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โœ˜ Escorts donโ€™t state their prices
โœ˜ No language options
โœ˜ Contacting escorts is quite a task

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#1. Escortily Alternative

ย  ย  18-year-olds with supple puffy tits seek adventures. Young twenty-year-olds with firm but willing cunts search for thrilling experiences. And mature pussies that have had cocks search in their wet corridors endlessly still have wild desires. Growing up, I always thought lilies were tender and beautiful and that this was just all there was to them. Well, are lilies really tender? Yes, they are and but they also have the most insane longings for the beautiful cum ridden adventure that life is.

ย  ย  The same holds for the escorts on the site Iโ€™ll be reviewing today. is the name of this escort site, and it just sounds like the coiners of this URL are trying to say the escorts are as good-looking as lilies. But make no mistake dude, these horny slits could be as wild as your silly mind desires them to be. Ready for my Escortily review? Read it up already before your silly willy begins ranting in your pants!

Lily Crowned Queens Walk On Krones

ย  ย  One thing you want to appreciate is the fact that these snatches must really be among some of the bravest on earth since escort services are actually illegal in Norway. With this amount of courage to forge through the jaws of the law to come feed on you, I doubt youโ€™d ever recover in good time from the pleasant rage of these starved cunts. These warriors for the noble cause of disarming boners are just like the powerful queens on the chessboard and deserve to be crowned with lilies and to walk on Krones. Walk on Krones? Not literally, but just how many Krones will we need for the escorts here?

ย  ย  Well, these babes donโ€™t tell what their charges are and seem to prefer keeping us in the dark on this. Sounds pretty blindfold kinky to me. Now, I estimate that anywhere from 2500 / 250 USD to 3970/ 400 USD should do for 1 hour. And while this is typically higher than what escorts take in the States, chances are the quality of escorts here will charge less than this average range. Itโ€™s always safer to have an excess budget, by the way.

Escorts Like Lillies

ย  ย  Escortily escorts must smell like lilies because they look just as beautiful as them. Hit in this siteโ€™s URL down comes raining the nuder than nude Norweigan asses and titties that flood this escort siteโ€™s homepage. Escort profile thumbnails are arranged side by side on the homepage, with five thumbnails in a row. But after scrolling to the end of the list of escorts on this siteโ€™s homepage and clicking on the load more button, the profile thumbnails that come up here are stacked vertically.

ย  ย  These cunts sure donโ€™t look like what they have been through in cunt starvation, but I canโ€™t say they are even of average quality since most of the babes here are really just stay-at-home pussies longing for some wild adventure. And so you wonโ€™t find the exotic or near-pornstar-class. Well, youโ€™ll find even the past menopause cunts of milfs unsatisfied from not having had their fair share of the biological goodness of schlongs plunging deep into their holes. And just as well, the younger cunts are not left out here, so thereโ€™s just every age of pussy dainties, regardless of your willyโ€™s favorite.

ย  ย  Escort profile thumbnails display escortsโ€™ names and a short note written by escorts. A few escorts go-ahead to include their ages here too. On the other hand, escort profile pages show an escortโ€™s name, location, photos, and minor details like age, height, weight, a contact link, and a brief service description note by the escort. There are no other contact details besides the contact links on the escorts' profile pages. Following this contact link leads to the dating site called And well, youโ€™ll have to have an account here to be able to chat escorts up. Not to worry though, setting up an account is free.

ย  ย  Further down the screen, there is a list of escort profile thumbnails in the same category, just in case the escort thumbnail that teased you to open a profile didn't impress your wank stick enough.

ย  ย  Well, the escorts here are not refined, so donโ€™t expect to see stripper-type chicks here. Most of these babes look like they could barely lie well for a pose to get your attention and would most likely fall off a pole faster than your quickest quickie.

Escorting Silly Boners To A Cumfortable Home

ย  ย  Cumfortable or comfortable? Itโ€™s really up to you to decide because the Escortily homepage is full of lilies ready to tickle every drip of cum lodging in your testicles. The homepage is really a garden of lilies laden with escort profile thumbnails. This means escort profiles welcome you right from the homepage of the Escortily site. The escorts here obviously cut across every age range you could possibly have a thing for. From the milfs with flappy tits and nipples as long as the Mississippi river to the teen-year-olds with firmness everywhere.

ย  ย  So, the Escortily homepage is very simply designed and starts out with the fuck, milf lovers, naked ladies, theporndude, and cities buttons at the top. You want to keep your click hovering around the cities button since the other buttons actually link to other sites. Occupying the top center is a search bar and filter for narrowing your searches to your selected city. Well, just after this is an array of grannies and teenies in panties all smiling at your dick as though frying it and having it with some hot dogs right away would give them the best orgasm. Well, get past this safely and with your dick still hanging between your thighs, and after the long array of escort profile thumbnails is a list of the provinces and states in Norway to help you quickly complete a search for escorts in any city of your choice.

ย  ย  Thereโ€™s also a blog section on Escortily, and youโ€™ll find a number of recommended articles featured after the list of cities and provinces. Well, the remainder of the page contains information about Escortily and finding escorts on their site. Besides, there is no language translation option here, so you want to keep a translator handy or at least have some Norweigan up your sleeves.
Navigating this escort site is quite easy, and although the page starts out with moderately good spacing at the top, it gets really wordy down the page. Well, itโ€™s normal to start with things going a little slow and then upbeat until thereโ€™s loads of cum shooting into the ozone layer and causing global warming.

What I Think About Escortily

ย  ย  The escorts donโ€™t look exceptional and are mostly regular girls and women searching for long-term fucking adventures and not one-time flings. These chicks and momma cunts can only offer you an amateur experience at best, but thatโ€™s still good least your valves will let off some pressure.

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