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โœ“ Siteโ€™s Design Looks Decent
โœ“ Good numbers of escort ads
โœ˜ Navigation Here is As Hard as A Rock
โœ˜ No Pricing Details
โœ˜ Single Language option
โœ˜ Limited Discussion Topics

Score 36/100



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#1. EscortFR Alternative

ย  ย already tells you that this is not an escort site but a forum where escorts are discussed, as well as their rates, in fact, everything that has to do with escorts and similar topics. So, do you want to know if escorts from a particular region would do justice to your cock? Then, stay tuned. Mind you, there's going to be lots of texts here, and that means lots of reading.

ย  ย  So get your reading glasses and, preferably, a cold glass of wine to keep you company on this journey.

A Round Table Discussion

ย  ย  This home has got to have a round table that will be suitable for discussion because there will be a lot to talk about. The first page you land on when you punch in the URL in your browser is a page that introduces the site to you. Click on access to the forum when you're done. The landing page is pretty confusing, so you might need to take it a step at a time.

ย  ย  First of all, the colors used aren't so bad; as much as this is a forum, it still looks too serious. A little design here and there would have made it look more fun and compelling. It just looks like you're sitting for an online examination. Over here, you can search for words using keywords, and you can also choose to register or log in if you find interesting.

ย  ย  There are just two general forum topics: the forum and section rules, which contain the rules for using the forums and sections, and news, which contains news related to the forum. The number of topics under each of these categories is also attached to the sides, as well as the number of messages and the last message that was dropped.

ย  ย  The statistics of messages, topics, and members are also stated. The numbers of users online, registered, invisible, and guests are also made available. You can also use the quick access button to check out unanswered and active topics. The FAQ button just helps you with answers to any question you might have. That's all about the homepage of

Let's Discuss Further

ย  ย  So, finding your way to these forums can be tricky; this is where navigation proves to be complicated. Even so, if you are a pro when it comes to finding and hitting the Gspot with your hard shaft, then you are sure to discover the location where these topics are being discussed. Simply click on the quick access bar and select the active topics options.

ย  ย  After that, you'll find yourself on a different page, and under the topics category, there is the display and sorting option. Click on it, select all results, click on go, and viola! That's all. Now, you're free to explore as many topics as you wish. It's not so fast anyway because there are less than five active forums, and that's bad.

ย  ย  Now, one of these forums has closed down the thread because a certain number of escorts have refused their services to be mentioned. It is also stated that unless a real scam is mentioned, nothing will be posted about any escort. This alone makes everything tiring and boring.

ย  ย  Usually, if this were to be an escort site, you would be looking forward to meeting the escorts, but since it's not, you are supposed to get information about these escorts and escort sites, but no content on justifies this. It's either one excuse or the other.

Is This Real?

ย  ย  This isn't an escort site, but a site that is supposed to talk about escorts and their services. Unfortunately, most escorts do not want to be spoken about. So, the site management has no option but to respect that. This means that the site doesn't live up to its goal.

ย  ย  It is also stated that since there are no active discussions about these escorts, meetings with these escorts will be at your own risk with regard to the quality of the service and everything. So, since escorts aren't discussed, whenever you meet with an escort, make sure to be very wise and active so you don't fall victim to their mischievousness.

Are There Bills To Sort Out?

ย  ย  There are no escorts here, so of course, there is no need for escort rates. Although it won't be a bad idea to have an idea of what escorts in this region would charge anyway, let's check that out.

ย  ย  On average, escorts in this region would charge $271 for an hour; if you are looking towards the low end, then you're sure to get rates around $108. Now, on the high end, you are sure to get sophisticated babes with rates around $651. These are all hourly rates and are pretty fair. Also, extra rates might apply for additional services.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  The homepage of introduced itself to be one that would answer your questions on escorts, their services, and all, but advancing further into the site says something different, and it's very saddening. You don't get to learn anything about escorts, and it seems like you just wasted your time and resources.

ย  ย  Navigation here, too, is annoying. The time wasted would have been used to do something better, maybe wank and jerk off, feel good and all. Please kindly pass if you wish to avoid getting upset.

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