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โœ“ Good website
โœ“ Easy to contact
โœ˜ Prices are not listed
โœ˜ No reviews
โœ˜ Advertiser names are different
โœ˜ Looks fake

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#1. ConvivioCM Alternative

ย  ย  Another day another escort site in Portugal, and today, it is Convivio CM that is on our books. Iโ€™ve heard people talk loads of stuff about this escort site and some even reaching out to drop a piece on this one, so thatโ€™s what we are doing today, I will be going through the pros and cons I found on the website, as well as the quality of the escorts on the site and how well they post their ads, so stay tuned and stay with me till the end of this ConvivioCM review.

The land of Escorts

ย  ย  Letโ€™s talk about Convivio CM website before going into the escorts and their posts. Not too excited about it but the website isnโ€™t half bad. It has that โ€œwhat do you want to doโ€ type of feature on the front page and that is genius. Take me to where I want to be without having me click here and there, make things simple and direct. Thanks to this, the navigations are easy, it is easy to arrive at a post without much stress. The various categories listed on the website are men looking for women, women looking for men, and women looking for couples, mix these 3 and you get even more categories on the site.ย 

The Good, the Bad, and the Horny

ย  ย  Qualities of the escorts on ConvivioCM? Before we get into the ratings, letโ€™s talk about the escorts and their posts. The escorts on these sites are pretty good-looking, I know you are about to say โ€œbut they don't show their facesโ€ but when I say good-looking, I'm talking about their bodies because well, that is what you are after right? They have big asses and big tits with round clits and huge nipples and everything enough to turn you on to the next phase. But when it comes to posting, they donโ€™t do it so well, actuallyโ€”not up to par.

ย  ย  Although there are escorts on ConvivioCMย  that have some details listed and combined with their pictures and phone numbers, it was just too short to be considered a description. Almeda is an escort listed on the site with a picture of her pussy from the back view being her profile picture and 2 other pictures of her tits from sideways being part of her profile, good start, but when I read her bio, it felt offโ€”distant, unlike her holes and bum cheeks, her profile description got no juice or vibe, it goes โ€œalameda gostosa great oral chest kente tight and sweet doveโ€ โ€ฆ boring. And not just Almeda, there are numerous escorts listed on the site with the same issue and it felt weird but at least they got their phone numbers listed.

ย  ย  Another downside of ConvivioCM escort site is that the escorts do not list out their rates in order for people to have an idea before contacting themโ€”perhaps they want you to spend time discussing the rates with them? Or maybe they want to size you up and push a higher price on your cock? Well, whatever it is, it is a bad idea. Coupled with the prices, the reviews on the escorts are also missing, nothing, perhaps theyโ€™ve never had a customer? Or they simply donโ€™t see the importance of having a review section? Another mystery.

ย  ย  And lastly, I noticed the names of the advertisers and the escorts do not tally, for example, the escort's name is Almeda, but why the heck am I seeing Maria as the advertiserโ€ฆ weird. And not just this, it goes on and on with other escort posts on ConvivioCM as well, making me doubt the credibility of the escorts and the posts.

Is Convivio CM a Reliable Escort Site in Portugal?

ย  ย  Initially, I wouldโ€™ve said yes, it is, but after taking a deep dive into the site and checking out the posts, and comparing it with other escort sites in Portugal, I can chip in my 2 cents and say you are better off not using this siteโ€”it screams spam to me and there are other reliable escort sites in Portugal for hiring escorts to worship your cock and we have them reviewed on this site, so check them out.

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