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โœ“ Has some dick-attracting escorts.
โœ“ No annoying ads
โœ“ A good website without buggy pop-ups or ads
โœ˜ Spammy content
โœ˜ Not easy to sort cities

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#1. EscortiZ Alternative

ย  ย  I came across EscortiZ and I immediately knew it needed some reviews, especially for those of you that know nothing about escort sites. So, letโ€™s dig in! this article is my full review of EscortiZ escort site in the United States.

Need some quality chicks with clean grapes?

ย  ย  What does a pussy have in common with a grapefruit? The best ones squirt when you eat them, ha! Look man, I was stunnedโ€ฆ not by a gun but by the results of my searches on Went from city to city, feeding my curiosity and what I saw were good-looking babes.

ย  ย  The first things I noticed were the escorts and their age, they were firm, fit, and young, oh and the older ones? Pretty as fuck. I might sound like a sell-out right now but trust me, I got sold! For example, Jess โ€” A nice-looking 23 years old Fort Lauderdale ebony escort with some lovely C-cup tits, flawless skin, a plump ass, and a bombshell pussy to go with itโ€”has a brief but clear profile and pictures to go with it, high-quality posts. Oh and sheโ€™s charging around $250 per hour.

ย  ย  But I did find funny were, for starters, the prices. Although Jess has her prices laid out, about $200 per hourโ€”which is fairโ€”I canโ€™t say the same for other escorts, you would have to contact them to ask about rates. Which I think is unnecessary, super unnecessary. But if Iโ€™m to do a deep dive into this, I think the price of an escort on this website, depending on the city should go between $200 – $400 per hour, especially in cities like

ย  ย  Another thing I found funny was Navigation. Shit, who the fuck put the navigations below the contents! I had given up on sorting by cities, thinking it impossible, only to get to the end of the page and see the cities listed out. Someone needs a search button!
The navigation stress and how I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page got me thinking if itโ€™s just me complaining about thisโ€”so I did a bit of traffic research and I realized EscortiZ is more like a poser compared to other top escort sites in the US. so first of all, their monthly visitors are around 200k and for an escort site with high-quality pictures and escorts, I found it fishy.

ย  ย  So I dug in deep to check for more cracks between the legs, hoping to find some holes, and voila! I found out that EscortiZ isnโ€™t a reliable escort site as I thought it to beโ€”it is a poser! So think about this, these guys go out there to top escort sites in the country, sites like listcrawler, bedpage, skipthegames, and so on, and copy posts by escorts and then bring them over to their own goddamn website.

ย  ย  Seemed like a pretty good strategy at first but in industry and business where trust and safety is the most needed factorโ€”doing this is a bitch move! Thing is, some other escort sites out there do this as well, aggregate escorts from one website to theirs, and canโ€™t be trusted at all!

Is EscortiZ a reliable escort site in the USA?

ย  ย  Reliable? At first, I thought it was a good site to get some chicks and horde some โ€œgrapesโ€ but it turns out this is crap. EscortiZ isnโ€™t a reliable site for hiring escorts in the country. Although the escorts are real, they are posts and ads posted to another escort site and not EscortiZ. When you call these escorts, and they ask โ€œwhere did you get their number fromโ€ and you say EscortiZ, I'm sure theyโ€™ll hang up on you thinking you are police or something since they donโ€™t remember posting an ad on such a site.

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