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Quality escorts
A nice assortment of filtering options
Has trans, gay, couple, male and female escorts
Site is in English
Profiles have ratings and reviews
The site is not very user friendly
Escorts don’t mention rates

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#1. Exotic Kenya Alternative


    Who knew Kenya has some of the sexiest people in the world. Cause apparently, we’ve been missing out! For so long I believed that American, European, Scandinavian, and Korean chicks were the bomb. But after having a look at Kenyan women, I can safely say that taking a trip to Kenya just to have a Kenyan woman suck on our dicks and then hopping on it, is worth it.

    So, check them out on the net, and if you’re convinced you need to book the next flight to Kenya to get these bitches on your dick then keep reading. Cause I'm about to tell you about a Kenyan escort site that will make your job that much easier. Here’s my ExoticKenya.com review.

ExoticKenya. Exotic Escorts or Tasteless Thots

     Well, ExoticKenya is a bit confusing in this regard. It appears to live up to its name and offers many truly exceptional exotic escorts and at the same has a few quirks that make you wonder whether this site is run for thots instead!

    One of the quirks of this site is that it believes itself to be a high-end escort site and therefore the escorts are not required to list their rates. Try imagining what an exotic set of blue balls you’d be left with, wishing to stick your dick in a Kenyan beauty but having to talk prices with her first! If asked, I'd say the escorts here charge USD120-250 per hour of companionship. I’d say that’s neither too high nor too low.

Truly Electrifying Escorts!

    The escorts on this Kenyan escort site are pretty exquisite if I'm being totally honest. There are Female Escorts, Male Escorts, Gay Escorts, Couple escorts, and Trans Escorts. Just pick whichever escort excites your dick the most!

    At the top bar of the escort page, you’ll find some options and a pull-down menu under the escorts option. There’s also a quick search menu on the right side which allows you to select multiple criteria to search for using multiple pull-down menus. There’s also a search bar in case you are searching for something specific.

     Along the right-hand side of the site is a list of all the locations they offer their services in, just browse through and look for the closest region to wherever you plan to fuck the shit out of your escort and start searching from there.

     The focus here seems to be on the female escorts, so stands to reason that they have the most attractive profile thumbnails with completely nude pictures or almost nude pictures that are designed to make you curious. Just remember that the further you scroll the less exotic and exquisite they start to look.

     There aren’t any verified profiles here. That can be an issue of concern for most people since there’s no way of knowing whether they’re getting catfished or set up for a robbery lol! There’s an easy solution to this though, just ask the escort for a video call confirmation and if they refuse, just tell them to go fuck themselves with a cactus or two!

     Now escort profiles here are quite detailed and they tell you a lot about the escort other than the pictures. They tell you what all services the escort offers and they also have a short description of her. They also show you her status about Availability, Ethnicity, Hair Color, Hair Length, Bust Size, Height, Weight, Build, Looks, and whether she’s a smoker. Informative right!

     There are also some associated tags on the profile like Vip, Premium, Masseuse, etc. This can let you know what kind of escort they are before even opening her profile. The profile also mentions the location and contact info of the escort.

      There’s also another extremely useful feature on this site that allows you to read and post ratings and reviews about the escort. Now most profiles don’t have a review or rating yet but you can look for reviewed profiles on the main bar at the top of the page.

     Finally, the best feature of this site, other than their exception assortment of escorts is that the site’s default language is English! This is so useful, no wasting time on unreliable and slow google translate translations and figuring out what the escort even trying to say. It’s straight to business.

     The escort quality on ExoticKenya. is definitely above average, but make sure to verify the escort via video call.

ExoticKenya What An Embarrassment!

    ExoticKenya for all its usefulness cannot be called perfect. The site design is decent enough but some of the escort profiles here are really unattractive and they should be further down the page instead. The option to select the type of escort is quite out of the way and while looking at the girls you mike come across the occasional naked guy showing off his dick. That can be quite unsettling and can ruin the mood.

     As the escorts do not mention their rates your only option is to contact them, now you could either use their phone number or you could shoot them a message through ExoticKenya. However, the site doesn’t allow you to message the escort without registering an account first. Why you gotta do this ExoticKenya. Let us have a guest login.
There’s another irritating issue where you cannot open an escort profile in a new tab and also you need to click the escort profile at a particular place to open it. You need to bring the cursor over to the profile you wish to open, after it grays out the profile and shows you a description, clicks on the description. If you click anywhere else the profile won’t open. I would say the site has average site features and just one ad banner at the top.

What I Think of Exotic Kenya

     I would say that so long as you keep your expectations in check, then ExoticKenya should provide an excellent assortment of pussies, cocks, and assholes for your inevitable fireworks! The benefits of using this site outweigh the detriments and make it at least worth a look. Go on and try it out. Make your fantasy come alive!

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