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โœ“ Good looking escorts
โœ“ Premium and VIP escorts are available
โœ“ Different categories available
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ย  ย  I heard someone say that good sex is enough to wash away your worries and stress, make you feel brand new, and get you ready for the next phase of life, good sex with an escort that is ready to worship your cock and make it feel like the reincarnation of King Solomon. Well enough of the stories, welcome to the haven of escort reviews and I am sure you are here for one, Emasex, right? Well grab a seat and munch on something while you read along, this is my Emasex review, I will be going through the pros and cons and topping it up with what I think about the escort site.

Chicas Everywhere You look

ย  ย  Every visited one of those escort sites where the homepage is a banner of some chick naked with 2 huge and point tits and a semi-shaved pussy staring right at you? If you love those kinds of โ€œwelcomeโ€ messages, then you will definitely love this site. Emasex homepage is full of everything to keep you hard for a long time while you sort through their profiles and hire an escort, the navigation is super easy and it is even easier to contact an escort either through phone call or WhatsApp.

ย  ย  Having a good catalog is one thing, having a broad category is another, having both together is bat-shit crazy and if that is the case, consider Emasex to be a bat-shit crazy site that will go any length to get you satisfied without worries. Their categories include erotic massage parlors, agenciesโ€”in case you don't wanna go directly to the escorts, transexuals and some nice dick babes, and even premium escorts. Whatโ€™s more fun is that Emasex is free to use and although they have an account feature, you do not need to create one to hire escorts.

ย  ย  How much do the escorts charge? I wish I could say these ones, they do not have their prices listed with I believe to be a boner killer but if you insist, with the numbers of premium escorts I have sorted through in the past few days, I believe they will cost you around 100 Eur to 150 Eur per hour, of course, it can go higher depending on your negotiation skills.


ย  ย  My ratings on the escorts? 9 stars. 9 freaking stars bro, Iโ€™m a fan of these escorts the moment I took a good look at their profiles, Iโ€™m seeing escorts from counties like Columbia, Brazilโ€”you know what they say about Brazilian chicks yea? Their riding skills are through the roof, even the Spanish escorts on Emasex are fucking good. Lara is a Brazilian escort in Bilbao and goddamn she shines! She looks like the reincarnation of Aphrodite with those firm tits on a dark chocolate skin right above the torso housing a fucking good-looking pussy.ย  She offers the basic service any other escort offers and you know someone like this just has to be a VIP escort, she hot!

ย  ย  Like Lara, Julieta is another VIP escort servicing the downtown area, but this time, the Chicas is Venezuelan and she got a smooth skin that is surely going to slide over your cock before sliding into the slippery holeโ€”and from her services, she is ready to make your best sexual fantasy come through, anything you can think of!

Who reviews these pussies

ย  ย  Canโ€™t be out here running a VIP escort site if you donโ€™t have reviews on the escorts. I felt a bit let down by the unavailability of the reviews section on Emasex, it would have been good to have reviews on the escorts, to let us know if they really sucked the cock like they promised they would or if they were just faking it, but I guess we might never know.

Is Emasex a Reliable Escort Site in Spain?

ย  ย  Thanks to the escort verification function and how robust the categories are, I donโ€™t see a reason why Emasex is not a reliable escort in Spain. It might be worth checking out, but if you are feeling skeptical, there are other escort sites in Spain reviewed on this platformโ€”check them out!

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