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โœ“ Hot, sexy escorts
โœ“ Private receptions & massage
โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Many regions available
โœ˜ Few price information

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#1. Eskort69 Alternative

ย  ย  With one hand softly caressing the boobs, the fingers doing the work of a disc jockey to the erected nipples, the other hand teasing the navel, and then your cock serving justice to that cunt on behalf of other cunts. This seems to be the regular, and it's getting boring. How about flipping that body over like a slice of pancake and, like you would suck out the jam from a donut, suck that pussy till the legs begin to shake.

ย  ย  If you need help with sticking your face to that booty, then join me on this Eskort69 review. Letโ€™s check out those cunts together if or not they smell like lavender and taste like citrus.

ย  ย  Bending that booty over the kitchen counter while your cock thrusts in and out of the cunt seems to be a mind blowing thing, especially when it wasnโ€™t planne

The Homepage

ย  ย  I would love to see the practical position of 69 upon landing on the homepage of this site; at least, it would serve as a preamble, with more to come later on. So this is me imagining my cock thrusting in and out of a pussy that was bent over the kitchen counter. Well, I might just set the dining table with the cunt at the center like a Thanksgiving turkey; get ready your cutlery, and join me.

ย  ย  The homepage of this site gives a homely feeling. I mean, the photo of the nicely shaved and pretty pink cunt that says hi upon landing on this homepage makes my cock feel at home. I can see the power of 69 at work already because I am sure this cunt is begging to be eaten.

ย  ย  The homepage is covered in a white background, and the mixture of blue gives a warm feeling like that of the ocean. I love how pronounced the 69 is on the top left side of the page. Well, thatโ€™s the logo. The same line harbors a search button. The next row holds an array of buttons such as home, choose location, new ads, and place an ad. Each of these buttons displays the content when itโ€™s being clicked on.

ย  ย  You get to post a free ad if only you are interested, but this isnโ€™t important, so you can just click the X button to take it out. Next up to the left is a category button that has the options of escort girls, which shows female escorts, escort TS/TV, which shows trans escorts, and escort guys for male escorts. Beneath this is the location category that holds different locations where you can find escorts in Sweden without breaking a sweat.

ย  ย  Now, to the left is a list of escort profile thumbnails, keep scrolling, and you get to discover that these escorts understand the 69 assignment because they keep shoving their neat and inviting cunts to be eaten for dinner. Each profile thumbnail has a list of photos of the escort, and holly molly; I canโ€™t seem to get the picture of those cunts of my mind.

ย  ย  Well, the bottom of this homepage holds nothing. It's just bare like a butt without panties.

The Eskort Profile

ย  ย  The homepage of this site already tells us so much about these escorts, from displaying photos to showing the location of the escort and a short description of the escort. Letโ€™s check if thereโ€™s any other thing their profile has to say about them.

ย  ย  The profile page of these escorts doesnโ€™t have enough detail or information about these escorts. You only get to see or know a thing or two about these escorts. Thereโ€™s a star rating for these escorts. Some have four-star ratings, and some have two. I guess this would help you make the right choice for your boner.

ย  ย  The names of these escorts are on display here, as well as their contact information. There is no listed information here; instead, you get to see a description of them that includes their personal information like age, figure, height, bust size, skin type, hair color, etc. Not all escorts describe themselves like this in their bio; some just go straight to the point like a dick that just wants to penetrate and fuck without foreplay.

ย  ย  Some escorts also state the kind of services they render and where they would want to meet with you to keep you company. An availability schedule is also included, as well as basic conditions that have to be met to meet with some of these escorts. Their email address is also visible.

ย  ย  Below this bio are reviews of the escorts from other cocks, telling you if the escort was bad or good. This is all that the profiles of these escorts have in store.

The Eskort Wages

ย  ย  An escort who is a baddie in numbers, to the point of knowing 69. Cโ€™mon, she took her number lessons really seriously in school, so she deserves some accolades and also deserves to be tipped. Letโ€™s look up these profiles and see if they already requested for something.

ย  ย  Meet Sandra, a 28-year-old tall light skin with natural breasts and large, wide feminine hips. Sandra says she is really tight and beautiful, and she also offers kisses so you will have a wonderful experience with her. Sandra charges 2500SEK per hour, and this equates to $229.

What I Think of

ย  ย  The site looks like an interesting one, especially with cunts everywhere. I almost tripped one. Escorts here do not have a detailed profile, and their profile thumbnail looks really low in quality, but they are good to go.

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