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โœ“ Good navigation
โœ“ Review section available
โœ˜ Horrible website
โœ˜ No prices listed
โœ˜ Few escorts available
โœ˜ No phone numbers listed

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#1. Eumamae Alternative

ย  ย  Someone said Turkey is known for its landscapes and beautiful places with oriental and European elements but I say fuck thatโ€”I know Turkey for its numerous beautiful chicks and escorts that could turn you on without using a switchโ€”the walking switch. Need one of those? I got you fam because today I will be talking about a review on Eumamae, which is an escort site in Turkey, we will go from the pros and cons to other elements and finally end it with my opinion and what you do from that point is your choiceโ€”here is my Eumamae review.

Turkeys or Cocks?

ย  ย  I meant the birds, which one do you prefer? Some roasted or barbecued turkey for thanksgiving or the good old fried cocks? Since we are talking about escorts, saying fried cocks do make one sound like a stone-cold killer right? Lmao. Back to the Eumamae escort site in Turkey, how do we go about it? Well like I always do, I plan on going from the top to the bottom, starting from the web design and the front page, then making my way down to the bottomโ€”analogous to foreplay and caressing a beautiful one.

ย  ย  I had to take a deep breath before I put my hands on the keys to type this because damn, this is one of the most horrible websites I have ever seen in my lifetime, no jokes. This website looks like it was built for those that have problems seeing colors or some shit like that, the colors used are out of place, I mean, who joins red, white, and gold together? When it comes to the navigation aspect, there isnโ€™t much to do, so it isnโ€™t as horrible as the use of colors, you can literally get to an escortโ€™s post with a click of a button or 2.

ย  ย  Still on the front page, ignoring the colors and design from now henceforth, the things you notice on the homepage are different posts of escorts from different cities in Turkey, actually, looking at it properly, it is basically the most recent escort posts on Eumamae, not bad.

ย  ย  Going deeply into the pages, I think I kinda love what I see, barely but I do. There are escorts with good bio write-ups on their posts and itโ€™s so detailed, or at least the ones I saw were detailed. Eumamae understood the assignment by adding a comment section under each post where people can leave reviews and sing praises of how their cock was sucked dry by a Turk(ey). But instead of seeing reviews, I chuckled at what I saw, it was comments of people literally asking the escorts for phone numbers, like wow, how would you post that long-ass detailed description about you, your pussy, and skills and not put a phone number? Come on, thatโ€™s a boner-killer.

Escort and Prices

ย  ย  These escorts donโ€™t have prices listed, and there is no way to even do an average or aggregate for you because none of them seem to have it listedโ€”which is understandable, I mean, Eumamae looked like a dying escort site to me. The posts are not really frequent, and the number of monthly users has been falling sharply, it basically looked like some natural disaster had hit Eumamae and itโ€™s going down the drain, perhaps the posts are on autopilot and these chicks use Eumamae as a side hustle? I would never know.

Is Eumamae a Reliable escort site in Turkey?

ย  ย  I donโ€™t think Eumamae is a reliable site to hire escorts in Turkey, it looks scanty and I doubt you would be able to get anything good out of Eumamae. There are far better sites with posts of escorts that are ready to serve you like a king and these sites doesn't have colors that will pop out your eyes. Well, we have some of them reviewed on this platform, so do well to check them out.

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