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#1. EscortGirls Alternative

ย  ย  The best part about touring Europe is getting to meet the various escort girls and call girls available in whichever city you find yourself. Normally, visiting major centers of attraction and exploring top cities in these European countries are cool, but it is even better when you have the company of a beautiful escort by your side the whole time.

ย  ย  Well, be it for business, or for pleasure, I still maintain that nothing beats having a beautiful escort by your side whilst going about your daily movements in the country. And what better tour guide than the one you can end an exhausting day with in your bedroom, or hers? Aye. One of the many sites you can cop some of these beauties is Here, you can meet some of the best bitches in the most popular cities in Belgium.

Exotic For A Stash Of Cash

ย  ย  To begin with, the escorts here are the very definition of the word exotic and their very pose and carriage tells it all. So there's no doubting their rates will reflect just that.

ย  ย  So there's Aleyda Guzman, a silicone-chested stunner. She's a trans beauty and needless to say, she's perfectly sculpted in the right biological corners. Aleyda charges 200 EUR/ 217 USD for an hour. Now's that pretty exotic. But she's got the looks going for her.
Well, Julia is yet another escort that's got it all together. Blessed in front and behind and obviously handling it with the right amount of pride in her poses. Julia also charges 200 EUR/ 217 USD for an hour. Overview

ย  ย  This Belgian website is pretty viewer friendly in terms of design and layout. What majorly captures your attention once the homepage opens, are the sexy photos of escort girls on display. These photos make you stop and begin to scroll more gently, because you want to take in all the gorgeousness and sexiness on display. Without thinking, you might go straight into viewing those profiles advertised on there without even taking a proper tour of the site. Well, it is what it is.

ย  ย  Before diving into the alluring profiles of these escort girls and what services they offer, it is important to note that this website is not an escort agency of any sort. They only sell advertising space for these models to display themselves in order to reach interested clients. So, your dealings are direct and strictly at your own risk. No one will babysit you through this process. The website does not intervene in any of the affairs that ensue either.

ย  ย  That being said, the default language of the site is not in English. However, there is a flag icon with an option that enables you to change the language to the one that suits you. There are only three languages there: French, Dutch and English. I quite like that the site provides this option for visitors, though, an updated browser with auto-translation enabled can reach a wide range of languages for foreign visitors whose language option may not be on the list the site provides.

ย  ย  Below this option, you will find another list of options in grid format where you get to what category of services you want to see. At the left side of the homepage, youโ€™ll find a list of categories you can choose from. Following that is a list of popular cities in Belgium with escort girls and varying services as well. Back in the middle of the page are more filter options to help you narrow down which services you want to see or are interested in.

VIP, Premium And Other Advertisements

ย  ย  The list of profiles being advertised on the homepage of EscortGirls are grouped into three: VIP advertisements, premium advertisements and other advertisements. I think this demarcation pretty much explains itself. Itโ€™s clear what you are getting at any level in which you decide to make your choice from. But that does not defeat the fact that the best escort girls in Belgium are going to be attending to your needs.

ย  ย  Whichever girlโ€™s ad catches your fancy, thereโ€™s more information waiting on the other side once you click on them. What opens up is detailed information on the girl you have chosen. These information include: basic contact details like phone number with instructions on which channel to communicate with them, country and city. Also, below that is a detailed bio with more information about the escort, like location, nationality, height, weight, languages they speak and lots more.

ย  ย  In addition to these information, you will find below the bio a list of services the escort girl offers and trust me, itโ€™s all your dreams come true. For both VIP and premium ads, you will find rates attached when you open their profiles, but you may not find the same in the other ads category. Most of the escorts prefer to be contacted via WhatsApp only, and so they indicate this on their basic details which you will see when you open their ads.

What I Think About Escortgirls

ย  ย  I think with such a simple and classy website design, there is no doubt the services that will be rendered by these advertised service providers will be top tier. And all of them have very promising profiles that guarantee extreme sexual satisfaction and relaxing experience. Would not be in Belgium and fail to be a part of that experience. Totally recommend.

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