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ย  ย  I know you donโ€™t know what it feels like to be served by elite escorts, you know how it feels to roll with the elites in the society yeah, this is even better. Back rubs, guaranteed massages, strip tease, deep throat, and others. Everything you can think of that would provide comfort to you, and your hard shaft is definitely guaranteed.

ย  ย  Elite homes are always filled with the finest and most luxurious things, not just your regular. So, the home that houses these escorts had better be charming, with the best of boobs and the best of butts. Having the homepage of this site designed with colors like royal blue or gold will depict that this site is far from being just a traditional escort site.

ย  ย  Nonetheless, elitescorthatun brings you the best escorts in Turkey. I hear Turkish girls are gifted with melting smiles and bodies. Letโ€™s find out.

The Home Of The Elites

ย  ย  The color used here isnโ€™t so bad, and the landing page of this site makes it look so mature. The site logo occupies the top row of the page, like how boobies occupy the chest, followed by a button used in posting ads, and a log-in button sits next to it. The site brags a little by saying that you can find Turkeyโ€™s highest-quality escort ladies here. Such a proud site.

ย  ย  Seems like the site owner ran short of options or features for the next row and decided to simply dedicate it to the login button and post an ad button. You can also view featured listings here. You know you are in for premium enjoyment when an escort site has a long list of escort ad categories. There is a list of locations where you can choose to get an escort from.

ย  ย  The end of this list of locations where you can get these escorts is the beginning of the latest listings category. There is a good number of them, and also an option to view more of this listing. If you are the type that loves to read or study the sizes and colors of different cunts and boobs, then Iโ€™m sure youโ€™d love to read the blog posts that come next.

ย  ย  If the articles displayed donโ€™t meet your expectations, there is a load more button just right beneath the articles. The bottom of the page has absolutely nothing. It is as dry as a cunt that has refused to respond to foreplay, and the homepage is as boring as a dick that doesnโ€™t know how to slam that cunt because there are no escort profile thumbnails here.

Where Are The Elitescorts?

ย  ย  I wonder why elite escorts will be hidden, I mean, they are supposed to be flaunted everywhere, not hidden somewhere thatโ€™s not within the reach of your cock. Now, itโ€™s going to be stressful looking for these escorts, and I pray I donโ€™t stumble over a rock and fall into the cunt of one. Just kidding, I would want that to happen and then blame it on the rock.

ย  ย  To view any of these escort profiles, click on any listings or locations where you can find these escorts. Boom! You are there. Clicking on any listing takes you straight to that profile while clicking on any location takes you to a page containing escort profile thumbnails in that region. All you need do is just click on anyone and begin exploring.

ย  ย  ย Before we move on, this site would have to drop the Elite escort title. Escort thumbnails look terrible, and nothing here seems elite. There are no escort photos or detailed profiles, and everything looks shabby, boring, and confusing. Well, there is a piece of information written in the bios of these escorts. Maybe they would be meaningful.

ย  ย  Each of these escort girls has a bio on their profile pages, for some, it contains names, age, height, weight, and also the kind of services they offer, etc. Just in case you change your mind, there are other listings of escort locations if you scroll down a little, then you can decide on which to click. Escort profiles here are so pathetic and nothing to write home about.

Are These Escorts Really Elite?

ย  ย  Elite escorts are supposed to have good photos of them, and also a defined profile to back it up, but this site has none. This screams fake because you canโ€™t see their photos, neither can you undenrstand anything from their profil pages.

The Elite Rates

ย  ย  Elite escorts sure deserve elite rates, but in a case where the elite title has been dropped, what is to be done? Well, for the sake of the thirsty, who canโ€™t wait to be drowned in moisture, something needs to be done.

ย  ย  Escorts here do not have a price rate, but their rates can be judged from other escort sites in the region. Escort rates here on average can be around $250 to $300/hr, on the higher end, prepare to spend from $350 and above. On low ends, your budget might just between $50 and $100.

What I Think Of Elitescorthatun.com

ย  ย  First, elitescorthatun doesnโ€™t live up to its title of being elite, and you know what that means, poor homepage, poor quality escorts, poor escort profiles, and, to crown it, no escort rates. Escort profile thumbnails donโ€™t even have a photo. Unless you have time to waste, then stop by.

ย  ย  Escort profiles here are very dry and shabby looking. Seeing that there are no photos on the homepage of this site, one would think that there would be photos hidden in their profile pages. It is just so disappointing. You donโ€™t even know whose profile youโ€™re viewing and if sheโ€™s pretty or ugly, old or young. Well, before we start judging, letโ€™s dig deeper.

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