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โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Good number of escort ads
โœ˜ Boring site design
โœ˜ Few language options

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#1. Escort5 Alternative

ย  ย  What the heck does this site owner mean by escort 5? I hope it doesnโ€™t mean that there are just five escorts on this site or that these escorts offer just five services. I donโ€™t even know what to think anymore, but since the number five also symbolizes freedom and change, then maybe my cock is in for some jolly treatments.

ย  ย  First of, my cock is going to experience freedom from the shackles of its belt and pants and then pleasures with a gifted palms, smeared with lotion that would do justice to it with the use of strokes, which would give it a more relaxed and brighter look.

ย  ย  Denmark promises to introduce to you escorts that would fulfill your fantasy via escort5, so join this review train and get your cock ready for a jolly ride.

Itโ€™s Time To Go Home

ย  ย  Your cock is sure in for some premium enjoyment because opening the site on your browser immediately displays escorts with enormous boobs, big enough to make you stare in disbelief. These escorts sure do leave an impression that my cock wonโ€™t forget in a hurry. Meanwhile, the homepage of this site isnโ€™t so bad, but it looks too plain.

ย  ย  You are liable to see a few control buttons at the top row of the page, alongside two language options and, of course, the site logo. A filter or search button exists that allows you to search for escort, escort services, and locations. There is an inscription that also welcomes you to this site and tells you what you can find here.

ย  ย  What would definitely make this site hard to navigate would definitely be the profile thumbnails of escorts here; there are so many of them, and it would be so hard to scroll or focus on something else because of the butts and cunts here. Just hold on tight to your balls so you donโ€™t slip and fall into a cunt, or land your face in between those juicy boobs.

ย  ย  Escort profile thumbnails are what occupy the rest of the page, it's similar to when you insert all of your shaft into a cunt, and you are both gasping for breath because the pleasure is intense. There is nothing like blog posts or articles at the bottom of the page, which is very pleasing. So you can try to imagine how many these ads are.

Call On The Booty Girls, Let Them Come Outside

ย  ย  Denmark has to take the lead when it comes to escorts with really good endowments because these girls are hot. Lest I forget, there are also male escorts here with huge dicks and veins popping out, but it canโ€™t be compared to mine. The profile thumbnails of these girls contain their locations, services offered, and a brief note on them.

ย  ย  Clicking on any thumbnail lands you an escort profile, where you see pieces of information on these escorts. Escort profiles here are well detailed, and they offer a larger list of services than you can imagine. Most of these escorts donโ€™t offer escort services; instead, they would prefer to keep you company virtually.

ย  ย  Escort5 has escort photos that can keep you wanking for the longest until you become sore. Their contact information isnโ€™t left out, and their personal details. Fun fact: some of these escorts also tender to disabled people, and this is quite good, I mean, every dick needs to be sucked and fucked no matter the condition.

ย  ย  Escort availability, services and prices, and areas they cover are all included in their profiles. In general, escort profiles are detailed, but they look unorganized not all escorts have a good profile photo. Some of them look shabby.

Are These Escorts Real?

ย  ย  Since the photos of some of these escorts look shabby, it might just mean that they are genuine because fake escorts would want to impress with gold like photos and sophisticated writeups, trying to give the impression that they are what you need, and at the end of the day, it turns out to be a case of what I ordered versus what I got.

ย  ย  Some of these escorts, too, donโ€™t have a name attached to their thumbnails or even profiles, so how can one be so sure they are real? However, make sure to tread carefully with these escorts because I hear that most of them donโ€™t look like what is posted on their profiles.

Escort Rates

ย  ย  This site is surely blessed with lots of large rounded breasts and gigantic butts. That simply means you may need to spend in large quantities without thinking twice just to have these escorts keep you company. You canโ€™t be so sure that these escorts have a price rate somewhere unless you check, right? So hurry up and get your glasses.

ย  ย  Meet Christiana, who is 19 and only offers cam service. She says to call here to ask for her availability any day, and she charges different rates for different services. She charges DKK 500 for 30mins of cam sex and DKK 400 for 30mins of phone sex. This, when converted to USD, equates to $73 and $58, respectively.

ย  ย  Escorts here also charge $14 for an erotic photo of them, and $43 for 10 mins of naughty chats. The average rate here is between $115 and $175. On the high side, you can find rates from $240 and above. If youโ€™re looking at the low side, then your budget should be between $50 and $100.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  There are lots of escort ads here, and these escorts look good in quality. They also have a detailed profile and a wide range of services, so it is a recommended one.

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