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โœ“ High-end escorts aplenty
โœ“ Super-easy to use
โœ“ Great site design
โœ“ Very detailed and lovable escort profiles
โœ˜ Below average site features
โœ˜ Very poor content sorting options
โœ˜ Spanish only is supported

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ย  ย  When you are horny in a place like Chile, do you fuck the alpaca in the courtyard next to your hotel, or ask housekeeping to send over a doughnut with a properly sized hole in it that you can squeeze your cock through and jerk off as you like? Do neither please or risk being carted off to an insane asylum for treatment!

ย  ย  The best thing to do in situations like the above would be to get an escort who understands your needs and has the stamina to stay in place while you do your best to pound her cunt or asshole out of existence! Thankfully, there are escorts and escort agencies aplenty in Chile and I've chosen to review one of these with a high-end lean that goes by the name of ElSilencio.cl. Here's my ElSilencio.cl review and to be sure, going through it is bound to feel better than ravaging an innocent alpaca!

Discreet Escorts Chile

ย  ย  ElSilencio is like I've said before a high-end escort site that prides itself on discretion and that reflects in its name. Only the best escorts in town call the site home and here we are to see how much these babes charge to spend time with fellas and get introduced to angry anacondas desperate to bite the holy molly out of ovaries and uterus!

ย  ย  Kourtney for one is an enchanting Colombian beauty whose birthday suit is certain to leave you speechless for a week or two! The mounds on her chest are tipped with chocolate-colored nipples and have never been bothered by gravity. She's tall, leggy, beautiful, sweet, bootylicious, and an expert masseuse who will give you every kind of massage and most kind of sexual services for the very fair price of 100,000 Chilean Pesos per hour. That is just $127 and absolutely cheap. An American escort of her caliber would charge at least 3x this.

ย  ย  Gia, on the other hand, is 28-years old and a really beautiful Latina escort. There's a bubble butt hanging above her very splendid legs, and she has the kind of perfectly formed big tits you could never tire of carrying and juggling. This black-haired beauty gives erotic massages, is okay with threesome and couple sex, and is into fetishes too. Her rate is 150,000 Pesos per hour, which is $191.

ย  ย  Then there's Emily, 41-years old and with a body most supermodels would gladly kill the family dog for. This blondie has full and assuredly natural jugs, an ass you could use to draw perfect circles with, and a body that's all tight and toned. This escort Chile can be hired for GFE experiences and will do threesomes and whatever your evil heart fancies, all for the cheap price of 120,000 Pesos per hour- $153.

ย  ย  Generally, the average price for the escorts on the site is around 120,000 Pesos. That's slightly more than 150 bucks and stupidly cheap considering that these are some of the best-built and high-end ladies I've clapped eyes on and daydreamed about all year. Any American escort worth her salt will charge many times more than what these escorts take. So yes, them ladies are a bargain and one I intend taking advantage of real soon, if only to give my right hand time to rest and recover!

The Best Babes In Chile

ย  ย  If you are into quality, then be assured that the girls on El Silencio are the best to be had in Santiago, Chile. No trans or male escorts are featured though and the focus seems to be on rad lookers in the capital city.

ย  ย  There are plenty of escorts here, like a thousand or so, and escort image thumbnails are mostly extra large and list the name, rate, and location of the escort. Go further down the page though and image thumbnails get smaller, and that makes a little sense considering that profiles with relatively small thumbnails feature “normal" escorts, rather than their VIP or premium cousins.

ย  ย  There's no option to sort escorts by age or whatever and that is a minus. Profiles on the other hand are very detailed, with a very brief bio, contact details, escort statistics, multiple hi-res images, and occasionally a video. Images are viewable by slideshow and good enough for fapping. But better don't do that if you don't want to pay royalty fees to me!

Classy, And Sweet

ย  ย  ElSilencio.cl has a very well-designed homepage that shows it is very much interested in making a good impression. The first time you log in, you will be welcomed by a mostly black homepage that has seductive images of ladies in the background.

ย  ย  The site logo is atop the homepage and consists of a lady holding a finger to her mouth. This logo is also permanently posted on the bottom right of the main escort page and escort profile pages. Plus it shows up for a very brief moment when pages are loading.

ย  ย  Now, to look for escorts here you click a pull-down menu and select Santiago from a list of options, before clicking Enter. Actually though, Santiago is the only city in this pull-down menu and that makes me think other cities might be featured later.

ย  ย  Anyway, beneath this menu are the Forum, Blog, Help, Publish, and Sitemap buttons and a little way from these is another button that lets you get in touch with the site admins. The forum is a real place and more active than I supposed. The blog too has lots of reading material, with the latest being from late last year. The Sitemap has some content sorting options, but only as it pertains to escorts in Santiago.

ย  ย  Now, there are a few ads on the main escort page, site features are average or below and spam does not exist. Pages load fast and stuff looks good. The default language is Spanish and no other is supported.

What I Think ElSilencio

ย  ย  ElSilencio indeed has the kind of girls who drive you to a vow of silence and total adoration every time they remove their clothes! The site feels like unfinished work, but it has more than enough oomph to get my solid recommendation.

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