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โœ“ Free
โœ“ Very active forum
โœ“ Site is easy on the eyes
โœ“ Entertaining threads and posts aplenty
โœ“ Varied topics covered
โœ˜ Lacks language options
โœ˜ No actual escort profiles

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#1. EscortsXP Alternative

ย  ย  Oh yeah, I wonโ€™t beat around the bush with yโ€™all today. Yeah, we are gathered here not to discuss the theory of relativity or the prospects of colonies on Mars, but to instead chit-chat about escorts in Argentina. If that is not what you want to hear, then go enroll in MIT and try saving the world, while the rest of us do our best to stick it into any pussy thatโ€™s welcoming, escort pussy especially!

ย  ย  As I was saying, this review deals with escort sites Argentina and the site under review right now is Yeah, it does sound like a Windows XP derivative, but I assure you thatโ€™s not the case.
Hereโ€™s my review and may it meet you hard, horny, and in the mood to show your dick some hand-grabbing love!

A Dick-Measuring Forum!

ย  ย  Well, Iโ€™m not proud to admit this, but I fucked up. As punishment, may I suggest getting locked up for a fortnight with Rihanna inside a broom closet filled with Viagra caplets!

ย  ย  How did I fuck up? Well, I always assumed that Escorts XP was an escort site, till I put it under the microscope and realized what it actually is. And what it is an escort review site. Yeah, this site has members that detail their encounters with escorts they booked and merrily drilled on Argentina XP, which by the way is a real escort site whose review is published here.

ย  ย  So, if you came here cock in hand and lube within eye view to check out the escort site that is Escorts XP, I sincerely apologize and will bend over for a while to let you stuff whatever you like into my asshole! Now, letโ€™s talk about site reviews and stuff.

ย  ย  On Escorts XP, fellas pick up chicks at the high-end escort site that is Argentina XP, fuck these babes silly and eagerly crow about it. Most of the experiences and tales I read on the site are glowing, praising escorts on Argentina XP for their skill, beauty, talent, and stuff. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve seen a bad review, but it could be that I need my glasses changed!

ย  ย  As you might imagine, escort reviews on Escort XP are entertaining and a little bit X-rated. They are not the kind of thing you read aloud during your church study group. Anyway, escorts under review are usually mentioned by name, but no link directs you to their profile pages on Argentina XP as that is contrary to the site policies.

ย  ย  Still, if you love a review a lot and want to go down on the escort being praised, you should be able to go to Argentina XP, search out the escort concerned, book her, fuck every drop of liquid out of her and write about your experiences on Escorts XP!

The Escorts Experience

ย  ย  Escorts XP stands for escort experience. That makes a lot of sense considering that this is a site where people gather to tell of their experiences with escorts in Argentina.

ย  ย  So, the site design is classy and sleek, but there arenโ€™t enough nude and nasty images on the homepage to make you consider licking your screen! The background color is darkish black and the default site language here is Spanish, with no options to change this to whatever else is required.

ย  ย  The site logo sits at the top left portion of the homepage, and at the opposite corner are the login and registration tabs. Registering and getting a membership card here is free and easy. I was able to register via Google and this took like 3 seconds, but you can sign in via Twitter if you like. Membership grants easier access to the site content, while letting you create new topics and review escorts.

ย  ย  For a better insight into how the site works, I suggest clicking the Guidelines tab. This is at the left of the homepage and sits under the site logo. There are lots of things to be informed about here and without these lodged in your skull, thereโ€™s a good chance you will run afoul of the laws in place and get kicked out.

ย  ย  Content sorting options comprise the two tabs next to the Guideline tab. These tabs are the Buenos Aires Escorts and Sensual Masseurs escorts tab, but thereโ€™s also a search bar at the far right of the page. I typed Image and Video into this and got no useful result though, which means all the cumming you will be doing on this escort Argentina review site will be accomplished by reading the varied escort reviews, rather than wanking to an escort image or video.

ย  ย  So, this site is arranged just like any other forum, though it is sleeker, more modern, and better looking by far. You can opt to check out top topic picks or browse around. The stuff here is logically laid out and there should be no issues with site navigation.

ย  ย  When last I visited, Escorts XP com had 91,434 topics and 835,650 posts, which is more than respectable. Both ads and spam are not present, while site features are average.

What I Think of EscortsXP

ย  ย  Well, I think that if you have Argentina XP bookmarked, then Escorts XP will assuredly help you make fuller and better use of it. The two sites excellently complement each other and both are well-designed and classy pieces that anyone can love and jerk off to!

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