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Common acronyms Used In Escort Ads And Their Meanings

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For mostly legal reasons, escorts and sex workers just love using slangs and acronyms to advertise what their clientele stand to enjoy. These acronyms vary from the slightly funny to the crude and an exhaustive list would possibly fill a volume.

Below are some of the most commonly encountered escort acronyms:

GFE: this translates to Girlfriend Experience. Escorts who advertise that they are willing to offer girlfriend experiences to their clientele signal they are willing to temporarily pretend to be their girlfriend or significant other and perform acts like hugging, cuddling, and kissing, plus oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

DFK: this means Deep French Kissing. Most escorts do not like to kiss or be kissed, as that is a good way to pick up an icky STD or two. If kissing is your thing though, you can hire an escort who offers DFK and get to practice your French kissing moves on her till you both are breathless.

Pornstar Experience: the pornstar experience is basically the girlfriend experience dialed up to an extreme level. It can be quite expensive and involves escorts willing to pretend they are this or that pornstar. They will also perform all the signature moves the pornstar they are aping is known for.

GS: GS or golden shower takes the form of pissing on someone and on their body parts for sexual pleasure.

BBS: this means Bare Back Sex and indicates vaginal or anal sex without the use of protective equipment like condoms.

FS: this stands for Full Service and indicates that the escort is willing to perform everything and anything, up to and including sex.

CIM: this means Cum In Mouth. Basically, the escort lets you pour your manly juices down her throat. But whether she swallows is up to her.

DDF: DDF stands for Drug and Disease Free. This indicates that the escort has no drug habit and undergoes regular checkups to ensure sheโ€™s not carrying diseases she could infect her clients with.

Rimming or Rim Play: this means licking and fingering your asshole

Water works or H20 sports: This could mean she is a squirter and can squirt all over you as you please

Greek: This refers to anal sex

Toys: This term is used when the escort has sex toys such as dildos and vibrators etc

Party Friendly: When an escort posts โ€œparty friendly or 420 friendly" This typically means they smoke weed or use other drugs, Which they will be more than happy to share with you!

Duo: When you see the words Duo's or Duo available it means there is usually another escort nearby that can join you guys for a 3some.

DATY: Dine at the Y. Its another way of saying you can lick her vagina

Low Restrictions: This basically means you can do anything you want sexually with her

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