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โœ“ Some escorts have prices listed
โœ˜ Spammy
โœ˜ Ads
โœ˜ Aggregated contents

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#1. EscortGirl Alternative

ย  ย  For the love of Odin and the tits of Freyr, I present to you the holy land of Luxembourg where there are women whiter than snow and prettier than diamonds and rubies. But of course, if you live here, you donโ€™t need any of those introductions, what yaโ€™ll need is a woman who can suck the icing chakra out of you.

ย  ย  Coincidentally, I happen to check out an escort site in Luxembourg a few days ago, itโ€™s And today, I'll be bringing what I think about it to you, the hoes and how much they charge. Then we can wrap things up on what I think about it, anyways, hereโ€™s my EscortGirl review.

Solidified Winter Cunts

ย  ย  Letโ€™s go about this review slowly, weโ€™ll start from the front page and discuss things on the inner pages. So for starters, I think the front page is amazing, loads of ass and tities flashing up on my screen surely get my blood boiling and rushing down to the little jon.

ย  ย  The navigation is great, from the homepage you can select an escort to view, filter for the escorts using the menu bar, and do loads of shit to get your perfect escort. When you check out an escort, youโ€™ll notice they have a detailed bio with brief descriptions, pictures, the services they offer and the prices they charge.

ย  ย  Although not all of the hoes on escort girls have their prices listed the average rate is about 200 Euros per hour. Not bad eh?

The Goddess of Lust

ย  ย  How good-looking are these chicks on Iโ€™d rate them a solid 7 out of 10. Not bad but it could be better but, ah fuck it, they got some nice bodies. Clarrise for example is a gorgeous woman with C-cups and a nice ass. She knows plenty about riding and will ride you like a horse till the dawn of night.

ย  ย  Wasgrosses is another hot escort on escort girl Luxembourg with enough qualities to look out for. Sheโ€™s 27 walking around with the sucking experience of a 40-year-old lady. She speaks Frenc and German, but on the bed, she speaks the language of the gods and you are the heaven-sent prophet.

Red Flags over a Pink Cunt

ย  ย  I have gone ahead and sung loads of praises about escortgirl, there are some downsides and cons that need to be ironed out. Firstly, there are loads of external ads on this escort site. I find it quite funny, why the heck would an escort site run ads for other brands and companies, then it occurred to meโ€ฆ

ย  ย  The second red flag, is the escort posts on is spam and aggregated content. Which explains a lot of questions I had. There are no contact methods, thereโ€™s a section for review but nothing comes up, and finally, when you click on a link, it takes you to a different website entirely! More like the original website.

ย  ย  This itself says one thing about this escort site, itโ€™s not reliable.

What I think about

ย  ย  I think is just a fake escort site trying to make some cool cash off traffic and isnโ€™t worth your time. Trust me, there are better escort sites in Luxembourg and I have reviewed some of these on this platform, check them out.

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