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ย  ย  Are you visiting Ecuador anytime soon? We have got good news for you. will be your wing man and guide you exactly how and where to find your Ecuadorian female companion with our list of the most popular escort sites in Ecuador.

ย  ย  These chicks will give you the full girlfriend experience and treat you real good for the night. Also, we have some more useful information about Escorts in Ecuador, the prices they charge, popular cities the most popular escort sites to find them. Along with how to play it safe to avoid getting into trouble.ย 

How much do escorts charge in Ecuador?

ย  On average, escorts in Ecuador charge around $40 USD per hour. On the lower-end, you could still find some girls who will only charge you $25-30 for the hour.ย  However some of the really beautiful confident escorts could charge as high as 80 USD.ย ย 

ย  ย  If your wondering why we are talking in USD. Ecuador actually adopted the USD as its primary currency back on January 9th 2000. At that point the Ecuadorian Sucre began to slowly phase out of the country.ย 

What kind of escort girls can I find in Ecuador?

ย  ย  Ecuador which is often translated to โ€œRepublic of Ecuadorโ€ is a country located in Northwestern South American and shares boundary with Columbia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. This country was colonized by Spain back then in the 16th century, and it gained independence in 1820. I am sure you know what happens when Spain colonizes a new country. Well in case you need a clue they start breeding with all the locals, Which brings us these beautiful latina's to this day.

ย  ย  This country is dominated by mestizos followed by people from Africa, Amerindian, and Europe. So, it is not uncommon to find people from these regions living here and continuously breeding new variations of Ecuadorian escorts . This means more sexy and unique call girls to serve us!

ย  ย  Also given the economic instability of Venezuela there are swarms of drop dead gorgeous Venezuelan women coming to Ecuador to work in the sex trade. You will also find women from neighboring countries like Colombia and Peru.ย 

Is it safe to meet up with escorts in Ecuador?

ย  ย  You gotta understand that sex work is regulated and legal in Ecuador as long as the person is over the age of 18 and must work from a registered brothel. The cool thing about this country is that sex workers are everywhere. This means right across this country you will find Escorts in Ecuador.

ย  ย  Besides this, you gotta be careful as reports have shown that this country is facing the problem of HIV and these sex workers are high-risk. For instance, the 2016 report showed that 0.3% of the adults living in this country were infected and the reason why this is way up is due to the lack of education and reluctance to use condoms. So, you know what that means? ALWAYS USE YOUR CONDOM!!!ย 

ย  ย  Also, you gotta be street smart so that you donโ€™t fall into wrong hands. There is some level of organized crime there which is forcing girls into the sex trade. We always recommend checking out these escort sites first before trusting some guy in a back alley. Even with these escort sites there is some risk involved. Always go with your gut feeling and if you get a bad vibe then don't follow through.ย 

What are the most popular escort sites in Ecuador?

ย  ย  Right now, the number 1 escort site in Ecuador is Skokka Ecuador. You can find the best escorts in Ecuador offering a wide variety of sex and erotic services. Their models have been verified and they are real! On this site, you can find trans and shemales, male escorts, casual encounters, and can even do video chat with your escorts. So, you have several options and can go for anyone you like. Also, you can choose your escort based in the city. Just go to the category of escort and choose the city.ย 

ย  ย  Another site is the Locanto Ecuador. This is a spammy site but you might find a few real posts here, some agencies also post their ad's here which is ok.ย  These posts will give you relevant information such as the profile of the beautiful ladies, their display pictures, and their phone numbers.

What are the most popular cities for escorts in Ecuador?

ย  ย  The capital city and most populous city is Quito. This city is the second-highest (above sea level) official capital city in the world. This city has the highest per capita income and contributes the most to the national GDP. The point of attraction in the city is a good transportation network, cool buildings, and structures. This economic power house of a city naturally brings beautiful Latina escorts from all over the map.

ย  ย  Guayaquil is the second-largest city in Ecuador. Here, you are going to find a wide variety of both entertainment and formal activities. Their main sources of income are informal and formal trade, aquaculture, agriculture, and business. Most industries are located here, so this means that you're gonna find a large population of people. Where there is people there are escorts to serve them!

Final Words

ย  ย  If you wanna visit any South American countries, Ecuador should be on the list. The people living here do sports and recreation for fun. Asides from sampling these beautiful ladies, you should take in some of the culture and enjoy this rich country!


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