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โœ˜ Not very many escort profiles
โœ˜ Not much in the way of site features
โœ˜ Login not accessible to everyone

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#1. EscortsAndBabes Alternative

ย  ย  If you are a guy, you likely believe that your noble cock is the most important tool in the world. And you are right! Thereโ€™s nothing that a good roll in the hay cannot solve and no other feeling like getting your boner hugged like a long-lost relative by a tight pussy that loves the way you are smashing it apart!

ย  ย  But then, of course, the best sex is usually not the one you have with your wife or girlfriend, but with escorts. There are escorts in just about every country and region of the world, and I am pretty sure there are quite a few within the Vatican City itself, and please donโ€™t ask me how I know!

ย  ย  Now, I am about to go over an Australian escort site that calls itself Escorts and Babes com. The idea here is that you make an online visit and hire escorts, as well as babes who donโ€™t look like escorts but are more than capable of giving BJs that make fellas feel they are eating out of the plate of God himself! Hereโ€™s my Escorts and Babes review.

Escort Rates Where You Want Them

ย  ย  Escorts and Babes do things differently. Unlike most escort sites in the states, escort fees here are prominently posted on every escort profile thumbnail on the homepage. That is incredibly efficient, as you can easily and quickly see the minimum that an escort is willing to accept and donโ€™t have to click on her profile to check out her prices.

ย  ย  Tilly for example is 18-year old, blue-eyed, cute, petite, busty, and quite pretty. Sheโ€™s from Melbourne and will roleplay and perform full service at from $500 per hour- around $385 in greenbacks. This lass is also bisexual, available every day of the week, and the owner of an ass so round and pert it gives your boner all the motivation it needs to book a flight to Australia today!

ย  ย  Michele Rica on the other hand is in her 20โ€™s and is a Latina with a big bust and bigger ass. Sheโ€™s tall, bilingual, bisexual and while not willing to get fucked in the ass will do pretty much every other thing. GFE experience with her costs $550 ($424 USD) per hour, the pornstar and Mistress Michele experience with her is $650 ($501 USD) per hour, the couples experience is $800 ($616 USD) per hour, and a double experience with another escort will set you back $1,200 ($925 USD) per hour. All these experiences involve some form of sexual intercourse, in every possible position no less.

ย  ย  New South Wales has Saskia Sinclair, a very leggy babe with a booty that looks too ripe and juicy for words! Saskia does everything in the book and then some, which means she will let you stuff your head in her asshole if you can get it up that far! Her charges are the same regardless of if you want incall or outcall services. Thus, expect to cough up $200 ($154 USD) for 15 minutes, $300 ($231 USD) for 30 minutes, $400 ($308 USD) for 45 minutes, $500 ($385 USD) for an hour, $800 ($616 USD) for 1.5 hours, $1,000 ($770) for 2 hours and $1,500 ($1,156 USD) for 3 hours.

ย  ย  Now, I would say that escorts on this Australian escort site can be cheap. Sure, there are some that charge an arm and a leg, but there are also more than a few that accept low fees, especially if you book them for 15-20 minutes. 15 minutes of fun will cost less than 200 in greenbacks, while a thousand can do for an all-day romp. Quoted prices are above what obtains in the states, but the sluts on this Australian escort site are quality.

Charming Australian Escorts

ย  ย  In case you were wondering, yes, Australian escorts are pretty fab, especially those I have seen on Escorts and Babes com. All look of above-average quality and I would go out on dates with the whole lot if I and my dearly beloved cock can take the strain! Like 97% of the escorts on this site are simply too pretty for words and nearly all are down for the kind of pussy demolition your cock needs to check off its bucket list!

ย  ย  Options at the top of the site homepage let you sort escorts by city, or you can use the search bar to search for them. There is also an advanced search option that in my opinion is not advanced enough and you can search for escorts by name.

ย  ย  So, escort image thumbnails all show an extra-large image of the escort, list her name, rates, location, age, and whether she performs for males, females, couples, both, or whatever. These thumbnails also come with titles like Latina Exotic, Perfect Curves, and Alluring Eyes, Hot Young Transgender Woman, and Sexy Pics Gorgeous Pictures. Escort and Babes also verify the images of its escorts and that is something of a relief.

ย  ย  Want to know a lot more about a particular escort? Then simply click on her profile image. From there you can view her pictures in slideshow format, and also see what videos if any she posted. Profiles have every possible detail, listing all aspects of the rates you need to know, personal stuff about the escort, what she likes in bed and out of it, and loads more. I would say the content in each escort profile runs to a thousand words or so and much of that is good reading. You can share every escort profile on a wide range of social media and if you are logged in, a single click will add any profile to your favorite list.

ย  ย  Escorts Australia here always list their contact details, but there are Call/SMS and/or Email tabs on their pages that let fellas send text messages and emails to the escorts they fancy. Thatโ€™s direct.

Pussy On The Homepage

ย  ย  Got some cash? Well, you will be wanting to spend some of that after seeing the pussies that Escorts and Babes has on its homepage! Deny yourself of this pleasure and the hounds of hell will be after you at all possible speed!

ย  ย  So, like I said before, the homepage is filled with image thumbnails of sexy escorts and babes. The latest of these comes first, followed by popular escorts. I am not all that certain as to how many escorts are on the site, but it canโ€™t be more than two thousand at the most. Exactly how many escorts are added daily is unknown, but the site appears serious about its purpose and from that, I would say that the escort list gets frequently updated.

ย  ย  Tabs on the site include the Blog, Login, Advertise on EB, Popular Locations, and Live Cams. The latter takes you right to EBCams and is worth a visit. The Popular Locations tab on the other hand has a big selection of some of the most popular locations in Australia, like Melbourne Escorts, Sydney Escorts, Darwin Escorts, and Hobart escorts. Advertising on the site is not free, and you canโ€™t login unless you advertise on the site or become a VIP member.

ย  ย  On the whole, I would say that the site is very nicely laid out and easy on the eye. It is not flashy, but comes as colorful as any pink pussy and is both modern-looking and easy to use. Ads and spam are absent, and site features are good but not exceptional.

What I Think of EscortsAndBabes

ย  ย  Well, you have to look hard to find fault with Escorts and Babes. So I will be giving it three thumbs up, with the extra thumb coming from my over-excited woody!

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