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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Verified escorts
โœ“ Plenty of escort profiles
โœ˜ Dated site design
โœ˜ Average site features
โœ˜ Site navigation is not slick

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#1. EscortSide Alternative

ย  ย  EscortSide doesnโ€™t pretend and does what it says on the tin. It doesnโ€™t need a fancy name and is not interested in the kind of petty tricks that other escort sites often relish and resort to. All that this escort Denmark site cares about is offering up escorts from all over the country who want your cock in them, your cum in them, and your gibbering soul in them! Thatโ€™s not a bad thing for an escort site to focus on, is it?

ย  ย  Okay, hereโ€™s my EscortSide review. Read it and weep like you just caught me in bed with your girl and we offered to sell you a ticket to watch the festivities!

How Great Is The Money

ย  ย  You know, checking out the main escort page is one of the best ways of quickly finding out if an escort site has your interest at heart. Rates should be listed on the escort profile thumbnails found on these pages and if they are not, you can be sure that you donโ€™t matter much in the overall scheme of things.

ย  ย  Now, escort profiles on EscortSide have rates listed, but these are within the escort profiles, rather than displayed on the escort image thumbnails found on the main escort page. This kind of thing might not seem like a big thing, but having prices listed on thumbnails on the main escort page saves you more time and effort than you might realize and makes the process of finding and booking escorts you can afford all the smoother.

ย  ย  But enough of the rant. Letโ€™s see what the girls here take before they allow you to give them a piece of your mind with the sharp end of your cock! Hulya awaits and looks like a nice enough chick. This 35-year old Turkish MILF wants to give you erotic massages, suck your genitalia in the 69 position, act as your girlfriend, and more.

ย  ย  Hulya is a blonde beauty with a smile to die for, legs and more legs, a very shapely derriere, and an even more shapely pair of tits. She wants to take you to heaven, but before that can happen you need to fork over 500, 700, and 1,000 Krone for 15, 30, and 60 minutes respectively. Thatโ€™s $77, $108, and $155 respectively, or so says the latest exchange rate.

ย  ย  If younger and sexier girls are your thing, then Selena fits the bill and then some. Her birth certificate lists her age as 23 and sheโ€™s a Moldovan with a thin, fit and curvy body whoโ€™s okay with almost every XXX act under the sun, including lesbian shows, bondage, spanking, syringe orgasm, and roleplay. Selena charges 600, 800, and 1,500 Krone for 15, 30, and 60 minutes respectively. Thatโ€™s $93, $124, and $232 respectively.

ย  ย  So, escort rates on Escort-Side.DK vary a lot, with an hour costing from $130 to $300. The charges compare all too well with what you will shell out to bang an escort in America and thatโ€™s gonna be a problem for those of you who think escorts on this Danish escort site are cheap enough to make a meal of eggs over easy look expensive!

How Dane Thou Art!

ย  ย  If you are into lots of options like I am, then you will find EscortSide a cumming marvel! The site has loads of escort profile thumbnails, with new ones loading every time you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

ย  ย  These profile thumbnails are arranged horizontally on the homepage and you need to click the See Profile button to view whatโ€™s in them. But then thereโ€™s information on each thumbnail like the age, location, nationality, and the date the escort profile came into existence, plus a very brief bio and you can use this to determine if you should click the See Profile button or not. Also, there are Independent and Picture Verified stamps on some profiles and these do mean what they say.

ย  ย  Options atop the homepage permit sorting profiles by location and services rendered and thereโ€™s a search button that is used to search for escorts by name. More advanced search functionality is however lacking.

ย  ย  Most escort Denmark profiles here are very detailed. Featured within is an image gallery, with the images zoomable and viewable via slideshow. Some profiles also have a very wankable video of the escort. Contact details, rates, a profuse About Me, stuff about the kind of services rendered, details as to the schedule of the escort, and more are featured.

ย  ย  Overall, escort quality on Escort-Side.DK is above average. Almost every girl in view looks like a top model and they come from enough nationalities to form a new United Nations that will be focused almost exclusively on cum milking from anacondas large and small!

A Dated Setup

ย  ย  A decade ago, there would have been no raised eyebrows as regards the website design of EscortSide But we are in 2021 and this escorts Danish site needs an update about as desperately as I need to spend a night on a private island with the ever-delectable Naomi Campbell!

ย  ย  So, thereโ€™s what looks like an extremely light pink as the background color here, while a more vivid pink serves as headers here and there. A pull-down menu at the far right of the screen has free registration options and once you register you can chat with people here and do other stuff that non-members are not allowed, such as liking escort profiles. On the same side of the screen is the language option and you can choose from what has to be a hundred or so languages and have whatโ€™s on this escort page translated to your chosen language.

ย  ย  Now, site features on this escorts Danish site are average and there are no spam or ads. Navigation too is average, as the stuff on the homepage is not always logically arranged.

What I Think of EscortSide

ย  ย  Well, the pros do a good job of making you forget all about the cons of this escorts Denmark site. I recommend EscortSide, so letโ€™s go enjoy what it has to offer and focus on making the escorts there as bowlegged as possible!

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