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#1. Erosguia Alternative

ย  ย  I heard a few people from the horny cummunity arent getting quality fuck sessions with quality escorts out there, so I took matters into my handโ€”why does that sound wrong? โ€” and today I will be bringing you a review on Eros guia, which is an escort site for high-end escorts in Spain. So if you are currently in Spain or planning to be, let go of other activities and focus on this right now cos it might help you get one of the best fuck sessions of your life, you with me? Hereโ€™s my Erosguia review.ย ย 

Home of Spanish-speaking Eros

ย  ย  Have you ever imagined what it will sound like if Eros spoke Spanish? Bet it will sound sexy, now imagine Aphrodite being young, speaking Spanish while you ram a solid boneless boner into her at the speed of lightโ€”impossible but just imagine. Erosguia is home to not just good-looking and dick-provoking escorts but you can also find other categories like erotic massages, escort agencies, and transexual escorts.

ย  ย  But before we go deep into the pussy society, letโ€™s talk a little bit about the website, navigation, and usability. Personally, I think is a well-built website with different functionalities. Gotta love how it is easy to pick categories in any city on the front page, itโ€™s like โ€œhey, you are hereโ€ฆ pick the category you want in any cityโ€. Thanks to this little feature, the navigation on Erosguia ranks high on my list of escort sites with good navigation but that's not the point right now.

ย  ย  The point now is the quality of escorts or whatever you are looking to hire through Erosguia, be it agencies or erotic massage parlors. Thanks to the high-quality photos of chicks with clear a clear pussy and tits, not forgetting the ass of courseโ€”the quality of escorts on Erosguia is a solid 10 from me, and the fact that there are even VIP escorts listed, knock yourself out for a good price dude. Speaking of prices, you can get a bangable and fine-looking ass for as low as 80 Euros per hour, no jokes. But the range you are going to see the most is between 100 to 200 Euros per hour.

ย  ย  What about the quality of the agencies listed on Erosguia? If you really want to know, I think the escort agencies listed on the platform are pretty awesome as well, and although the category is called the agency, I believe they have more than just agencies. I could see strip clubs and erotic clubs listed on the platform, so this might be for you if you donโ€™t plan on hiring an escort but still want to enjoy a quality erotic night.

ย  ย  The same goes for the erotic massage parlors listed on the platform, although they are limited and only available in Madrid and Barcelona, they still pack quite a number of quality professionals, and Iโ€™m sure you are definitely getting a happy ending treatment after your session, something to look forward to if you ask me.

Putas everywhere

ย  ย  Can a site be 100 percent perfect? Well I have seen a few and while Erosguia was on the path to getting to that milestone, it stumbles and falls short, thanks to the absence of a review section on the escortsโ€”all they have is a function to report posts with fake pictures and profiles and nothing on leaving a detailed review or rating on escorts after smashing the cunt to oblivion. A deal-breaker for me, for to some people, it might just be a little stone that can be moved aside for the escorts to come in.

Is Erosguia a Reliable Escort Site in Spain?

ย  ย  Thanks to its dedication to listing quality escorts and professionals across different categories, I believe Erosguia is a reliable escort site in Spain and can be trusted for getting putas to please and ease the mind and soul. The average prices of these escorts look like they aren't that expensive compared to the premium price of escorts in different countries, and although Erosguia doesn't have a dedicated review section available, it still looks to be one of the best places to be in Spain.

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