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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Lots of escorts
โœ“ Good quality escorts
โœ“ Detailed escort profiles
โœ“ Good site design
โœ“ No spam
โœ˜ No language option for tourist
โœ˜ Excessive search filters on homepage

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#1. Erosguia Alternative

ย  ย  Was it really an error when Oedipus slid his dick in his momma's slit? I doubt fellas! Momma Oedipus must have been a really horny milf with some hot as fuck cunt and in need of some good dicking to have spread that cunt in a flash. Or maybe momma was just a really horny escort that didnโ€™t mind being filled with erotic loads of cum. Maybe Iโ€™m a little rusty on this but Iโ€™d look that up later.

ย  ย  Well, some errors are worth repeating again and again, and that brings me to an escort site called And while you may not necessarily be repeating errors like Oedipussy, youโ€™ll sure be repeating erotic moments. So hereโ€™s an erosguia review from me. Grab some cunt, bend it over and stroke it deep as my review of seeps down that pussy hungry mind of yours. Hop on this review already boner owners!

Errors Are Not So Expensive

ย  ย  Youโ€™ll find escorts like Analu, a beautiful 19 year old petite who lives in Rio De Janeiro. Merely looking at her butts could give you a cardiac arrest! Here rates are R$250 for 1 hour, 45 minutes for R$200, and R$150 for 30 minutes. This is just about $49 for 1 hour, $39 for 45 minutes, and $29 for 30 minutes when talking american dollars.

ย  ย  And just in case you are in Copacabana, there is the 28 year old Livia, a firm titted Latina with an obviously tight ass. Sheโ€™s the stuff of gods in skin quality and demands R$500 for 1 hour, which is about $97 USD. Well this Copacabanian queen doesnโ€™t specify her charges for any fraction of an hour.

ย  ย  Overall, and much as expected, the prices for escort services on Erosguia are much cheaper than what is charged in the states. While most of the relatively expensive escorts here charge below $100 and even far less for most other escorts. If youโ€™re like me, then I suppose you want to be asking your Geography teacher where exactly Brazil is on the map again.

Erotic Escort Profiles

ย  ย  Well you will find no escorts sitting on the front porch of this escort site, since visiting brings you to this homepage that doesnโ€™t have any escorts. However, itโ€™s quite easy to notice the escort and transvestite filtered search buttons just over the search bar. You know which of the two to select right? Doing this and proceeding to key in an area in the search bar opens up what looks indeed like an island of butts and titties. Lets peruse through what the typical escortโ€™s profile on looks like.

ย  ย  Now, there is not much information to be captured at a glance when scrolling through escort profile picture thumbnails. Nothing more than just the escort's name and a Whatsapp contact icon to the side. However, clicking open an escortโ€™s profile presents complete and relevant information about the escort. Escort profiles typically show the escortโ€™s location, age, language of communication, brief description, contact details, offered services, price list and a few pictures. There is also a Google map specifying directions and how to get to the escort and street view buttonsย  just to ensure you arrive cunt island safely and plug that ready and waiting hole before mr boner gets into a fight with you.ย ย 

ย  ย  I canโ€™t forget to mention that the escorts on this site are just very okay. Actually above average quality in my opinion and better still thereโ€™s a host of them to choose from. I should also reiterate that the escort profiles on this site are really neatly presented and just as detailed as they should be.

Did Oedipussy Fuck At Home?

ย  ย  Itโ€™s homecoming season, whatโ€™s with Oedipus and the milfs on this platform? Hope he doesnโ€™t ram my momma this time! Welcome to the section where we take a stroll to the erosguia homepage, letโ€™s quickly navigate through this front porch. Donโ€™t cum on the front porch please!

ย  ย  So, the homepage design for this escort site is pretty impressive and up to standard in my opinion. It has a neatly designed black background, with other colors like white, purple, red, ash and green constituting a part of the overall theme. On landing the erosguia homepage there are three easy to notice strips located at the top left corner, clicking on this causes a menu to slide up. This menu contains the access account, create ad, escorts and transvestite options. Well selecting either the escorts or transvestite options reveals another menu showing a list of all Brazilian states. Again, clicking on a state reveals a list of cities in the selected state, selecting a city then reveals the list of hot creamy pussies in that city. This is more of a click button alternative to doing a filtered search, which brings us back to the homepage.

ย  ย  Everything at the top section of this escorts site homepage just has to do with searching for escorts and this area presents many alternative routes to doing so just so Oedipus certainly ends up getting his fair share of milf cunt. Lower down the page are options for ad creation, a proximity map feature, yet again another drop down filtered search alternative, and some notes about Brazilian escorts and Erosguia.

ย  ย  Overall, the homepage is really neat and easy to navigate. However, the filtered search alternatives are choking.

What I Think Of Erosguia

ย  ย  I definitely recommend this escort site. Itโ€™s easy to navigate and should connect you to an escort in no time. Besides the snatches here are quite a catch!

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