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โœ˜ Few price information

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#1. Escort46 Alternative

ย  ย  Hissing and cursing while she rolls her hips on my cock, with her hands also running through my groomed chest, is one experience to keep wanting because of how it makes my cock feel. Well, I would love to press my hot palms to a breast as I would to a thick batter, and I hope to get such an escort here at escort46.

ย  ย  I wonder what the story or inspiration behind the site name is. Perhaps the number 46 is significant to the site owner, or every 46th day of a new year, this site owner gets to experience a new level of cock sucking; who knows.

Well, letโ€™s see what Escort46 has to offer to your cock.

The Homepage of Escort46

ย  ย  The homepage of this escort46 looks simple and very straight to the point. It doesnโ€™t fancy foreplay or romance. The choice of colors gives it a very subtle and feminine feel, and everything here is neatly arranged. There are not many texts, and neither does the site look jampacked. So, letโ€™s get reviewing.

ย  ย  Escort ads can be found at the top of the landing page of escort46, and below it is an array of control buttons. There is the logo that sits pretty on the left, and to the left are the create advert button, log in, and language options buttons, which, when clicked on, show you a list of countries. A tap on any switches the language to the country you choose.

ย  ย  Then you see a message that tells you that you can find escorts and massage in Sweden. Below it are filter buttons, such as regions, cities, nationality, services, and keywords. These buttons allow you to choose your preferred region, cities, escort nationality, and services. After selecting, just click on the search now button.

ย  ย  The next line houses other category buttons such as all, escort, massage clinics, escort agencies, Thai massage, and events. I hope to get a Thai massage someday from an escort with butter, soft palms, one that is without calluses from the labor of a blowjob.

ย  ย  Now you get to see the escort's profile thumbnail, properly arranged on a single line. These profile thumbnails tell us a little about these escorts, and just a little scroll reveals the load more escort button. Goodness gracious! There are so many to choose from. Well, my boner and I will do the selecting later.

ย  ย  The bottom of the page holds several categories of escort46 blog posts and articles, each holding answers to any question you might have.

The Escortโ€™s Profile

ย  ย  The homepage of this site already spills so much information about these escorts, which ruins the mood and fun. The suspense is supposed to keep us wanting more and eager to see these escort profiles, but then, letโ€™s move on. Imagine skipping every foreplay and intimacy just to go ahead and thrust in a cunt; there is no fun in that. I mean, touch the boobs, use the fingers generously on the cunt, suck on those nipples like you never had enough when you were an infant. Well, letโ€™s move on.

ย  ย  The homepage of this site already tells us the name of the escort, a brief introduction about the escort, and also personal details about the escort, such as age, gender, nationality, height, area, weight, and breast size.

ย  ย  Clicking on an escort profile reveals more information about the escort than the homepage of the site. An interesting fact about it is that you get to view tons of photos of the escort that will leave you drooling from the tip of your cock. You also get to add the escort to your wishlist.

ย  ย  The contact information of the escort is displayed, and there is also an option to share the escort ad with other people via different social media platforms. Some escorts have lengthy descriptions, while some do not. There is a prompt written in red that allows you to contact the escort when clicked on.

ย  ย  An information box is also visible, and it gives you a feel of what the escort would look like. Then a list of services offered by these escorts, such as blowjobs, handjobs with oil, golden shower, prostate massage, strip tease, domination, etc. The sound of domination and strip tease gives me chills. I would not mind being tied up to a chair and watch an escort tease me as she strips.

The Escort Rates

ย  ย  After an episode of strip teases, oil and prostate massage, role play, etc., an escort indeed deserves to be tipped for creating time out of a busy schedule to keep you and your boner company. After all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Before you do anything, letโ€™s check if these escorts thought high of themselves enough to be rewarded.

ย  ย  Going back and forth with my cock has yielded no effort because no escort profile seems to have a price rate or tag included in it. This is rather bad for business, but there seems to be an alternative. You know, when the cunt is blocked by a tampon, the asshole serves as an emergency contact.

ย  ย  The rates of other escort sites in Sweden can be used to determine that of escorts here. So say this to your boners: an average rate of escort prices on this site is between $100 and $200 per hour.

ย  ย  Overall, escorts here are of average quality, and their profiles seem to be detailed to a point.

What I Think of

ย  ย  If you are the type that enjoys looking at escort photos, then you are on the right track because thereโ€™s a ton of them here, and aside from this, the site is very easy to navigate with language options.

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