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โœ“ Easy to navigate site
โœ“ Good number of escort ads
โœ˜ Dated site design
โœ˜ Poorly detailed escort profiles
โœ˜ Escorts donโ€™t state their prices

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ย  ย  The Romans were popular for having an affinity for the good life. Taking milk and honey baths while sucking on flawless pussies for inspiration to come up with great philosophical insights and scientific discoveries. Those ancient escort ovaries were escorted severally by deep rammings from god-like shafts and balls. So Iโ€™m not surprised to have come across the superb-looking natural asses and tits I found on the escort site called

ย  ย  Iโ€™m certain you may not need to be escorted to the toilet seat, but when you are in desperate need of a cumshot, and good sexing, you sure will need to be escorted, especially if you are a rookie like me. So hereโ€™s me trying to pen down an Escortesex review today, and well I canโ€™t help but try to think up a reason why your boner wonโ€™t want to take a chill while you read through this review. And for now, Iโ€™m yet to see one. So stuff that rod of yours in your pants and get to reading this dude!

Escorts And Your Expenses

ย  ย  Itโ€™s time for some price info and one thing I canโ€™t seem to wrap my long schlong around is why these babes donโ€™t state their prices in their profiles. I often get it when top quality, VIP, and exotic pornstar escorts choose not to state their prices. Itโ€™s easy to tell that this class of babes are probably beyond pricing, and youโ€™ll have to part with half of your possessions, book a flight to the next world just in case you donโ€™t survive from all the riding, and brush your teeth with a gold plated toothbrush before calling to find out what their rates are. Thatโ€™s understandable! But for this average-quality, pretty amateur babes, stating their going rates should be a critical point.

ย  ย  Well, Iโ€™ll save you the stress and give you my estimate. Escorts are in surplus supply in Romania, so anywhere from 70 Euros/ 70 USD to 150 Euros/ 150 USD will be just fine. Are there going to be escorts whose prices lie on the higher end? Yes, for sure, just as youโ€™re also bound to see those whose rates are less, but overall, a large number of these escorts will definitely charge rates that fall within this range.

Romans have always had seductive tits and supple butt cheeks

ย  ย  Now to the escort profiles on Escortesex. Just like with many other escort sites that mean business, the Escortesex homepage has escort profiles displayed right from their homepage. Escort ads here are rather amateur, lacking in detail, and with no top-quality looking escorts, instead, youโ€™ll very easily find amateur snatches in family-size brassieres. These babes are just average in quality. But well, if you have a thing for milfs with saggy grandma tits and nipples that shoot forward like the tips of the pyramids in Giza, or for teens with firm boulder-type tits, youโ€™ll find just whatever you may like here. However, youโ€™ll be okay as long as what you desire lies in the amateur category because there are no exotic, or pornstar-quality escort asses here. This does not mean you wonโ€™t have a jolt of electricity run down your spine on perusing some profiles.

ย  ย  Escort profiles donโ€™t follow a defined structure, and really itโ€™s apparent these ads were placed with no form of vetting. Profiles are scanty, but they however contain information like escortsโ€™ names, location, telephone numbers, emails, and a note by escorts. Now, most of these babes donโ€™t even state what their services are, most photos look pretty poor in quality, and profiles are not verified. This just gives me the feeling that thereโ€™s no guarantee that the escorts here are the asses youโ€™ll get to see in end. However, just in case you get what you didnโ€™t bargain for, there is a review section at the bottom of escortsโ€™ profile pages. I understand that there are billions of female asses on planet earth, but fuck it! My cock is pretty cocky, and Iโ€™d prefer to know what Iโ€™m getting and get just that in ass dimensions and pussy tightness.

ย  ย  The escorts here are not way over the roof in quality but not down to rock bottom either. You're sure to find dripping wet cunted housewives here and adventurous teens as well. Navigating is quite easy, but profiles are not detailed and could use some serious improvement.

Home For Some Serious Fucking

ย  ย  Escorting you to a sexual experience seems like what these guys are all about. This is evident because escort profile thumbnails are right there on the homepage just like fake boobs staring right at a hard dick before a titty fuck. The homepage here is really poorly designed, and youโ€™ll surely notice this as soon as you land here. The default language here is Romanian, and texts are written in red and black colored fonts of different sizes and look really haphazard. It has a white background and begins with a list of the cities in Romania where they offer their services. These guys must have been starved of cunt juices for decades to have put this design together. At the top right corner of the screen are the escorts ads, my account, sign-up, and add ad buttons. The remainder of the homepage is just really simple in design and contains escort ads till the bottom of the page where there are page navigation buttons.

ย  ย  Now navigating an escort site is not something you and your boner want to have to debate about, and the Escortesex homepage has this going for it. The homepage is easy to navigate, however, the fonts could definitely use some increase in size and style tweaks. Again, not all boners can negotiate with the gibberish that Romanian looks like to the non-Romanian speaker, and language options will come in handy on this site.

What I Think About Escortesex

ย  ย  The Escortesex site is pretty easy to navigate and has escorts that look like they can sure give you an experience similar to what the large dicked gods of Rome will crave. Although the overall design is pretty crappy and dated, and there are no language options, you can use this site if you are lenient and willing to be patient. But, I wonโ€™t shave a pubic hair of mine or beat my chest in favor of these guys and would rather look to somewhere more organized.

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