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โœ˜ Very few escort ads
โœ˜ Site is still under construction
โœ˜ Excessive amounts of text on most of the pages

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ย  ย  Whatโ€™s really exotic about the south side of the African continent? I mean, I thought the south sides were supposed to be butt, ass, and bikini bottom related? Now I might just be wrong considering the fact that I just came across the escort site called ExoticSouthAfrica.com. And well, fellas, itโ€™s the asses, the butts, the nipples that glow like dimples smiling at you and sending ripples of bloody fuck waves running through your spine. Now thatโ€™s all thatโ€™s going to be exotic to your cock on the day of orgasm reckoning!

ย  ย  So loosen your pant straps, get some music on, and wiggle with your willy as I willingly write you an Exoticsouthafrica review. Stuff that boner right in this screen already, and begin reading!

Exotic Means Your Hands Will Go Down South Your Pocket

ย  ย  How expensive is exotic in the tropics where the sun eats up testicles in its heat so bad that balls become burnt pasta. Well, exotic still has a price tag attached to it. And whether itโ€™s exotic asses or extravagant boob sizes somewhere in the most serene and sexiest or the rowdy and best suited for quickies locations in South Africa, all are but bits and pieces of the exotic South African experience. And well, exotic pretty much means a hand of yours navigating towards the south side of your pocket.

ย  ย  28 year old Kaitlyn is up for every kind of cock rocking and soul capturing erotic massage, youโ€™d better wear bulletproof boxers over your balls. Kaitlyn has her rates set at 100 USD for 1 hour on incalls and 150 USD on outcalls.

ย  ย  Angel has tits that are the size of a camelโ€™s hump, so much that your balls and your entire generation represented by cumshots could comfortably find shelter within the lockings of her cleavage. Her services include BDSM, domination, fetish, couples, GFE, and more cock slaying services. Angel lives in Sandton in Gauteng and charges 150 USD for 1 hour on incalls and 200 USD for 1 hour on outcalls.

ย  ย  Well prices here are quite similar to what escorts in the States charge as their going rates. Well, that's much to be expected when you consider that thereโ€™s a wide variety of nationalities pasted across the escortโ€™s cunts in their profiles. So youโ€™ll very easily find white babes as well as black ebony saggy and sexy titties here. White cunts typically charge more than their black counterparts. Different shades of exotic yout testicles can sure say.

Soothing Nipples And Dimples

ย  ย  Now, to escort profiles. To begin with, I wank way longer than the list of escort profiles on this site. There are just too few escort profiles on this site and this tells me the Exoticsouthafrica escort site is in its developmental stages. Well, the escorts here are just really of average quality. These babes are everyday girls who just happened to have stumbled upon some super powers that make their butts bulge and their tits so supple they give you hallucinations for just looking. They donโ€™t have the pornstar bodies but are just okay enough to keep your dick singing out the hymns in your hymnal aloud for days after these babes are long done with shoving your schlong into their tight snatches.

ย  ย  Now, itโ€™s not just the few escort profiles that are a pointer to the fact that this escort site is still being built. Escort profiles here look like they were filled out by the site admin and well itโ€™s most likely that this site is run by an escort agency although they donโ€™t readily give that info away. Well, the functionality of the site is really what matters in the end and the Exoticsouthafrica site looks functional to me. Yeah it sure does, at least the escort asses here look like they could ride you so good that you get pregnant.

ย  ย  Now, escort profile thumbnails are on the homepage, and well, the few escorts here are all the escorts this escort site has to offer. Profile thumbnails are moderately sized and show just escorts names and their locations. Profile pages however start out at the top with an escortโ€™s name, telephone number, age, weight, and height. Right under this is a few of the escortโ€™s photos and an about me section. And, well, everything else pertaining to an escortโ€™s prices, services, extra services, and reviews can be found lower down on profile pages. At the very bottom of escorts profile pages are links to their escort sites for other African countries.

ย  ย  Well, the babes here are not quite exotic per se but do these snatches look like they can give your pecker the silliest cowgirl rides till your balls are black like sunburnt seeds in the Saharan desert? They sure do. But the escort profiles here are really just the look of a construction site that began barely just days ago.

Whatโ€™s Exotic About This Home

ย  ย  Well, whatโ€™s really exotic about this escort site is what I find hard to tell. South Africa might be exotic but not the homepage here. So, itโ€™s pretty easy to tell that the Exoticsouthafrica escort site is really just a work in progress. The background color here is white and there are black and red patches adding to the overall theme of the homepage. The top of the page begins with a row of buttons including the home, all escorts, agencies, sex trader, escorts on tour, reviews, adult blog, escort forum, contact us, register, login buttons, and a search icon. There is also a quick search bar to the right below this row of buttons.

ย  ย  Now, escort profiles are easy to navigate to right here from the homepage, which is an awesome feature of this site. Basically, the remainder of the site is just made up of escort profile thumbnails and a general guide on how to play your escort getting cards right when on the soils of South Africa.

ย  ย  Now this homepage is really a work in progress and thatโ€™s quite obvious so if these guys were your only option itโ€™d be better you stick to wanking all day while becoming best buddies with your wank lotion. Navigating is pretty easy but then why wouldnโ€™t it be when you can literally count the number of escort ads on this site. Besides, the majority of the homepageโ€™s content is just texts and more texts. And reading through this makes me feel like Iโ€™m preparing for some college test! Come on! Iโ€™d rather go cunt testing fellas!

What I Think About Exoticsouthafrica

ย  ย  Let the sleeping dog lie or risk losing your scrotum to a feline blowjob. You get my point right? Well, the point is take your testicles to somewhere thatโ€™s more slit sanctified and saturated and less of a menโ‚‹atโ‚‹work site.

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