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#1. EsasChicas Alternative

ย  ย  Here we are again, gathered in the box of love and lust, lost in the desire to enjoy things as they should, enjoy women and holes as they should, and today, Iโ€™m sure a lot of members from the hoe and horny community are getting ready to enjoy each other. Which brings you here right? You found Esas Chicas and you are not sure if itโ€™s a reliable site for escorts in Spain yea? Well take a seat, I would be going over it and discussing a few things I found to be good as well as things I found lacking, so sit tight, this is my EsasChicas review.

Chicas Everywhere You look

ย  ย  Unlike other erotic forums you might have come across, where people talk about the escorts and other erotic experiences in any city, EsasChicas is differentโ€”at first, I thought it will be a forum where people just talk about escorts and talk about their experiences, boy I was wrong, you can actually hire escorts on EsasChicas forum, but letโ€™s keep that discussion for 2 paragraphs later.

ย  ย  For now, letโ€™s start from the base, the front page, and then walk our way up to hiring escorts. How good is the design? Not bad, would have rated it a solid 8 for the design and navigation but it falls short the moment I started having problems sorting for cities, I donโ€™t know, I might be impatient but damn, it took a while for meโ€ฆ and I don't even want to imagine how long it will take for a man with a horny and impatient cock trying to surf EsasChicas escort forum for chicas.

ย  ย  Speaking of chicks, the moment you land on the front page, you know you are in the right place, there are banners, pictures, and posts of escorts in different cities sitting right in front of the homepage, even if they are not your type, the alluring vibe and the erotic pose of these hoes might lead you to travel a few kilometers away from your city just to smash.

ย  ย  Another good thing about the forum is the high number of categories or perhaps the known term, sub-forums, and they include escorts, amenities and hobbies, girls talk, online sex, and much more than you can comprehend, the sub-forums are just too much and it is also worth knowing that there are sub-sub forums, so it gets confusing sometimes.

No Bros, just Hoes

ย  ย  Who let the hoes out! Because what I am seeing on EsasChicas forum deserves nothing but accolades, as a matter of fact, Iโ€™m giving the quality of these escorts 8 stars. Iโ€™m seeing different types of escorts from different countries, I can see a Brazilian, Chilean, Venezuelanian, there are even Columbiansโ€”so if you want an escort with hips that don't lie, this might be your best shot.

ย  ย  The prices these escorts charge are different, depending on the premium or not and it also depends on the city. Madrid is sure going to be more expensive compared to a small city down south. For the low-range escorts Esas chicas, be ready to pay around โ‚ฌ50 – โ‚ฌ80 per hour, and if you don't mind bumping up the price a bit, somewhere around โ‚ฌ100 to โ‚ฌ150 per hour can get you laid with a premium escort and all you have to think about is just paradise.

ย  ย  Although you might not find reviews on some escort posts, it is worth noting that the comment section or thread can be used for reviews. And I was able to see one or two pieces of feedback on some escorts, which was a good thing since these people can just come back and comment on how good or thrash a particular escort was.

ย Pussy blockers on alert

ย  ย  I know I have listed one hundred and one things that are good about Esaschicas and I apologize for keeping this down here but you just have to know about itโ€”you canโ€™t view posts without an account. Let me rephrase that, you can view posts but you cant see the pictures of the chicks, so you can fantasize about how you are going to drive your cock into a well-shaved pussy until you create an account, well account creation doesnโ€™tย  take long so you might not have a hard time with it.

Is Esaschicas a Reliable Escort Site in Spain?

ย  ย  Escorts are verified on this platform, one of the main things I have been begging God for in some of the escort sites and forums in Spain, and the fact that these escorts state out their price and rateโ€”I AM SOLD! So is Esaschicas a reliable escort site in Spain? Yes, I think it is.

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