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#1. EscortDirectory Alternative

Escorts are my favorite topic and I could talk about them babes all day and never get so tired I would decline an opportunity to sling my boner into my missus! These girls can be fascinating and booking them can often be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can ever go through.
Now, it's time to review an American escort site called EscortDirectory. This is not your usual seedy escort site and has some serious beauties that demand serious spending and equally serious loving! Hereโ€™s my Escort Directory com review and hereโ€™s the erection you ordered yesterday!

Sweet Escort Rates

So, the first time I wandered into Escort Directory com, I actually thought I had ended up in one of those websites that host pics, videos, and bios of the rich, famous and beautiful. Yeah, the girls here are top-class and look so fresh it is all you can do to refrain from slipping them into a loaf of today's bread and making them into a sandwich to remember!

Anyway, the first time you see a beautiful girl the only thing that comes to mind is how tightly or otherwise your cock can fit in her pussy, right? Thatโ€™s cool, but only girls who are in love will let you stick it to them for free and escorts are certainly not the kind of girl to fall in love with a John and let him tap it for free. With that in mind letโ€™s go see what escorts on EscortDirectory charge for services rendered.

Well, it turns out that escorts on the site do not charge anything at all! Donโ€™t get me wrong, I donโ€™t mean they are handing out free pussy and asshole fucks on a plate. I just mean that every American escort profile I visited had no rates listed. That is common on high-end escort sites and Escort Directory is high-end enough to give Zeus himself hemorrhoids!

Oh, wait! I checked around some more and it turns out that American escorts on the site do not list their prices, but escort profiles in other countries do. I guess this has to do with some stupid American law that I do not have the time to research and curse to hell and back!

Anyway, Sexy Lady an independent escort in Montreal, Canada who has more curves than I can keep track of even if I had a day off! She charges 150 CAD for an hour and 130 CAD for an hour. The first rate applies to outcalls, while the second is for incalls. Converted to US dollars, that is $119 and $103 respectively. Not bad!

Similarly, Hot Lady, a 23-year old independent Montreal escort whoโ€™s on the petite side but packing quite an eye-catching bust and open to anal XXX, prostate massages, rimming, double penetrations, fisting, and more charges 160 CAD and 140 CAD per hour for outcalls and incalls respectively. Thatโ€™s $126 and $111 in US dollars respectively.

Then thereโ€™s Kitty. Sheโ€™s 26-years old and a student who calls Toronto home. Kitty comes petite, can sit on your face, give you an erotic massage, let you finger her, let you cum on her face, and will let you fuck her in any position that can get that piece of lumber between your legs so deep in her it rattles her teeth! She charges 160 CAD per hour for outcalls, plus 140 CAD for every additional hour. Incalls are 100 CAD for 30 minutes, 140 CAD for an hour, and 120 CAD for every additional hour.

Whew! I thought that escorts on this site would be far more expensive than you and I can afford, but that does not seem to be the case. Or it could be that Canadian escorts are cheap and do not know their worth!

I would say you can expect to fork over like $150 per hour to drill any escort here on average, American escorts included. That does seem like money very well spent if you ask me!

Escorts On The Classy Side

Escort Directory looks swell overall and has escorts that in the olden days would be at the side of kings as wives and concubines! These ladies are impressively pretty, intelligent, and classy enough to give Coco Channel a lesson on style and substance!

Now, the first time you log into the site, your current location is accessed and escorts in your city or nearby at least are presented on the homepage. If these for some reason are not to your taste, you can enter any city you like in the search bar that is at the top of the homepage and see what the escorts there are up to.

I entered Monaco into the search bar, cos I have always been curious about the city and how the people there have sex. Donโ€™t blame me! Anyway, there are 57 escorts in all of Monaco and above all the escort ad thumbnails is a pull-down menu that performs very useful filtering options. You can use this menu to sort escorts by price, see those nearest to you, view the newest escort profiles, and see recommended escort profiles, plus sort escorts by age, alphabetically, and by when their profiles were last updated.

Two buttons that are next to the pull-down menu also lets you change how escort profiles are presented on the page. Clicking one brings forth a vertical list of escorts, while the other packs escort profile thumbnails in every available space.

Escort profile thumbnails all have a good-sized image of the escort concerned, with her age, location and name indicated. All profiles are well detailed and include a bio of the escort, her number and sometimes email, her rates if any, personal details that pertain to her body and build, and sometimes the kind of services she is prepared to render. Multiple images are featured in each escort ad and can be viewed in slideshow format, plus some profiles have a short video.

There are profiles with Send Message, Send Email and Follow buttons. The first is only usable if you are logged in, the second can be performed even if you are not an Escort Directory com member, while the latter requires membership. More, a few profiles have a review(s) on them left behind by fellas who have sampled the wares of the escort concerned. Of course, leaving a review requires signing in, as does commenting on any escort profile.

Overall, I would say that Escort Directory has escorts so fine you could use them to bribe the heavenly hosts with! I am also impressed with how detailed most profiles are, which is something you donโ€™t see every day.

Home Is Where The Pussy Is At!

Where is home if not a place where your cock gets all twitchy because it knows you are going to strangle it something serious later tonight! The poor thing!

Anyway, Escort Directory com has a homepage that canโ€™t really be faulted. It is colorful, interesting, and has enough images of nude ladies to make a monk reconsider his vow not to smell pussy for the rest of his life!

A deep blue border at the top of the page hosts the site logo and to the right are the language options and the currency options. The first lets you choose from 6 languages, while the latter lets you choose from around 30 different currencies. Thatโ€™s an impressive number. Selecting any currency from the list means that any escort that lists her rates will do that in the currency you just picked.

Tabs comprise the Home, Location, and Signup/Login and you can be a member for free. Also found near these three tabs is a pull-down menu that provides access to the site blog, escorts on tour, escort agencies, and a forum. Also featured there is access to an off-site live cam site and a feature where escorts can pay to advertise as VIPs.

There is also a search bar, plus an advanced search function at the top of the page, with the rest of the homepage hosting escort ad thumbnails, plus blinking ads that advertise live cam sites, escort agencies, and escort directories. There was no spam that I could see.

What I Think of EscortDirectory

If you can only get it up with escorts who look like they just got out of a finishing school for supermodels, then I think Escort Directory more than fits the bill! Be sure to sign up today and get to sample as much quality pussy as you can get down your gullet!

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