  Next is the display of the last verified escort thumbnails. Beneath this are reasons why you should trust and her escort. Scroll further, and you’ll find different cities with the number of escort ads present there attached to the side. Now, what is an escort site without articles at the bottom of the page? Well, unto the next phase.

Meet The Ladies Of The House

ย  ย  So the ladies of are just a click away because they are everywhere. You can choose to click on any city or thumbnail to locate these escorts. When you click on a city, you’re directed to a different page containing a list of escort thumbnails, and when you click on any thumbnail, you’re directed to the profile page of the escort.

ย  ย  The thumbnails of these escorts contain the escort age, for some, their names, location, and the date the ad was published. A brief bio of these escorts is also included. Some also have their rates attached to their profile thumbnails, and this is about five to ten percent of them. They also include the kind of escort they’re looking for.

ย  ย  Enough with the foreplay; let’s focus on the main thing. Now, arriving at the profile pages of these escorts with a click on any thumbnail is supposed to reveal more about these escorts, but the reverse is the case. The profile pages of these escorts are as dry as a cunt that has refused to get wet.

ย  ย  What you see on their thumbnails is the same as what you see on their profiles. The only difference is that there is a message box here where you can send a message to these escorts and attach a photo if necessary.

Are These Escorts Real?

ย  ย  According to, all her ads are verified. If so, I wonder why most of the escort thumbnails here lack a profile photo, and it is very upsetting. Just a tiny percentage of these escorts have pictures. Well, for those that have got photos, their faces are totally cropped or blurred.

ย  ย  These escorts cover their faces to keep a low profile and avoid recognition. Meanwhile, on their profiles, there is a report violation button, meaning you can report an escort if she misbehaves. There is no valid reason to back up whether or not these escorts are genuine yeah, so you’ve got to be very careful when dealing with them.

Bucks For Butts

ย  ย  Unfortunately, a large percentage of these escorts do not have a rate attached to their profiles, and it is not surprising because of the poor quality of escorts in general. Well, this doesn’t mean that these escorts are allergic to luxury. Let’s check out a few that have a rate.

ย  ย  So, Paulina is 19 and is ready to offer Skype shows, phone sex, and hot videos. She charges PLN 60, and when converted, this equates to $15 when converted to USD. She’s also open to meetings.

ย  ย  Since the rates of these escorts differ, let’s review the rates of escorts in this area. You should expect charges to range from about $58 on the low end to about $101 on the average and $382 on the high. These are all hourly rates; additional fees may be required for specific services.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  It’s too bad this site doesn’t give what a premium escort site should. From the homepage, the design and colors already made it look tiring. Then, what spoils everything is the inferior quality of escort thumbnails and profiles. Escort profiles are not detailed; more than half do not have a photo, and there are no descriptions on their profiles to tell you how they look.

ย  ย  Well, if you wish to waste away time, you can just see things here for yourself, but if you need more, then check out other sites in the region.

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