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โœ“ Over 10k+ escort ads
โœ“ Spam free
โœ“ Simple site design
โœ˜ Difficult to navigate
โœ˜ No language option
โœ˜ Less filtering options
โœ˜ Fewer site features

Score 58/100





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#1. Escorta4u Alternative

Ever fucked a Nun? You know they have got a lot of them here in Romania, Don't get sentimental on me, we are talking about the fun part of it and as a lover of fun that I'm sure you are, I wonder what other crazy ideas you have got penned down on your to-do list, but I would recommend fucking a nun and that is if you have not got your dirty eyes on one already, Oh naughty boy I see you have placed your mark, that was fast.

Let me take you behind the curtains and share this breathtaking memory that left me in awe, the first time I had a nun in my bed, it was quite a cold lonely evening in Romania and you know how it gets for pussy mongers like us, Flavia was an escort from Romania not necessarily from the site, booked her down for 2 hours, she got over ready for work, imagine a sexual adventure I had been fantasizing about becoming a reality on my first visit to Romania, Fucking a Nun!!! yes!! you read right, Fucking a Nun, I had Flavia, this European dame role-play a nun with a gown so long it felt like unwrapping a surprise present. Wait what!! Do you think I meant fucking an actual nun? Lol, you are so nasty! Well, we all are deep down in our pants.

Flavia gave me a memorable night, the way she swallowed all of my cock till there was nothing left she yearned for more, I'm talking about that type of deep throat that would have you confessing your sins the next morning at mass.

For more shocking revelations of how Flavia handled me that night, keep reading as I have them in bits in this Escorta4u review.

State Of The Art Type Of Bodies On Escorta4u

Here's to your favorite part of this review, the part where I give you headsโ€ฆHaha! You didn't let me finish. So here is where I give you heads up on the species of fish you should be expecting if ever you decide to go fishing or casting your net on Escorta4u. And no, there is no way on earth I will be sharing Flavia's contact details with you. Haha!

So yeah, there's Antonia who's 23 and from Braila. She is a sexy brunette that promises an experience of unforgettable moments, you'd bless the day you stepped foot on Romanian soil, she offers services such as deep throats, role play, cosmic dress-up, golden showers, and cunnilingus. Says she is just a call away and charges 70 EUR/ 77 USD per hour.

Simona is 24 and hails from Satu Mare, is a sexy blonde, with spicy photos of her uploaded on her profile, she teases with photos of herself in red lingerie, ass all out leaving nothing to your imagination, says she offers intimate company to generous, discreet and serious gentlemen, Simona is tender, passionate, attentive to your requirements, she charges 30 EUR/ 33 USD per hour.

There is sexy Amelia as well, with a juicy ass resume I must say. I almost got stuck reading through her profile. She is 26 and from Sibiu and has a thing for gentlemen and older men too, with a body that's so seductive you would not need a soothsayer to tell you Amelia has a degree in dick racing, arch bending, and cock swallowing, she sure does look like it and she has it all written on her profile, she's pure evil, I mean the type of evil you would enjoy being bedeviled by. Her rate runs at 80 EUR/ 88 USD per hour.

Escorts Are For You Dot Com: Escorta4u

The Escorta4u site is a pretty simple one nothing out of the ordinary though, with a blue back play and a white background to go with, top right of the home page lies the + button representing the login option, the site has no language options quite sad, the search button follows immediately after the sign-up button for effective search of escorts or even crazier it could aid in finding that Romanian nun yes, the one you left a mark on, how sweet!!

On the left hand of the Escorta4u homepage lies another option tray for escorts, favorites, and the help option with answers to a bunch of frequently asked questions.

Furthermore, lies the filter option for cities in Romania, ranging from the city of Bacau, Arad, Arges, Bihur, and the rest, each having a head count of available escorts, the fact that upon refresh the site replaces displayed escorts with new faces. Scrolling further is an unending list of escort profiles, indeed the site lives up to expectations on that end, with a record of over 10k available escort ad contact details there is no way you would not find a sexy Jane doe in here for the night.

What I Think About Escorta4u

The site looks a little shady with escorts that pose as reachable meanwhile they actually are not and upon clicking into an exotic escort's profile the site automatically redirects to a dating site and all that shit your stiff cock would not be smiling to. Amongst other cons are the few filter options and no language options which particularly poses a threat to tourist boners and to our quest of finding that sex-starved nun but it is what it is. Having said all that, Escorta4u for me is a no-no, we would not want to have a “what I ordered vs what I got" situation. How inconsolable that would be!!

Or what's even worse? A no-turn-up disappointment for dinner. That'll be just as terrible, and we already know boners and disappointments have never been the best of friends or even friends, to say the least, but regardless, maybe just maybe you'll find yourself a Flavia for the night.

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