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โœ“ Free to use
โœ“ Spam free
โœ“ Top quality escorts
โœ“ Good number of escorts
โœ˜ unverified escorts
โœ˜ Escorts prices
โœ˜ Not easy to navigate
โœ˜ Poor Translation

Score 50/100





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#1. Dto Alternative


ย  ย  Hitting on a Japanese belle is like winning a jackpot. I know how much dudes love girls in ponytails that can moan to your nickname. I bet you're already imagining how your wand would create magic in her little mouth. Of course, she can take all of you while you're slamming endlessly into her hot pussy that will leave you in cums in no time. Well, since your palms are not gifted enough to run a wanking marathon, you should stop imagining.

ย  ย  If you're already wondering how to find such chicks, I've got you covered. Today, I will be reviewing the Japanese site called dto.jp. So, while you're here, maybe you should reach out for your lotion. Hold on tight because its going to be very slippery.

Where the Gems Live

Dto.jp has one of the most confusing homepages you will ever find in the history of escorts. There may be worse ones, but this homepage is a discovery. Really shitty if you ask me. Like a bad fuck night, first-time navigation isnโ€™t supposed to be so difficult, but over here, I guess it is. The homepage on display looks like a virtual food service center, displaying a menu for you to choose a meal of your choice. Quite a bad interface, if you ask me. There are also no pictures or profiles displayed.

The page is covered in a white background, and on the homepage are so many entries that I would say it looks like there's an orgy going on here. There are different tabs pointing to different categories. The homepage of dto.jp is the same as a sloppy fuck, and you have to hold on tight to get the best of the bitches around here. I'm not even blabbing.

However, it also holds a window for escorts in different cities, such as Tokyo, Chiba Gunman, and many more. Apparently, anywhere you turn on dto.jp, you can find a Japanese belle that is ready to suck your balls and keep you company. It is like a long list, and you can never run out of them. Just be in the city! There are options to select the areas you want.

Another difficulty you may encounter on dto.jp is that the page translation is quite poor, which makes navigation difficult. If you're not fluent in Japanese, you might end up leaving a bad review immediately, so if you don't understand Japanese, you don't want to go anywhere close to dto.jp, or better still, you might need a translator.

The Gems in Japan

Let's get to know the gems that live in dto.jp. Every click unveils another page full of Japanese escorts and possible locations where you can find them. The profiles of escorts on dto.jp are arranged in the different categories listed. There are as many categories as you can think of, and this will even serve you better as you have so many options.

When you decide to click on a profile, you will automatically find yourself on a page with a well-arranged profile escort. There, you will find every bit of information you need to know, like name, age, favorite food, height, etc., which is really engaging, to say the least. There is also information on the work schedules of these escorts, just so you know when they are free. Information such as age, location, services, and name are made available, as well as whether or not the escort is experienced. You might as well note that the faces of some of these escorts are blurred.

Another thing on dto.jp is that you are left to suggest escort rates; most of them do not have their rates on their profiles.

Despite having a shitty and confusing homepage, dto.jp has one of the best-looking hot bitches. I will say they are above average; I'm not even going to lie! Each escort has a square-sized, sexy, dick-rising picture attached to their profile, which serves as a sneak peek of the full package.

The Gems Rate

As earlier stated, we are left to assume or suggest to ourselves what the rates might be, as there is no indication of such on the profiles of the escorts. So, we can say that the least or average rate should be between $50 and $100, and this is an assumption, judging from other Japanese escort sites.

What I Think About dto.jp

The homepage of dto.jp is what I consider to be very boring; there are no escort ads. It is covered in Japanese texts, which is very disturbing, annoying, and confusing too. A browser translation, too, does not seem exciting, but the escorts here are worth the trouble.
Poor translation is another problem, and it makes it impossible for foreigners to navigate. If asked, I would say the site needs to be heavily revamped. It is really confusing here, trust me.

Well, compared to most escort sites, the dto.jp girls here are creamy and hot. Despite the site short-cumming, you can find as many bitches as you want here. Just search and boom there's a bitch to suck your dick with no hands. Just so you do not get your hopes too high, there are few or no verified escorts here. So reduce your expectations.

Although the hotties on dto.jp are mostly unverified, if you're looking for a white-ass Japanese to get some gag reflex and ride on your dick, you can Holla at the babes on dto.jp.

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