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โœ“ Good number of escort ads
โœ“ Free registration
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Good site design
โœ“ Good quality escorts
โœ˜ No language options
โœ˜ No price information

Score 60/100





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#1. Escort46 Alternative

ย  ย  The siteโ€™s name seems misleading, why not escort 69 instead of 46, whose fault is it? The site owner or the whiskey in his hands. Seeing the figure 46 is pissing me off. I wonder how my cock is supposed to enjoy some oral goodies in a 46 position, oneโ€™s cock could get broken.

ย  ย  Perhaps, the figure 46 may mean that there are just 46 escorts on this site, or they are 46 years of age? That will be bad for business. Or is there a new invention, similar to 96 that we have no idea about? Before we conclude based on assumptions, letโ€™s check this site out.

ย  ย  Well, I heard we could still get some 69 from 46 if we mean business from the escorts in Norway, how nice would that be? Join me on this Escort46, and letโ€™s make discoveries together.

The Homepage of Escort 46

ย  ย  The homepage of escort46 is quite the fancy one, and just as the first thing you notice on a ladyโ€™s body is the size of her breasts, the one thing you notice here is the ad that occupies the top space of the page.

ย  ย  Next up is the siteโ€™s logo which sits pretty like a cunt waiting to be devoured on the left side of the page, just below the escort ad, like boobies that only dangle bang and forth during doggy, the only thing the logo does is to reload the page when clicked.

ย  ย  There is an option to create an advert which requires you to sign in, the Escort girls button which takes you to a different page full of escort girls, with similar features of escort46, the log-in button, and then the button that allows you to choose a preferred language.

ย  ย  Language options exist over here, and there are many options. This alone gives the site a 5-star rating because it makes navigation easy, unlike sites where you have to make use of Google Translate. Imagine, the frustration your cock gets for every failed penetration because the cunt isnโ€™t slippery enough, quite a hassle.

ย  ย  Well, next we get to see a call message, encouraging us to check out massage and escort girls in Norway. I hope these escorts really do know how to give massages, because my waist hurts from the last fight my cock had with his step sister miss coochie, such a long terrible fight as she kept pouncing on me, I wonder if she was trying to make me pass out.

ย  ย  There are several control buttons that help you navigate through the site if you know how to use your blessed fingers to control the rhythmic movement of the waist, then you should have no problem, but if not, please get a manual asap, we need all cocks in cunts, oops, all hands on deck I mean.

ย  ย  These control buttons sit in a straight line, like an array of girls waiting to get therapy from Mr. Cock, the region and city buttons help you filter locations of your choice, and the nationality button also helps you filter the nationality of escorts, so you get to make a choice. Then the services button shows the different services offered by these escorts such as; relaxing massage, blowjob, handjob, 69, etc.

ย  ย  Seems like we have another line of categories, a batch B of ladies waiting to get therapy from Mr.cock. There is the All button, escorts, massage clinics, escort agencies, Thai massage, and event buttons. These buttons when clicked show you the category hidden underneath.

ย  ย  Now we get to see the profile thumbnail of these escorts. The grid form hides away their information, but the list form gives semi-detailed information about the escorts, such as Age, gender, height, postcode, nationality, etc. Scrolling further shows you a load more button, and beneath this is a blog post about Escort46.

The Escorts Profile

ย  ย  Finally, we get to see what this Norway escort site has for us, I hope to get a good impression about Norway escorts so I can hurriedly book my flight without thinking twice.

ย  ย  The landing page of the escort profile is quite fancy, there are ads on the left side of the page and options to share the good news with people on different social media platforms. Donโ€™t be stingy and share the fun.

ย  ย  There are tons of these escorts' photos on their profile page, each revealing the natural endowment of these escorts. You also get to see a short description of these ladies, and their personal information such as; age, name, breast size, area, services offered, etc.

The Escortโ€™s Wage

ย  ย  It would sound weird and funny that these escorts would not charge a penny to keep you company right? Well, get ready to feel weird and laugh your balls out because indeed, there are no charges or rates in the profiles of these escorts.

ย  ย  We might just make an estimate out of other escort sites in Norway, and this would mean that an escort wouldnโ€™t charge less than $100. So prepare the dollars, dudes, you need to appreciate these escorts for keeping you company when next you decide to visit Norway for the holidays.

What I Thinks of Escort46

ย  ย  The site is quite easy to navigate because of the language options and interesting features, there are plenty of escorts to choose from that are of average quality, however, there are no stated rates or charges which does not seem right.

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