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Bottom of homepage is littered with texts and ads

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#1. Eroticportal Alternative

    As I read the name of this escort site, I’m forced to recall the portals in movies like the avengers and how that jumping in a portal could transport you to far away worlds in just split seconds. Well, not all portals  have the look of metal chunks and a cloudy space in the middle. Some have a very succulent fleshy exterior with a wet middle. While I can’t guarantee that you could be teleported from one location to another, especially since it’s most likely that you were not one of the characters in the avenger’s movie, I can however show you to a variety of pussy portals that’ll surely teleport you to realms of cum ecstasy.

    If you are wondering where these cum enticing portals are already? Then let me introduce you to the Greek escort site called And just so you spend less on wank lotions when visiting Greece, I’m writing you an eroticportal review. So stop suffocating that pecker of yours, sit over this review, and find out if your Willy will find the wet pussy portals on this escort site to be worthy enough to teleport him.

Fares For Erotic Teleportations

    Sticking your woody in a portal and having it transport you to realms of fantasies beyond your wildest imaginations for free sounds too good to be true. And well, it actually is. It’s too good to be true dudes! Transportation fares are just a must, and well, the sleek, wet and tight pussy portals on this escort site will be teleporting you to nowhere without a fare. It’s just the norm! That said, let’s find out what the going rate for these erotic escorts are.

    Meet Ariana, a tall and pretty 30-year-old blonde with a really round butt and perfectly shaped tits. Well, Ariana’s services include 69, fetishes, erotic massages, French kisses, etc. She is available for outcalls at 100 Euros/ 100USD for 30 minutes, 120 Euros/ 120USD for 1 hour, and charges this hourly rate for up to 3 hours.

    There’s also Kristal, a 24-year-old petite ebony who lives in the Athens region. By the way, her tits and ass look like they can teleport  your senses out of your cranium! Kristal is available for incalls and outcalls, and her services include GFE, long dates, and orals. Her rates are pinned at 140 Euros/ 140 USD for 1 hour, and she’s up for up to 12 hours at this hourly rate.

    In general, the average hourly rate charged by escorts on this site is about 120 USD to 200 USD for 1 hour.

Portals Sandwiched In Tits And Ass

    There are quite a good number of quality escorts available on this site, and you’ll easily navigate to a plethora of these escort profile thumbnails through the escorts button that is really easy to notice on the homepage.

    Profile thumbnails are arranged in rows containing three thumbnails each. Now, hovering over an escort’s profile thumbnail causes a few escort details to pop up. You’ll find details like the escort’s age, height, breast size, hair, and eye color, some thumbnails even include the escort’s Zodiac sign, probably so you know if you’ll be getting your schlong teleported into a tigress’ cunt.

    Now, the typical escort profile page starts out with the escort's name clearly written to the right of their mini photo gallery. For escorts that don’t work independently, you’ll also find the name of the agency they work with written next to their names.  A bar containing the escort’s phone number immediately follows under the escort’s name and stands just over a block containing a summary of other escort’s details like age, height, weight, etc.

    Scrolling down a bit further presents an about me section, as well as services rendered by the escort, and going rates summarized in an easy-to-read tabular format. In addition to these, there is also a live chat and reviews section.

Home₋ A Teleportation Station

    Speak of a portal that leads you to everything erotic, and the eroticportal homepage pops up as the best fit to describe this term. First of all, the eroticportal homepage has the look of an ancient Greek temple with burning incense lurking in a few corners and so this gives the overall background a burgundy color. There are also strips of gold that add to the color of the homepage, and the texts here are written in black, white, and gold fonts.

    The eroticportal homepage is really simple in design, and navigating is quite easy. You’ll find the login and register buttons at the top right corner of this page and language option buttons right below them represented using the English and Greek flags. At the screen’s center, different service categories are shown, including escorts, studios, massage, independents, transexual, BDSM, brothels, webcams, strips and bars, swingers, sex shops, games, porn videos, hotels, dating sites, sex and more. However, things begin to get a little clustered further down the page since there are lots of ads that jam this part of the homepage. After these ads is the about us section, and a scattered list of links to help with navigating around the site. 

    In general, the homepage is really outdated in design but easy to navigate. Also, the language option included here makes me feel that what this site lacks in design, it surely makes up for with its well-planned out features. 

What I Think About Erotic Portal

    I recommend this escort site if you are willing to ignore its mediocre design and go for the devilishly attractive snatches here. Navigating to the snatches here is really easy, and your woody doesn’t need to be able to comprehend Greek.

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