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#1. Chimbis Alternative

    Honestly, my rod must be a chimp who means business. He just seems to get into a rage every now and then and won’t transact business with a jerk-off lotion in my palm throbbing against my hard cock, instead this makes him sob. I have wondered why it seems my savage rod keeps yelling get me an escort! Yeah, get me an escort to ride the savage chimp that my rod is like a champ!

    For now, I’ll keep priming this dick while writing you a Chimbis review. This is me having your back just in case your boner refuses to chill somewhere in Chile and asks instead for the soothing condition of some dripping escort snatch. Just then maybe my review will come in handier than blah blah blah. Shove your savage chimp of a rod to the side, and let’s get to business beefy meats!

Chimp Business

    So your chimp of a hard rod won’t ever negotiate with you, no not at all. Well, let me help you out with that and let’s find out if your rock-hard and stubborn chimp will be willing to negotiate with the escorts on

    Camila is a tall Caribbean stunner that’s heavily clad with an ass and juicy twin tits that could capture the soul of just any mortal. She resides in Santiago and charges 40,000 Pesos for 30 minutes and 50,000 Pesos for 1 hour. That’s approximately $44 for 30 minutes and $55 USD for 1 hour in american dollars for you gringos.

    Now, if the Pawgs don’t appeal to you, there’s a brown-skinned ebony who goes by the name Alexia. Supple hips, thick legs, and awesome butt cheeks that will get your chimp to hoot are the stuff this ebony goddess is made of. Alexia’s escort services are available at 30,000 Pesos for 30 minutes and 35,000 Pesos for 1 hour.

    It’s pretty obvious that the rates here a way less than what escorts in the states charge. On average, the rate charged here is $30 to $60. And if you ask me, I’ll say that’s really fair for the quality of escorts offered on this platform. But what can I say? Let the chimps hoot for joy!

Just So You Satisfy Your Chimp’s Curiosity

    You can trust me when I say your woody will be jerking in adoration when you arrive at the homepage of this escort site. Tons of bare and soft asses, jelly-like titties, and pussyholes that could make you daydream in your dreams tonight. Anyway, that’s just me attempting to describe the plentiful and alluring array of escort booties that sit on the porch of this site’s homepage.

    So, the Chimbis homepage means business and won’t give you a breather. There are escort thumbnails littered in some sort of not so perfect 5 per row arrangement. Well, I can’t blame the fellow that did this, it’s impossible to think straight with this number of onion booties staring you in the dick!

    So, what the heck do escort profiles look like on this site? Well, in general, profile thumbnails here are high quality. And although most escorts don't let us look at their faces, probably unless it’s for a facial, these cunts look really stunning and above average in quality though not exotic. Thumbnails show an escort’s name, age, location, verification status, and price. However, most escorts don’t have prices included in their profiles.

    Clicking on a thumbnail brings up the escort’s profile page. Escort profile pages begin with tags highlighting the escort’s location, age, price, and whether they are independent or work for an agency. Right under this follows a comprehensive self-description note by the escort, and a collection of the escort’s photos. Again, just in case you don’t have the time, there’s a complete summary of the escort’s information using tags in the section below the escort’s photos.

    Did I forget to mention contact details? Well, you’ll easily notice a pinned panel to the bottom of your screen containing the escort’s telephone numbers and WhatsApp chat link.

    In general, while escorts on this site are of good quality and have very detailed profiles, not all escorts make it a point to list their rates and just quite a few are verified.

Where’s Homeliest – Zoo Or Forest

    If you just hit in your browser, then welcome to a booty-stuffed homepage! Booty business is the obvious business from the very moment this page opens up. The Chimbis homepage has a white background with red and blue sprinkles that add to the overall theme color.

    At the top of this homepage, there is a search bar that lets you do a filtered search for escorts closest to you. There’s also a “post ad” button at the top right corner of the screen. This homepage is filled with hot ass cunts arranged in a slightly scattered fashion. Scrolling down a bit gets you to a red “load more escorts'' button. That’s a danger button fellas! Click on this button, and you’ll get more dangerous wet as fuck booties staring you in the face. Even down further is a section giving general information about Chilean escorts.

    The homepage is easy₋to₋navigate, has an average design, and is full of good-looking escort snatches. With no ads and spam, the overall feel is really just fine, although you’ll need some knowledge of Spanish up your sleeves so it’s really not user-friendly.

What I Think About Chimbis 

    I recommend this escort site, they sure mean business and will definitely impress your chimp from the homepage to escort quality.

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