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โœ“ Active forum
โœ“ Many topics
โœ“ Really entertaining reviews
โœ˜ Ad's
โœ˜ Dated Site design
โœ˜ Average site features
โœ˜ Single language support

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#1. DonColombia Alternative

ย  ย  Kindly forgive the title and no, I'm not reviewing a character from Goodfellas or The Godfather! Don Colombia is actually an escort site in Colombia where escorts peddle their sweet little cunts and spread it just so when you ask nicely.

ย  ย  Here's my review and be sure to read it and weep for all the pussies on the site you are never going to stick your tongue into and wiggle it just so!

It's This, It's That

ย  ย  Did I call Don Colombia an escort site? Well, that is not strictly true. It's more like an escort review site in the form of a forum. Think of it as a version of what you and your peeps do at your local bar after you've boned the chicks in your neck of woods. Yeah, y'all meet to compare notes and know which chick had the biggest ass or widest slit, who moaned, sucked, and arched better, and which of you wankers had the biggest boner you stuffed them sluts full to overflowing with!

ย  ย  This is much the same as what happens on Don Colombia, with the menfolk in that country reviewing all the escorts they picked up and asking advice on those they intend sampling soon. And who can blame them? After all, when we plan on bedding a chick, we all want an experience to remember and that is possible only if we learn from the experiences of those who have gone before us and nobly battled with stinky pussies!

ย  ย  Now, there are no escort profiles on the site. That's not totally true though, but while there ARE escort profiles posted on the site, these are invariably left there by fellas who want others to check out these profiles and judge the fucking suitability or otherwise of the escorts they belong to. No profile that I could see was posted by an actual escort, but then perhaps I just need a new pair of glasses and need to stop fapping out globules of vitamin A from my cock!

ย  ย  Escort profiles seen on the site are obtained from Milerotics com and other places and there are often links to these that you can click to open a new tab and check out these profiles in greater detail.

Average Site Design

ย  ย  For a forum, Don Colombia com does not do all that badly for itself. At least it has more color than most forums I've seen this year. Still, the site lacks language options and has a dated look, plus some flashing ads at the top and bottom of the homepage that make it often painful to look at for long.

ย  ย  Tabs atop the homepage give tips on how best to use the site, register, find posts and reviews by location, contact the site admins, and more. A search bar is provided too, with threads being arranged on the homepage by location/zone. There's even an Amateur section dealing with topics like COVID, setting up a whorehouse, virginity, and celebs who are secretly pornstars.

ย  ย  As of the time of this review, there are 42,820 threads, 246,967 posts, and 19,345 registered users, with less than 800 of this being online. That's not bad for a Colombian XXX forum, but it doesnโ€™t exactly call for a celebration at the Hilton.

ย  ย  Site features are average and the lack of English language options is a drag, but then this is a site meant for horny Colombians who speak Spanish, rather than pussy-starved North Americans looking for the tightest hole they can stuff their meat into, before cooking this in a sauce made of thick cum juice and sweat!

What I Think of DonColombia

ย  ย  Don Colombia has plenty of limitations but is worth exploring all the same. Reviews on the site are often funny and erection-encouraging and you can gain an appreciation of Latina ladies and their skillset while reading up stuff.

ย  ย  Overall, the site is worth a visit. Staying around is something I don't see myself doing, but you might feel different.

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