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ย  ย  Escorts as beautiful as daisies, with cunts as pink as the desert rose, donโ€™t you think that theyโ€™ll be great companions. Think of getting in the shower with warm water dripping down her back, and all you can do at the moment is admire such creation. With her body waiting for you in the corner of the room, and you approaching with your whip, ready o teach her some lesson if she fails to suck that dick properly, such fun!

ย  ย  Well, the daises of dupcia wonโ€™t be needing your whips because theyโ€™ve promised to be good girls. Hop on this review, and letโ€™s see if they keep to their word.

Letโ€™s Go Home to These Daises

ย  ย  The landing page of this site is nothing near your imagination; the only thing that comes close to your thoughts or mine is the escort photo that is displayed on the left side of the page. Apparently, this is the photo of the day, so I guess it changes every day. The background color of the box that houses the logo is not so bad. Looks something like gradient black, cool anyway.

ย  ย  The escort photo of the day is what you see next; in fact, thatโ€™s the first thing your eye sees. Right beside the escort photo is a box that has details of what this site carries. Below this are three small boxes that state that you can access and post ads for free, view current advertisements, and be sure that the site is secured.

ย  ย  Several escort sites in Poland are displayed next, and then, the bottom of the page doesnโ€™t hold so much; itโ€™s as boring as an escort who doesnโ€™t know how to ride a hard shaft using the reverse cowgirl position.

ย  ย  I know youโ€™re wondering where these daises are hidden. Be rest assured theyโ€™re not so far from you, so calm down, relax, and caress your shaft because itโ€™s going to be a long search. Just kidding, you won't have to drag your boners around.

Hello Daises, I mean No Harm

ย  ย  The site owner really did a thing with the homepage of this site. If you have no idea how to use those blessed fingers of yours to navigate the island of a daisy, then trust me, youโ€™ll have a problem locating these escorts. They play hide and seek so well. Make sure to put on glasses because these escorts can blind you with their bodies.

ย  ย  This new page is very different from the first homepage; it looks more lively compared to the other, which looks shabby, and I canโ€™t seem to have enough of it. Lest I forget, these daises here are very hot and sexy. This page has the site logo sit majestically, and next to it is an add announcement button.

ย  ย  There are categories of escorts and their services, such as lords, gentlemen, trance, erotic massages, BDSM ads, and many more. Anyone you click on shows its respective content. There is also a location button that allows you to choose your preferred region and city where you need these baby girls.

ย  ย  An annoying ad is what you see next, followed by an appeaser, which is the sexy escorts under the category of hot advertisements. Each escort profile thumbnail here carries the escort's name, age, star rating, and location. Hovering on these thumbnails reveals their weight and height. Their profile pages hold more.

Do These Escort Smell Like Lavender Or Trash?

ย  ย  Escorts here have their faces blurred out, and few blokes agree that escorts who have their faces blurred are real because they are on to real business, unlike those who have their faces revealed. Their aim might just be to promote their only fans or lure horny cocks into making initial deposits and not keeping up with meetings.

Escort rates

ย  ย  These daisies need to be watered to keep them shining and ever-active. Iโ€™m sure youโ€™re having a hard time figuring out how to do that; allow me to help you.

ย  ย  So, Kasia is 35, sheโ€™s bi and has blue eyes. She loves to dominate and also offers deepthroats. Kasia charges 80 PLN for 30 mins and 120 PLN for an hour. Converting this to USD is going to to equate to $20 and $30, respectively.

ย  ย  Zuzana is located in Warsaw, and sheโ€™s located in Krakow. Sheโ€™s 27, and she loves strip teases. She charges 300 PLN per hour and 210 PLN for 30 mins. This equates to $75 per hour and $53 for 30 mins.

ย  ย  Escorts here donโ€™t specify if their rates are for incalls or outcalls, and some of these escorts donโ€™t have a price rate and would prefer to tell you over the phone when you contact them, but I can tell you that on average, these escorts charge about $50 to $100. On the high side, you may be looking at $300 and above.

What I Think of Dupcia.pl

ย  ย  The site owner really did a thing with the homepage of this site. If you have no idea how to use those blessed fingers of yours to navigate the island of a daisy, then trust me, youโ€™ll have a problem locating these escorts. They play hide and seek so well. Well, the ladies of dupcia here are hot as hell, and theyโ€™ve got really nice and detailed profiles. I recommend it.

ย  ย  Almost everything you need to know about these escorts is included in their profiles, starting from services/preferences, availability schedule, personal information, contact details, etc. Most importantly, there are hot and erotic photos here, too, the antidote to your raging cock.

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